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The Casting Directors of the hit show on CBS Two and a Half Men are currently casting for roles in the remaining new season episodes. This could be the chance of a lifetime for aspiring actors and models to get their break in the entertainment business.The American television sitcom Two and a Half Men made it’s debut in 2003 starring Charlie Sheen, Angus T. Jones and Jon Cryer.Following along the lead role played by Charlie Sheen, AKA “Charlie Harper”, who is a jingle writer for shows, commercials and other things. Once his up tight brother finds himself in a sticky divorce & moves in along with his son in Uncle Charlie’s beach-front Malibu house.

Although with the recent breakdown & crazy antics by Charlie Sheen has earned him the reward of being “killed off” in the new season, a new face has shown up to help carry the hit series forward by the name of Walden Schmidt, played by none other than “That 70’s Show” co-star & movie star, Ashton Kutcher.

This season has a lot in store and the casting directors are looking for extras, photo doubles, day players and supporting roles. Particularly men and women between the ages of 18-40, who can play roles as teachers, neighbors and friends of the featured cast. All ethnicity’s are welcome to apply and for those who get cast will have the opportunity to become a recurring role in the program.

Could you imagine being on one of the biggest hit CBS sitcoms in the past decade? Pretty amazing! So hurry and apply today!

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

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  1. My name is Jesse and I live in Upstate NY. I love to travel and am pretty versatile in a variety of work environments. I am a freelance model for events on hire. I personally have never acted or recieved training to act however I learn quick and commit to whatever I am learning. I would make for a good background extra. Please feel free to contact the email address attatched to my submission if you would consider me a candidate for a further audition or if you need samples of my portfolio pictures. Thank you.

  2. Its David the same guy from yesterday i just would like to give you my number to give me a call if you will give me a call and let me know something 15014124844

  3. Hey my name is David and i like the show two and half men and i would like to audition to be in two and half men i would like to be put in it as a tv show extra if you would just give me a call and let me know something ok thank you.

  4. My name is Erine Stanislawski. Female. Birthday is 12.5.96. I am 5’6. Light brown hair. Blue eyes. I live in salem, oregon. This is by far my favorite show. I’ve always been very interested in acting and just recently got the courage to live my dream. I’m a very easy going, outgoing person. You can contact me at 5038811519 (text/call). Thank you for your time.

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  6. I absolutely shouldn’t be considered for a role on the awful show “Two and a Half Men”. I’m not talented, I have a horrible attitude, I’ve never been on television, and I’m totally ugly. Seriously, I’m a terrible, hideous human. Here is my facebook profile link for proof-

    Don’t look at it.

  7. Hello, my name is Antranik (Anto) Markarian, age range 25-35.
    I’m born and raised in Los Angeles CA, Armenian, Look a bit Russian. Currently Living in Glendora CA
    Short light brown-blond hair & Changing (Solar) currently forest green eyes.
    Height: 5’11
    Weight: 215 pounds, Rough, Rugged, bulky athletic build, Hairy- easily can grow hair. Hair grows very fast.
    Experience in front of the camera, speaking and non-speaking roles, Worked on True stories of the ER
    Graduated from John Casablancas School for acting and modeling in Beverly Hills CA
    Languages: English, Armenian, Some Arabic, Spanish & Turkish
    Special skills: Fitness, Boxing, Close Quarter Combat,
    Weapons: Knives-Sticks-Sword-Kerambit. Fencing.
    I am reliable, professional and very disciplined and I’d love to do a supporting role for two and a half men.
    I’m really looking forward to audition for you in Los Angeles CA.
    Please feel free to contact me.
    Thank you.
    Antranik (Anto) Markarian
    Resume available upon request

  8. Hello, I am 19 and I absolutely love acting. I take every opportunity to advance my acting skills. My theater professor tells me I have subtle expressions that are great on film.

    Do let me know if there is an address I can send an audition tape.I look forward to hearing from you soon!

  9. I love acting and have been dreaming about this since i was a little girl and hope that this could be my big break. I’m 15 and have been preforming on stages with “italia contii theater of preforming arts” i have been watching this show and love it so far to be in a show with such talented actors is a dream come true but fr now you can also contact me on 02084298121 or 07799230772 because i live in London for now

  10. Name: Chris Walker
    Gender: Male
    DOB : 01-04-89
    Age : 23
    Height : 5’11
    Weight : 160 lbs
    Eyes : Brown
    Hair : Black, hair cut
    Ethnicity : Black/Native American
    Skin : brown

    IM black & native american choctaw from Houston Tx that’s ambitious a great person to get along with very well also can take order’s well and always dream of becoming a great actor i would love to have an opportunity like this and I am a very hard worker,i have had some experience like in church plays also in school.

    Hobbies : rapper,fishing,martial arts,basketball, biking,poet,travel,model, hanging with friends

  11. I would like a role on the show just to poke fun at Ashton Kutcher every chance I get. If there is a slot for that I definitely wanna fill it. That and the kid that plays Jake, I could do a years worth of material about how he is too old for his role. He used to be cute now he is homely pretty much like most child stars. I look at what your doing here less as trying to keep the show going and more as a way to test upcoming talent for future projects, while fulfilling your contractual obligation to the network.If I am right in that assertion, sign me up! Hope to work with you in the future!

  12. Hey! My name is Theresa Blair, I’m 20 years old and I love acting. There’s just something about becoming a character and feeling their emotions and being that character on stage and at the end of the day it is more rewarding than anything and you realize something you already knew, that you couldn’t do anything else. Atleast that’s how I feel! AND thats why I think you should consider me for a role in two and half men. Acting is my passion and I will always work hard to make sure everyone else can see that too. Hope to hear from you soon!

  13. Hi my name is Dillon Fitz and i’m a 19 year old funny kid. I love acting, being on camera, and meeting new people! I would be a great fit because I can play numerous roles as I have in the play productions at my school. I’ve played scary, funny, dramatic, etc. I have dark brown hair with blue eyes and i’m a great talent! I would love a shot to fulfill my dream!

  14. Because I’ve saw almost every single episode of two and a half men !!!!! I’m pretty and can adapt easy. Would love the chance…

  15. Hello, my name is Doniqua, but most of my friends call me Dee Dee. I think I should be considered for the role of two and a half men because I love to act and this would be an unbelievable opportunity for me. I’m currently in college majoring in Criminal Justice, although my true passion is acting. I normally don’t take too many risk due to the fact that I always need to know the outcome of my situation. I’m a great person and I get along with just about everyone. I’m also a motivator in whatever I do and I uplift the people around me. I have great memorization skills and a smile to die for. I would make a great contribution to your show and I would never let you down. So PLEASE pick me!!!

  16. I ‘m mexican 23 5.8 and funny also im a army vet my wife left me after using and abusing me but no hard fellings life is a bitch and then you die … I may be young but i have did it all .. I think i can be next pee wee herman without the sexual apetite !!!

  17. Hello, My name is Phil, I think that I should be considered for a role on Two and a half men becasue I have always wanted to be an actor, this would be an amazing opportunity. I am 36 years old and if at this point in my life, that is still all I think about daily, I think that is what I am meant to be, I am a funny guy, who would love to be a part a successful television comedy. I think that I could bring alot of laughs to the show. Please consider contacting me for an opportunity to become a part of your television show.

  18. I think i should be considered for this show because not only do i love this show but i am quite the comedian my self i can make almost any body laugh and i love to perform and sing! i want to be an actor more then anything and i am so dedicated! i am willing to do any part in the show. I am super outgoing and charming! so please give me a call 972-527-2920

  19. I have the spunkiness. I am just like Candy, I can be a dork and serious. HAHA. I have a get sense of humor and love to just have fun on the set. I can acted like a comedian on the spot. Put me on the show and the ratings will go up.

  20. It would be an amazing experience to be part of 2 1/2 Mean…I know I would be an asset to the set, because I love to laugh and have fun and work hard all at the same time…so please call me or email me soon…~

  21. My name is Ricky Santa Maria and i think i would be good as an extra roll because i know how to make people laugh. I always make people laugh sometimes when i am not even trying to. i love this show and i would be perfect for a part in it. I have been on a commerical and i have had a couple of tv interviews. I have also been in drama and choir since i was 12, i have been in a few plays/musicals in high school. I have also been to competitions. I have a super outgoing personality, i am a people person and i have great communication skills. Also i am good looking, hispanic but i look white, i am 176 pounds and i am 5ft 7in so let me know if i could get a chance to be on the show thanks.

  22. My name is Marina Willismson. I’m 26, 4’11 short petite live in Santee, CA. Started watching two & a half men & loved it. I would love to be extra, background, a girlfriend played, or anything that is needed. Would love to be part of the show. I’m funny, cute looking, energetic, silly sometimes. My dream is to become an actor so being in this show would make me smile & super happy. Please let me audition for this show. I’m willing to work really hard & put so much time & effort into it. Would make my resume huge plus. Email me audition info please. Thank You have a great day.

  23. Hi I’m Torrence Gardner and I would be delighted to be a part of this show as either a specific role or an extra. I really would like the experience of working with such a terrific cast. I have a 3 year acting background and currently study at Illinois State University’s acting program.
    Height: 5′ 10″
    Weight: 155
    Age: 20
    Ethnicity: African American

  24. Hi my name is Jordan I am 22 yrs old. I love Two and a half men and would love to guest appear in the show. I’m very sweet, outgoing, funny and nice. I can play a mean girl if I have to. I’m willing to play ANY part. I’m not picky at all. Please if you are interested in considering me e-mail and I will give my phone number to you. Thank you for your time.

  25. Look guys, I’m ready! I was sent here from Chicago to help save the show with Ashton….. No I’m kidding, but I do have many skills with acting being one of many. I’m ready to call this show my home and for you guys to rename it 3 1/2 Men :) But truly, acting is my passion and my first love. I was born to entertain, just call me and I’ll show you.

  26. What more do i have to say? I absolutely love Two and a Half Men, and I have always wanted to become an actor in a television series or a movie. I am a very relaxed, funny and hard working individual who would love nothing more than to have this once in a lifetime opportunity to be on one of the best television series ever.

  27. I can play an extra or recurring role as one Ashton Kutcher’s long time Spanish friends. If the idea is appealing, I can be a good fit for the show because I’m Latin and bilingual

  28. Wow. So, where do I start. I’m not an average person. I judge myself too harshly, yet I’m my own best friend. Just someone who’s searching for new things. I always ask questions. I live to learn! I make mistakes. Build from them and then turn them into a dance. I just say it’s an addition to my life unlike anyone elses. Although, we can all relate to things differently. I’m very idealistic, but I have a friend named Reality who tends to bite me in the butt from time to time.. I just figured it’s good to have friends you hate, you can learn a lot from them. I develop a lot of my own character from just the simple things in life. I love detail. And I think that’s it. Okay bye.

  29. Hey my names Diane Hota, and I am 23 years old. Everyone I know tells me I should go for modeling or acting. Im very well kept, in pretty good shape, extemely into fashion, attractive (as told by many),very outgoing and an overall happy person. I love to make people laugh and really have a good time. I have been a hard worker and a social bug since I was 15 years old. I do things right on the spot when told to do so. My friends dare me all the time becasue they know im not afriad of being different, or having all the attention on me. I am probably the most easy going person and the most easy to get along with, yet i have a lot of spunk. Im sure if you auditioned me, you’d be extremely impressed and have no doubt in your mind that I’d be a good catch :) If you’d like to see photos of me, please email me and I will send you a link of my facebook in which you can have a better understanding of who I am :)

  30. Hi my names Landon.Im an 18 year old male. I feel id be a good fit for your show to play a parts Jakes friends or neighbor or anything. I was a goof ball through high school and always made people laugh. Thanks, Landon Sudberry

  31. My name is Jessica Garcia and I am 18 years old. I have acted in 15 plays and productions, and have also written, directed, and stage managed them. I have been in several show choirs and participated in the Guadalupe county 2010 Junior Miss pageant. I have won awards for acting and singing such as All star cast, Best supporting and Best actress, and multiple 1st place awards at singing competitions. I am a charasmatic, enthusiastic, outgoing, friendly and motivated actress, and I absolutely love to perform; acting and singing have always been my passion. I am a fast learner, and always try my best at everything I do with a smile on my face. Being on this television show, even just as an extra or just helping out with anuthing needed, would be an amazing experience, and would help me pursue my dream in being in the entertainment industry.

  32. Hello, My name is Kylee and I am 18 years old. I’ve been slowly trying to get into the acting business. taking a few acting classes and learning more about portfolios. I saw an opening for this show and I think it would be so amazing to get a start from one of my favorite TV shows. I have a very fun personality. I always know how to make people laugh. I open up to people real fast and I’m not afraid to be my goofy self. I’m really comfortable being in front of a camera because anywhere I go I never leave without my camera. I feel that this would be a really good opportunity for me. I would love to hear from you. :)

  33. My stage name is Katrina, while my birth name is Rosanne. I have been an extra in several major motion pictures and I am looking for my big break into the entertainment industry! My personality shines while I am performing and I love “becoming” that person that I am portraying. Two and a Half Men reminds me of my own family! I joke with my parents about being a milkman’s child, as we are very different from each other. I anticipate hearing from you soon!

  34. My name is Bilan and I am very Funny and unique, I love the show me and my family still laugh at all the old episodes. And since you all are changing the show up a bit why not give me a chance

  35. I have a world of experience as a parent and grandfather at the age of 42. I have had my share of School Visits with teachers, Principles and disciplinarians.
    Having gone through life as a father starting at age 16 has given me the strength to take on everything that comes my way with absolute confidence.

  36. Hi I’m Tamasha and Two and Half men is hands down the best Tv show ever and I would do anything to be part of it I have a great look and I know they will be a part for an African American and It will be a lifetime experience if I full that spot hope I hear from you soon

  37. Hi! My name is Laura Gray and I am 22. I should be considered for Two and a half men because I have the personality, the looks, and I love to be in the spot light! I am funny, spunky, spontanoeus, dramatic, and crazy. I’m constantly entertaining people. In highschool I was in drama and I loved putting on a show for everyone. My personality is very colorful, I can be whoever, whenever I want. Plus two and a half men is one of my favorite tv shows and it would be an amazing experience to play a roll in a show I love to watch! Please consider me. Hope to hear from you!

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