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The amazing race
The Amazing Race- CBS
The amazing race
The Amazing Race- CBS

Are you ready for the amazing race?! That’s right, CBS’s hit reality television game show is now having casting calls! Do you and your partner think you have what it takes to beat the other contestants in a race around the world?! This might be the show that you would be able to travel the world and get a chance to win a grand prize also.

This show has already received seven Emmy awards & you can bet there will be more in the future! This year Emmy nominated host Phil Keoghan returns to bring this amazing show back along with the ultimate destination point, the $1 million dollar prize!

The casting directors are looking for charismatic teams of 2 that can be any combination of siblings, friends, relatives, loved ones and pretty much anything else you can think of! Choose your partner wisely though, because the one million dollar cash prize could end up relying on their mental and physical skills in this race! All applicants must be willing and able to travel for longer periods of time and be out of the country for shooting of the show. Please keep checking back often for more information on casting locations and times and leave us a comment

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  1. Hello, my names is Caitlin but I go by Cat. My best friend Sara and I are 18 years old.
    Since I we were younger we’ve both wanted to do the Amazing Race!
    We are both energetic, spunky and fast thinkers. And we would love the opportunity to show the world what we can do! Thank you so much for your time and consideration!

  2. Age: 14
    Hair: Brown
    Skin: White
    Eyes: Brown
    5 foot
    Experienced actor and very smart.

    My friend and I will do it!

  3. me and my best friend are badasses by day and bartenders at night at a hotel in dallas! we are both 26 and looking for a once in a lifetime opportunity! i want to travel and be put in situations to where i push myaelf to the extreme which is exactly what this show offers!!

  4. My name is Becky and I am 35 married to my husband of 3 years (Kevin, age 37). We are polar opposites in many ways but make a great team. My tendency to act irrationally drives my analytical husband nuts but my ability to read people well has helped us out on many occasions. I get lost in our own neighborhood but Kevin has excellent spatial ability. I think with his directional skills and my people skills we could win this thing and it would be a hell of a lot of fun! With a highly demanding 2 year old son ( who we love dearly of coarse) we could really use sometime to reconnect and take on a new challenge as a couple. We are also big fans of the show.

  5. Always wanted to do this I am very interested. I am 6’3 215 African American from Pittsburgh, PA and would love to represent my city!!! Thank you!!!

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  7. My wife and I are are both ready to travel and take on the challenge of the Amazing Race. Married for forty years, age 58 and 60, and we are both unemployed due to downsizing right now. We are fiesty and energetic. We clash heads sometimes but always end up friends. I think we could give any young players a run for the money. We want to do this! How do you get on the amazing race?

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  9. hello I am Kira me and Brittany have been best friends since the age of 12. We come from a small area in Ohio. We both have a winner attitude and never settle for less though me may argue ans sometimes and be complete opposites we always get what we want and are the best at what we do. If we are to win the prize money I would use t to help take care of my family who has been struggling every since my mom about a year ago and we both need it to pay so we finish college.

  10. Hello my nam is kerrie im 21 and live in chattanooga tn were i spend most of the day in a factory. I played sports all my life for about 17 years so i am very competetive. My best friend tanisha and i spend all our time together and know what each other are thinking she is more the brains and im the athlete so i think we would do great. My email address is

  11. Hello my name is Gillis Martin im from Saint Louis M.O but live in San Anotnio Texas with my wife and three girls. ive been married for 20 years, im 40 years old, and a stay at home father. ive done alot in my lifetime but never been on a game show. it would compleat my life at this young age if i had a chance to be on The Amazing race.

  12. My wife and I really enjoy this show and would like an opportunity to interview for it. We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary recently and think this would be a increditble adventure for us to undertake. I am 54 and she is 42. We have excellent outgoing personalities that would mesh well with an audience. We already have our passports and are ready for a REAL adventure!

  13. I believe that my husband Richard and I would be a great addition to the show’s history of unique couples. My husband Richard 40, who serves to proctect this country is in the US Army and my self Joy 28, works in the medical adminstration field at Fayetteville Heart Center. Both of us are energentic individuals who love our family and friends and watching the show on Sundays when it comes on arguing over who would do which task better then the other. My husband doesn’t think that I could actually see it through to the end but I would love to prove him wrong!! I imagin this opportunity to be an experience of a lifetime and a break from the kids.

  14. In December I’ll be 51 and my awesome daughter will be 21 .. she’s a college student, photographer, former gymnast, and competes in the Tough Mudder. I have a great sense of humor, my own remodeling business ( and would be on the MENSA ‘most-wanted’ list if there was one. We’re both very competitive people and think we offer a dynamic that people would appreciate .. give us a chance to prove it on The Amazing Race!

  15. Please pick me!!!! I would love the opportunity to win some money!!!! Me and my family need it desperately!!!!

  16. Hi my name is Anita Michelle Phillips and my co-worker and friend Lysol Ford are 2 of millions of people who watch your show. We are 2 of those crazy, go for broke people with the attitudes your looking for. We will accept any physical challenge that is proposed to us and win. Nothing scare or disgust us, we work in housekeeping at one of the largest, most sussful hospitals in CA so we’ve seen it all.

    We are prepared to win all series of turning stunts, knowing each more difficult than the next with us being the LAST team standing and WINNING the $$$$$ YEA BABY!!!!!

    We are the RIGHT woman and man with the willingness to test our boundaries and face our fears. We are strong willed, determined with great sense of humors and beatiful personalities. We bring fun to any place we are. Bring it on were READY!!!!! See you soon.

  17. Helloooo Amazing race, me and my buddy Marcus would be perfect to be on this show. We are both 22 years old and ready for anything. I’m currently graduating college this May from San Francisco State University and he’s trying to become a mechanic. We are completely opposite individuals, I’m more laid back and calm while he’s very talkative and upbeat. These differences is what makes us compatible. At the end of the day, our competitive energy to be better than the other is what makes us work so well. No matter what the circumstance, whether it’s playing six games of one on one basketball back to back to see who could win the most or who could out eat the other at Round Table Pizza. Together our competitive energy is at high levels and there’s no other person who I would want to embark upon this journey with besides my best friend Marcus. We have what it takes mentally, athletically, and physically to compete successfully on this show.

  18. Hello my Name is Natalia im 18 I no im a lot younger then most but, me an my friend Krystal love adventures,travling we would love to be a contestant on the Amazing Race to show the world are energetic and fun side.Plus I think this would be a adventure I would never forget

  19. Wooo hoooo- we’re ready!!!!! My husband David and I ages, 29 and 41, have been married almost 7 years now. We have one son name Nathaniel who is 5 and is as fiesty and competitive as his parents. My husband David is a 3D modelor and animator. I am currently studying to become a Cardiologist. We are both physically fit and very competitive. We are always caught doing things that are extremely physical- hiking, biking, rock climbing, swimming, snowing boarding and the sort. We love traveling and are always up for a challange. We both have these strengths in common-The Spirit and Endurance to make it through unsummountable evens and odds. Even a race as amaizing as this one. We’re ready:-)

  20. To whom it may concern,
    Cory and I would be great candidates for The Amazing Race. We are both young, energetic, and very competitive males. Ages 25 and 24.
    We have known each other since high school where we continuously pushed each other to do the best that we could, through good times and bad. We have become great friends.
    No matter what the scenario may be from a video game, golf outing or just a pointless game of rock, paper, scissors we each strive for victory against each other.
    When combined, our dedication to winning and giving it our all would result in a force to be reckoned with in any competition. We are always looking for challenges and obstacles to improve ourselves as human beings, heighten our drive for success and grow in our journey through life. We feel that we have what it takes both mentally and physically to compete in this truly amazing race.

  21. Im 31 and my good friend Paul who is 53 think we have what it takes to to be apart of the amazing race journey! We work together at a local nursery in Niagara Falls, Canada. We’ve shared many memories usually ones that will make us laugh..and i think a journey like this would add to those memories! We both would love to win, but i would defiantly be the experience that would last a life time.

  22. I was adopted at birth.When I was 21 I met my mom and my 9yr old brother for the first time. I am now 37 he is 24 and we recently saw each other and would love to get to know each other better and spend sometime traveling together..time we have never had together. Amazing race would offer that in a way like nothing else. Would love the chance to complete and learn about this amazing brother I have : ) we are both athetic, competitive and love to travel.

  23. Hey whats up I’m Andy, me and my buddy Ike are both competitive bodybuilders, love hard work and a challenge and would be perfect for this show.

  24. Hi! Im 23 yrs old. My brother and I are highly competative! We would love to take on this challenge I know we can do it! I would love to challenge myself because I know we can win this!

  25. Hello! I am 19 years old. MY physicality I would border between a gorrila and a lion. MEntal strength of a student taking a 6 hour test without any breaks. If you feel that I am a suitable contestant, you may contact me at anytime!!

  26. Hi! I thrive off of challenges and so does my friend Lisa! We completed a bike tour across the country this past summer and we had an amazing time overcoming all obstacles on that journey. So, I can only imagine if we had the opportunity to be on this show. We would definitely do whatever it takes to stay in the race!

  27. My name is Brock Dodrill and am 28 years old. My parents have had my back in whatever I have done. I ve been addictied to painkillers and alcohol for the past 8 years. Through those 8 years. played division one 1 football and lost my wat to the nfl. I went into the military and lost and lost some comrades and have done some things I regret. In the meantime I have been fighting my addiction and have been in and out of rehabilitation organizazions such as passages in malibu twice and many others. My wife or should i say my ex has my son and has had my son for the past 2 years and he is only 2 and a half. I truly believe doing this with someone who has helped me through this hell i have been through on earth and would be honored to stand by my side is my father! I look up to him and am looking forward to having a positive start to a new life. Thankyou for your time! and God Bless!

  28. My name is Brandon, I am 25 years old, and my girlfriend is 23. We live together in Rialto, Ca. We feel we would be a great addition to the challenge because we have a very unique relationship that involves a lot of trust and teamwork. We do have our arguments and disagreements which are very entertaining. We are a very driven couple, and can give this contest very friendly faces, that involves the perfect amount of drama and love to make this particular challenge a very entertaining one. We would love a chance as the winners of the race!

  29. My name is jade and I am 23 years old. My brother, Adam, is 12 years older than me and allthough we’re as different as night and day we’ both love a challenge. Our mom raised us as a single parent but somehow managed to instill in us, that which usually takes two parents to accomplish, balance. She has always encouraged us to “conquer the world and don’t come home til you do” and we’d like to do just that by running an amazing race.

  30. My husband Rich (45) and I (32) have just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary, and are ALWAYS up for an adventure! We have done a fair amount of traveling, both individually and together, and though we have very different skill-sets, we compliment each other in our styles. In the words of those we know, we do everything together… We work together, play together and love together. We are sold-out for Jesus Christ, which is a life-style, not a language. We are in full-time youth ministry, and run a local branch of a non-profit organization that works with at-risk teens. We love to run, mountain bike, backpack, camp, white-water kayak, climb mountains, and – most recently – do home improvements! We are both high school track & field coaches; I also coach cross country. We compete in adventure races, foot races and relay races, and would love the opportunity to try our hand at the Amazing Race. Woot!

  31. This is a game my Dad and I have dreamed of being on my Dad is a hard working roofer and I am a college student @ Indiana State studing computer science on a presidental scholarship. My Dad and I are very close this time would be a great adventure and bonding experience for could and would change our life forever especially if we win..

  32. To keep it short and sweet, one reason and one reason only. Me and my brother would be like a train wreck. We’re the best of friends and have a competitive side like no other. Definitely worth taking a chance on.

  33. Im 25 and my husband is 34. We where both born and raised in Ohio. Me and my husband have been married for almost 6 years. Through out our marriage we have been through many opsiticals. We moved out of state (which I had never even been out of state.. EVER). Lost everythig we owned in a house fire, meanwhile having had premeature twins lost one of them when he was three months old. Life had been a struggle for us, but we are very happy, intertaining ( so I ‘ve been told) fun loving people. My husband always has a positvie attiutube, and is has very competitive and has an out going personality. He server 6 yrs in the USMC and thinks he knows EVERYTHING! Now alittle about me. I think I know everything too! Im a stay at home mom,with two wonderful childern, my family and friends mean the world to me. I have no since of directions at ALL! my husband makes me maps for everywhere I go. So I would be counting on him to get us through this. but im more then sure if given the oppertunite my husband and his always postitve attuitude could get us through this just like it always has!! I would love to go and see the world ,make some money and have some fun.

  34. Shameka and I would be awesome for this show because we bring a great story line. We have been best friends since our college days. She was a sophomore and I was a freshman that both played the same post position as student-athletes at the University of Louisville. We are very competitive people and we complement each other’s personality very well. If you thought that Kisha and Jen were something then wait until you get a hold of Shameka and me. We don’t hold anything in and we are some clowns. We welcome the challenges and just the lifelong experiences that our best friends Kisha and Jen have done exceptionally well at. They are like are sisters to us and the world would want to see if Shameka and I have what it takes the first time around to accomplish what it had taken Kisha and Jen to do the second time around. So choose us and we will make it worth your wild!

  35. Hello my cousin Staneisha Henson and I are both students here in San Francisco Ca. She goes to school for Fashion design and I for criminal pschology. We both are models with not only beauty but great minds! To top it off we come from the roughest most crime riden streets of the Bayarea!! We have overcome many obstacles and now we are ready to prove to the world how two street kids beat all odds against them! The money is a huge part but the respect of our struggle and our gains is even bigger. We have what it takes to win the amazing race we hope that you guys are ready to challenge us!!! Do you dare?? LOL we do! MUAAHH!

  36. My husband and I would spend our lives traveling if we could afford it. We travel as often as we can and have been to some unforgettable places. It would be an amazing experience to compete against other teams with my husband. We are complete opposites but compliment each other. He is extremely smart, responsible and quiet. I’m easy going, fun, and love taking risks! We would be hilarious to watch!

  37. HELLO :)
    My finance and I were set up by our friends and we have been inseparable since! I am a 20 year old college student and an athlete. I am a part of the NCAA woman’s bowling team and I am super competitive. During the summer I made junior team USA for bowling. My finance Clint (21) is also a college student, in high school he played every sport imaginable. He is part of a fraternity but keeps his grades and an ultimate high, only have one B his entire college career. We compete at EVERYTHING we do, but we keep it fun. We have never had a fight during our relationship, so I know we can work through anything with out wanting to kill each other. I think it would be such a great opportunity for us to show the world that a couple of college kids can WIN the amazing race. I know we both to have the chance to compete for 1 million dollars and we both would love to see the world while doing it!

  38. My sister Conselola & I are 24 year old best friends! Competitive at heart. We are exactly alike but look completely opposite. Im a student & beauty queen looking for new ways to provide for myself & finish school! A lucky sexy Sagittarius that’s ready to have fun, meet new people, & show the world that my sister & I have the tightest bond any sisters can have! I even have her sons name tattooed on my wrist. My beautiful sister is a mother student model & all around amazing person! Together we’ve been through hardships living poverty stricken all our lives & growing up in an abusive household seeing our mother physically abused 10+ years. America should see our bond as we travel the world determined to win the money to change our lives!

  39. My boyfriend and I are in our 40’s. We are both very competitive. By the end of the day we may be ready to rip each others throats out but we forgive and forget and will be ready to kick our not so fierce competitions butts! We managed to survive our divorces so we are sure to handle anything the Amazing Race has to throw at us. We have traveled quite a bit and are both in great physical shape. We will bring to this competition some arguing, a lot of laughs, teamwork, and common sense. We will do what ever it takes for the million dollar prize.

  40. My fiance and I have been through many obstacles together and are prepared to have fun and take in the wonderful experience the amazing race offers. I am a daycare teacher and he is a computer digital circuits expert. We work well together and promise to make great TV because of our colorful personalities and comical teamwork!

  41. My husband and I never lose. We are the best at everything we do and always have fun doing it! We are a great team!

  42. Me and my mom have not had the best relationship. She always says she wanted to go on the show so y not it could eaither bring us closer or make us argue more

  43. We would love to be on the show. It would do us a world of good. I am in the proses of donating my kidney to some one in need and after a long year and a half of under going test after test I truly need to have an experience of a life time. Not only are we giving, but we are wild and crazy too.

  44. Hi we are Adriel and Ivette. I’m 30 and my husband is 34 yrs old from west palm beach Florida. We have two girls and have been watching the show since it started. I know you hear every reason to be considered to be on the show. But I will save you the excuses and sobbing reasons why, you can thank me later. Everyone is going through some tough times as I am sure you are as well. All I can say is I fall into the same group. Why you should consider us, well we have been married for three years and also been through hell and back but this would be fun and something to tell our grandchildren about, yes we desperately need the money, heck who doesn’t now and days but the experience in itself would be great. Please please considered us. We are a funny and fun couple to watch and when the pressure is on we tend to fight like cats and dogs but at the end of it all we love eachother. Thank you .

  45. My boyfriend and I are on the cusp of being “Alllll by ourseeeelllves” (in my Celine Dion voice) b/c he’s stubborn and I’m borderline insane. So hopefully competing together on this show will throw us back together..and overflow our pockets at the same time!

  46. We are a couple from Memphis,TN, we have a great marriage,he knows my heart and I know his that should be the key to winning the race. He is a fireman, and he serves in the military as well. Of course, the fact that he is a fireman says a lot about his sense of humor!!! He has to be physically fit in order to pull citizens out of burning building and vehicles. Being in the military, has given him the mental ability and experience to complete any task” which ways to go and how to get there. I am full of energy and very confident. Their isnt to many things that I can’t do. When we stick together and follow each other hearts, we will complete the race in no time.” Two heads is better than one”

  47. i live in a hard life style. i have the deterimantion to win win this game to make it to the top i have wat it take to win amazing race this is my chance to move forward

  48. Hi! You should really take the time to come check out my partner Steve and me! We both work for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and you have NO idea what you are in for! We both have more energy than anyone can handle, but at the same time we take a challenge very serious. We are very smart, clever, and creative and are very active in high energy fields! We work for the lifeguard department of Walt Disney, but have both gotten our feet a little fuzzy and chummy with some famous Disney characters… if you know what I mean (wink, wink)! We are very good and close friends with such a chemistry you won’t want to take the cameras off of us! Give us a challenge and we will have it done before you could cook an egg on a hott sidewalk in the middle of a Tennessee July! So PLEASE give us a chance to show you what we can do!!! We will have that million dollars in our wallet before the cameras start rolling!

  49. We are a couple living in San Francisco, California that has been together for 3 years now. We are both graduating from the Academy of Art University this Spring 2012. Heather is a an Assistant Volleyball Coach at the Academy of Art University after she was student Assistant the previous year and played the 2 season before that. I am going to be a student Assistant Coach for the Men’s Basketball team at the Academy of Art University this upcoming year after playing the previous 3 years. We are both 23 years old and still have the competitive juices to compete at the highest level both mentally and physically. We are prepared to endure the opportunity of a lifetime and take on The Amazing Race!!!

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