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Team Spitz- CBS

Audition information for roles that need to be filled in the CBS pilot “Team Spitz” starring Rob Riggle from The Hangover.

The show centers on a caring, but stubborn high school football coach named Jeff Spitz (Rob Riggle.) Jeff Spitz is a divorcee with three daughters to take care of.Jeff recently got canned from his last coaching job due to getting in a physical confrontation with a parent. Jeff is now forced to take a job at an upper-class private school, Westminster Prep.

At this school Jeff realizes that his usual ways of operating will not work on these upper-class students due to the overly protective parents.

CBS is looking for fresh new faces. Accepting union and non-union talent.

Pay: $665.00 per day

Here are the roles they are auditioning for:

Role 1 – Principal Charles

Principal Charles Kersey – A man that is able to hold a good front of confidence, but is truly a nervous wreck. Is a chicken when it comes to dealing with his students parents.
Searchable talent specs:
Gender: Male
Age: from 35 to 50

Role 2 – Alicia

Very pretty school counselor that makes sure all the students are content and don’t feel uneasy about anything.
Searchable talent specs:
Gender: Female
Age: from 29 to 38

Role 3 – Leander

A non-sporty kid that partakes in his schools marching band. He ends up getting talked into a football training practice so that the real football players will want to come back to the team.
Searchable talent specs:
Gender: Male
Age: from 14 to 16

Role 4 – Caroline

Spitz’s 7 year old daughter that still lives with his ex-wife Fran. Gets the occasional custody visits with her dad, but doesn’t like his place as much because it smells bad.
Searchable talent specs:
Gender: Female
Age: from 6 to 8

Role 5 – Drew

Is part of the football team. Is a naive and trusting person on what he hears.
Searchable talent specs:
Gender: Male
Age: from 15 to 17

Role 6 – Jake and Ty

These two boys are your average American high school jocks that think they have it all, until the new football coach treats them just like everyone else on the team. They are so use to the glory due to being the quarterback and wide receiver on the team, that they decided to quit due to the coach’s methods. They soon realize that his new methods are for the better of the team and they want their positions back.
Searchable talent specs:
Gender: Male
Age: from 15 to 17

Role 7 – Football Players

Football Players that follow Jake and Ty’s lead and walk out on the coach, but then they reconsider and decide they want back on the team.
Searchable talent specs:
Gender: Male
Age: from 14 to 18

Role 8 – Lizzie

Is the pretty new girl in school and Jeff Spitz’s 14 year old daughter. Has a loner personality, but is hard for her to hide due to her dad’s position. Is not liked by other students at first due to her dad’s new methods.
Searchable talent specs:
Gender: Female
Age: from 13 to 15

Role 9 – Fan

A strong headed woman in her mid 30s. She’s Spitz’s ex-wife and mother to their three children.
Searchable talent specs:
Gender: Female
Age: from 32 to 39

Role 10 – Ken Oberdorffer

Very involved in his work as a music teacher and marching band leader. Allows Spitz to use his marching band in a scheme to get back the football players that walked out.
Searchable talent specs:
Gender: Male
Age: from 25 to 40

Role 11 – Natalie

She is the 10 year old middle child to Spitz and Fran. Doesn’t like the idea of her dad moving to another town.
Searchable talent specs:
Gender: Female
Age: from 9 to 11

Role 12 – Kids

Looking for kids between the ages of 14-18 to portray students at the prep school.
Searchable talent specs:
Gender: Male Female
Age: from 14 to 18

Keep checking back for more information as we get it from CBS and leave us a comment.

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  1. I am Zhaneya Watkins i am 15 and i would like to be listed to play the role as “Lizzie” i feel as if i can really get in character with her and really BE Lizzie ,I have been told over the years i should really be considering a career and acting , by doing parts in Minor things but i feel like this can be my big break.

  2. My name is Jose Rios and I am more than interested in
    auditioning for the ” CBS-TEAM SPITZ ” I absolutely love
    the story and will love to be apart of it. I am located in Long Beach California
    and willing to travel. You can contact me on my email or cell phone.
    Thank you for your time.

    Sincerely, Jose Rios

  3. Hello my name is Frank Meeks III. I live in Arlington, Texas. I have black hair, light brown eyes, I am African-American, 6’2 and I want to audition for the Football players, Jake and Ty, Drew. I am a great actor and I believe that I am the best candidate for these roles. I feel this will help build the acting career i have wanted to pursue for so long. I was in my Theater Arts for 2 years. I was also a football player for my school quarterback and wide receiver and tight end positions. Choosing me for these parts will help me achieve my goals and aspirations, and I can realize my dreams and prove people wrong that I will be a great actor. You can contact me at 817-874-2196 and Thank you for considering me.

  4. please consider me for the roles of leander or drew i am perfect for one of those roles i do have some experience in my church christmas production witch 20,ooo people saw it live please i will be there and work hard if you buy my plane ticket you can take it out of my first paychek please

  5. I believe I would be perfect for the part of Alicia because I am very confident in what I do. I have acted out a consered teacher before.

  6. I feel i should be strongly considered to take a part in this. I have had some acting experience with the school called A.C.T. i have dreamed of this since i can recall.i would be a good addition i believe because of my enthusiastic attitude towards acting.even if it is just a small part i would take great pleasure in assisting. This is my dream and i hope you can help me make it a reality

  7. Hi, my name is Teresa Spagna and I am 15 years old. I have long brown hair, hazel eyes, I’m 5’6″ and relatively skinny. I have done 10 theatre productions and I just love to put on a show!! I would absolutely love to play Lizzie!

    Acting is something I know I will persue one day and I want to try to get as many opportunities as I can to make my dreams come true! I love to put myself out there and give everything I got! I would absolutely love a chance to show you that I have it what it takes to play the best Lizzie there can be! I am determined, hard working but never forget to have fun! I would be so grateful if you let me audition for you all! Thank you so much!

  8. I’m Hope Eggers. I am 13 years old and will be turning 14 in June. I think I would be perfect for the role of Lizzie. Even if I don’t get the chance to be Lizzie, please consider me for a role for a kid that goes to the school. I am 5’10 with blonde hair and blue eyes. I love acting and I am very responsible. I follow directions very well. I want to pursue my dreams of becoming an actress and singer. Please consider me. Thank you!

  9. I also do very well under pressure, I am not very shy either. I have a comedic side and a serious side.

  10. Hello my name is Nevada, I want to audition for Lizzie. I am 12yo but I look like I’m 14. Or I would like to audition for a prep student. I have had previous experiences in plays and have a good sense of humor. I have learned to master facial expressions and is willing to do a dialogue. I am fairly well at singing and dancing, and I have a good memory for scripts. I have played one of the main characters in a local play a few years ago, and have been looking for jobs ever since.

    Age: 12 ( I look 14)
    Weight: 203
    Height: 5’3
    Race: Half Hispanic, Half white
    Language: English, some Spanish and some Vietnamese.
    Skin: slightly Moca’ish
    Hair color: Brown (dark)
    Eye color: Brown

    I am double jointed in some areas and am fairly flexible. I can do accents such as; British, Hispanic, Indian, Asian, Australian.
    I am able to hold my breath for a long time and I am not afraid of heights. (I like jumping off of stuff.)
    Am able to talk really fast, able to play some piano, and have decent grades in school. I am very good at spelling and I have good handwriting. I can type very fast and I can act.
    I am able to do pretty much any emotion, and I can fake cry, laugh, be hurt, ect.
    Thank you for reading this, I will e-mail you a dialogue to prove to you I’m the best to choose, and you won’t regret it!

  11. I am 14 years old, and have been in a total of 9 plays at my community theatre starting at the age of 10. I am currently in Little Shop of Horrors, playing the role of Orin, the dentist, along with 5 other roles.

    I was extra in an indie movie, Zombie Crush, that was mostly filmed in my hometown of Macon, Georgia. I worked over 50 hours, many days of which lasted 12 hours, in 100 degree heat. I understand the importance of making a commitment and seeing it through. I look forward to its scheduled release in March 2013.

    Leander would be the best fit for me but I am willing to accept any role. I am in good physical condition but don’t consider myself to be an athlete. I am 5′ 3″ and 97 pounds. I am very out-going in the sense of participating in school activities, theatre, short films, and graphic design.

  12. Wow I am 15 and i play football i could be the Quarterback or just a high school student
    Activity’s:Football,Lacrosse, and Acting

  13. Hey there, .
    22 years old
    Blonde hair blue eyes
    Done numerous school plays and community plays while balancing with college baseball. Very energetic and a team player as well as a quick learner. Actually got a small part in Clint eastwoods new movie, “trouble with the curve” hope to hear from you!

  14. hey my name is haley collins and would love the chance to play has lizzie. im a very good actor and i love to try new things. i also sing and im a great artist. i know there many people your looking at but im a great person and i have a unique personality and im a hard worker i have singing jobs before. like weddings and at schools. there so many things that i can do so please give my a call

  15. hello, my name is Kaylyn! I can act and sing. I am 13, I think I could play one of the daughters!!! I swear you wont be sorry if I get chosen! I no I wont really be even thought about, to be a star I mean. BUT, this stuff means the world to me!

  16. Hello my name is Mamadou Barry, I am 14 ( going to be 15 in January 31, 2012), I have dark hair, dark brown eyes, am African-American and i want to audition for the Football players, Jake and Ty, Drew, and Leander parts i am a great actor i want to move up and make acting a career. I am currently in my Drama class, and I was a football player for my school tight end position. I hope you pick me you guys would make my dreams come true, and i would be great for any of those parts am telling you if you pick me you wont regret it. You can contact me at 678-933-2676 and Thank you.

  17. Hello, my name is Cody Nichols.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Height: 5’11″
    Weight: 175 lbs.
    DOB: February 4, 1993
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Race: Native American
    I’m a hard worker, a quick learner, and I work well with others.. I’m outgoing and easy to get along with, I follow instructions well, extremely dependable, and I do everything at the best of my ability, always putting forth the most effort in everything I do.

  18. I am 15 years old and I would love to play the role of Lizzie or one of the students at the school. I have loved acting since I was little and I would love to be in something like Team Spitz. I have taken local classes and I would love to get a start on my dream now.
    Height: 5′ 3″
    Weght: 140
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Blue

  19. I will make a great ken! I have seen many music teachers in action and I’m pretty sure I could be exactly what you want! I have energy, a good attitude, and strong work ethic coming from a farm! Think about it, then give me a call! Thanks!

  20. I am an excellent actor with a little experience from community theater.I am interested in:
    Role 3 – Leander because i was a bit nerdy in high school
    Role 5 – Drew because my last role was a very naive young man and i can play that well
    Role 6 – Jake and Ty because i am a little overweight so i can pass for a football player, and there personalities are a lot like mine.
    I am also okay with the other roles of football players or kids

  21. My name is berlinda. I’m 16 years old, 4’11”, and an african american. I have black hair and brown eyes. I look like I could pass for a 13 or 14 year old. I’m pretty, smart, nice, and enthusiastic.i would like to audition for the role of #8 or #12. Im taking acting classes and perfecting my skills eack day………To be honest im a girl who really just wants the need to believe in herself. I know I’m not perfect but I just want to get out of this life I’m living in with my family. I feel like its up to me to get us out our troubles. All I need is that one chance that would change my life forever. I’m doing this for my future and my familys’ future. Please give me a chance and I’ll make you think it was destiny for me to get this part.

  22. I would be a great fit for the football roles as I was a star football in high and college until I dismissed myself to focus on acting and modeling! I’m 5’9″ 170 pounds with a huge background in anything to do with football! I have dark brown hair with blue eyes! I’m 19 but I honestly look like i’m 16. I love being on camera, i’m funny and energetic. Lastly, I’ve played multiple roles in my college productions from funny, scary, dramatic, etc. Give me a shot and I know you won’t regret it!

  23. My name is Sydnee, I am fifteen years old, I am 5″10, 120 lbs. I have long dark brown hair, and green eyes. I live in Utah and I would be perfect for the role of Lizzie, I have lots of acting experience. I have been an extra in a few Disney films, had lots of acting lessons with Jeff Johnson and Mcarty talent. My father has actually been a highschool football coach and both of my brothers play, so I sort of actually play the role! I am very outgoing and am ready for a big part in a tv show, I’m ready for my big acting debut! Thank you for your time, I look forward to hearing from you.

  24. I am a very entergetic person and has played football since i was 5 years old. I also play all the other sports. I am very dependable and make good grades in school. I am new to all of this but would the chance to be given a chance to show that i can do.. I am some what of a class clown because i LOVE to make people laugh.
    age: 15
    height: 5′ 6″
    weight: 140lbs
    hair color: brown
    eye color: blue

  25. Im funny as all hell and i will make a great young music teacher for this role. do i play music. hell no. but im a badass on the jukebox. not to mention nothing makes me happier than a great laugh and some money. im your man.

  26. I think u should consider me for a role in this film. I am an attractive 30 year old mom of 3 who loves to act. I also think u should consider my children. I have a very out-going, high maintenance-type beautiful 9 year old girl. And also a beautiful, outgoing, yet shy-looking 5 year old girl as well. I have a 13 year old skater-type, but very handsome (girls go crazy over him) tall boy who you should also consider. We would love it!

  27. I played football in school, and was Jake, and Ty. So playing one them or one of the team players is natural for me!! Hope you consider me to be a jock on the show!!

  28. i am funny, outgoing, and nice. i love to be in front of the camera and i love taking pics of me and my friends. i am 14 years

  29. I am just starting out and think I would fit the part of Lizzie ,as you can mold me into what you are looking for(a fresh new face).I have always wanted to act and this would be a great start for me. I am a hard worker and a fast learner. I come from a family of seven, four brothers all older and then myself the youngest. We recently moved to a new town so I know what is like to be the new kid and can play off of it, as it is still fresh in my mind. Last but not least I’m dictated to my goals and if I don’t get this one there will be many more for me to choose from.
    this is a link to my info thank you

  30. I would love to be apart of this show. being able to go to work and happy that your going there. when i audition for something it gives me a thrill acting, dancing and singing is my main passion. please email me when I was in plays it was so much fun if you would let me play lizzie in this show this will bring me even more experience in the acting world. i look forward to your email. thank you

  31. I’m a fresh face that knows how to be an asset on set. I’m witty, funny, smart, and project an air of awkward confidence that people find intriguing. But most of all, I’m hungry; no, I’m starving for a chance to be good for someone’s reputation. I’ll be good for yours.

  32. Hey!!
    I should probably introduce myself. I’m an 18 year old college student who has wanted to act for as long as I can remember. I may be 18 but I look 14 so I think I would be perfect for either #7 or lizzy the 14 year old teenager.

  33. Hi. I’m Hailey. I’m 13 years old and I have always wanted to be an actress. Since I was was 5 I have been singing and acting. I am determined to show anyone that I can do anything that I set my mind to. I work hard. I’m taking singing lessons and my teacher says I’m a very fast learner and I’m very serious about my carrier. I won’t tell you my lifes history and the ups and downs in my life. Because when it comes down to it, it’s not about how hard your life is. It’s about how hard you’re willing to change it and make it better. I would be awesome for the part of Lizzie. I would pour my heart and soul into it. Just like if I were singing. It’s truely my passion. Thanks.:)

  34. .Hi i am 14years old.i’ve dreamed all my life of becoming an probably might be saying in you head you’ve herd that a million times.Probably it’s true.maybe you have herd that a million times but i promise you(and i always keep my word) have never met anyone like me.I grew up in florida from when i was 2 months old to 10 yrs old, and then moved to georgia. Me and my family had some taugh one point we had to sleep in the car.but we are back on our feet.if i was an actor (if my dream came true)i would be one of the best actors in the the next angelina jolie.except this time i am black
    please make my dream come true .you would not regret it!!!

  35. I should be considered for the Team Spitz audition because I have a sports background: baseball and basketball for 6 years and 3 years of football. I also am a very committed person that really does not care what particular male role because I would just like to work and gain some experience. I have ben studying acting for three years and now at Illinois State University’s acting program.
    Height: 5’10”
    Weight: 155
    Ethnicity: African-American
    Body Type: Athletic
    Thanks for your time

  36. I’m interested in role #7 and 5 because would the chance to be in a movie to showcase my ability of being a strong team player and trust worthy. I currently play high school football for Lincoln High in Al. as a Def lineman. I am 6’2 and 340lbs only 17yrs old. My mom is disable and retired from the Gov. but she is the one that said I can be all that I can be and she is my hero. With that being said I would love the chance to show her as well as myself that dreams do come true. THANK E.G

  37. I’m very dependable, pretty, and a mother of 5. I would be a great person for part 2 role(alicia). I wanna show my kids that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. This would be a dream come true, and experience of a life time.

  38. I am a sixteen year old junior in high school. I have always wanted to be an actress and have looked everywhere for jobs. This would be my first official acting role. I am a bit inexperienced, but I pick up things very quick. I am 5’3 and have dirty blonde hair. I think any role I can pull off as long as I set my mind to it. I am very dedicated to acting and really want this. I would not let you down if you choose me.

  39. I should be considered for Team Spitz because I’m an extremely hard worker. I’m also very athletic and played sports in high school and college. Acting has been a passion of mine ever since I was little and I know that I can bring something to the table that no one else can! I also recently just signed on with a talent agency in Chicago and am ready to start booking jobs. I think that I would be great for the roles of Jake, Ty, Drew, or Ken Oberdorffer. The biggest reason why you want to have me audition is because of the passion that I have. I can bring that to the big screen and make these characters come to life in a way NO ONE ELSE CAN!!!!!!!
    Thank you for you time,
    Sean Fiscus

  40. Oh I have brown eyes brown hair I’m 5’3 or maybe even 5’2 oh and I almost forgot I love to dance!! It just makes you feel crazy and makes you feel better in the worst moments but I’ll just stop writing now!!

  41. To be more specific to the “character I would be best for” is Lizzie I think unless it’s Alicia but I’m pretty sure Lizzie is 14 or 15 but anyways I’m on one source talent as well my talent I’d is 56579 email if you ever have an intrest in me:) thanka

  42. Ok well I’m 14 my names Chloe and I love to act this is my 3rd year doing a muscial drama and I love it!! I am super sporty and love music. I love to have fun and enjoy life I mean it’s short right?!! Acting has been one of my biggest intrested ever sience I was young along with singing! I just enjoy being able to play a charecter that’s not be it’s so much fun!! But the most important thing to remember is have fun with it I mean what’s the point of acting if you don’t!!:) thanks!!!!!!! oh and I obviously love exclamation points a smilies they just lighten up the moment:)!!! See:-)

  43. There are too many actors who are acting like they can act lol. I am patiently wait my chance to fulfill my destiny

  44. i would be a great person to play jake r ty cause im already a football player at my school ive been playing for a while now from elementary and now im in high school so i now the art of football and what it will take

  45. Im 15 and a Freshman This Year, This Would Be My First real acting Role. I Think I would make a Good Lizzie. I have Thick Brown Hair and Hazel Eyes. I LIve in MN, And I Am about 5 ‘ 2. I Would Love To Be Considered For The Role but I am open to playing and roles even an extra. I Am really interested in Persuing an acting career.

  46. I believe I’d be a great stand-in for a high school student, after all…. I am a high school student.

  47. I think I would be great for one of the football team roles. I look like a somewhat husky football player, I played a little bit of football in high school. I am just fun dude to be around. Sure I dont have a fancy resume but we all have to start somewhere. I think I would be great for this show. I also wouldnt mind playing a role as a student at the school. I need a shot to show people I can act and I think you should give me a shot so i can prove it! Thank you!

  48. My name is Victoria McClymonds, but I go by Tori. I live in Phoenix, AZ and I am 16 years old, but could easily pass for 14. I am 5’4” and 110lbs. This would be an amazing acting opportunity for me. I love to perform and dance, I have performed since I was 3. Also in a recent talent Expo I placed in the top 15, for dancing, out of roughly 400 contestants. Most my friends say I am outgoing and energetic, but I can be serious too.I am a quick learner and I enjoy various sports. I am currently doing my first year of online high school, which allows me to be more available than most students. I would like to audition for roles 8-Lizzie, I am not personally a loner like Lizzie, but I can play the part and I know what its like to be a new student, and/or 12-kids. Thank you for your time, looking forward to hearing from you!
    -Tori McClymonds

  49. I would love the chance to Audition for the role of Ken. I have been a working Actor and Film Maker in the Salt Lake City area for the past 7yrs and would like the opportunity to expand to a different market. Thank you for your consideration for this role, and good luck in your search.

  50. I would be perfect for the role of Alicia! I have been a hairdresser for 8 years so I am already great at counseling and I love children and have a natural caring motherly instinct! I get told often I look like movie stars like Cameron Diaz, Angelina Jolie (Lips and Eyes), and Mina Kunis except I have blonde hair and blue eyes:) I would love to play Alicia! Thankyou:)

  51. I am a recent graduate from Columbia College Chicago and have received my bachelors degree in acting. On that note; I do not look my age, which I am starting to appreciate more and more these days as I dive into my acting career. I can portray a 16 to 18 yr old student attending the prep school, and would love to be apart of a new project, no matter how minimal the part.

  52. I would love to audition for the role of Alicia. I think I would be awesome for the part. I look 25 but I am 32. I am 5’11” 130lbs with hazel eyes and blond hair. If your willing to take a chance, I’m willing to prove my worth.

  53. I’ve always loved acting. I used to play Hollywood with my siblings (embarrassing), I took high school acting classes, and I can get into just about any character. I guess I should of started off with specs, Height: 6’0″-weight 145- build is slim but defined-dark brown eyes and hair. It’s really hard to know what to put to guarantee you I could act better than Jesse Eisenberg ^_^ I’m outgoing, optimistic, motivated, and passionate about what ever I do. It’d be great to hear word back if this is even how I apply haha

  54. I should be considered for this audition because since I was little I have always wanted to be on camera. I have done theater for years but local stuff isnt cutting it anymore. I have auditioned for many roles on TV and Film but I guess my unique look is hard to cast a family around. I am half black, half white. I can play any role from goody-two-shoes to mean girl to loner to freak(:

  55. I am 18 and just recently graduated highschool so I still have the highschool feel. I am very fun and easy to work with and have a lot of acting experience under my belt. I am 5’4 blue eyes hair black hair. I am looking forward to hearing from you.. thank you for your time!!

  56. Im 22 years old i played football and baseball in highschool. Im fun outgoing and always keep a conversation going and vefy comedic. Call me 661-204-7789

  57. I would be good for the part of lizzie. I am dedicated to acting ever since I was 8 years old, been singing and dancing since I was 6. I play basketball and do mix martial arts. I’m very determined to play this role. I am mixed, have light brown eyes and I love to make people laugh. I get along with others would like to meet up with you to schedule an audition. I live in Atlanta, GA. Thank You.

  58. I am an 18 year old female who has demonstrated expertise in the arts. Primarily in writing, singing and acting. Acting/modeling is not only a hobby and a talent. It is my passion.

  59. hi,
    I am 14 years old.. I would love to be apart of this show.. I would love to be considered for this part and I look forward to hearing from you…

  60. I would be perfect for the role of Natalie. I am a beautiful eleven year old redhead with green eyes. I am a talented actor and singer. Thanks

  61. i should be considered to be apart of this movie becuase i’m a good actor that can play any role, i’m very easy to work with and i get along with people and if your looking for anyone pacific i have brown eyes, long brown hair, i’m “5” “2”, and i weigh 130 pounds. i hope i get the oppurtunity to be apart of this movie thank you.

  62. Hi! I am 14 years old, and I have no acting experience. But, I am a eager to learn, and hardworking. You can consider me for any role you want I just want to be a part of this show. I really hope you think about it. Thank You!

  63. I would be honored to play Role 3 as Leander. I’m 17 years old with dreams of being this ultra hot jock kid but in all reality I’m just the average gay kid from my school. I’m very outgoing, funny, and inspirational. In my spare time I work as an advocate and supporter of over 25+ charities and organizations. I’m president of my senior class student council and our drama club, I student direct and recently attempted directing a performance of Cat On the Hot Tin Roof when I realized I belonged on stage. I participate in track and field(badly), I’m an active member in the Future Business leaders of America and I’m a symbol of longevity and originality. I’m a fresh young face that brings diversity and warmth to any set I step on to whether it be on stage or on camera.

  64. Hey!! I’m Sarah, and I am 14 years old. I would LOVE to audition for the role of Lizzie! I am 5’7, have blonde hair, and have blue-green eyes. I live in Virginia but I grew up in Florida. All my friends say that I am pretty and I should model and i was given the chance to when I was younger but my mom said no because I was too young. So I think I would fit the part, I’ve always wanted to be on tv and be and actress. If you pick me you won’t regret it, and I will work extremely hard! Please consider choosing me! Thank you – Sarah

  65. Hello, Well I’m 13 and I would LOVE to play as Lizzie. I have dirty blonde, shoulder length hair and green eyes. I’m 5’6 and I weigh 119 pds. Well, if you wanna get to know em more email me at I hope to hear from you because I’d love to play Lizzie :D

  66. I’m 13, almost 14, and would love to be considered for the part of Lizzie. I’ve acted in several plays before and think that playing Lizzie would be a wonderful opportunity.
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Hazel
    I would work so hard for this role. Thanks(:

  67. I’m a 14-year-old girl from Texas and I believe I would be a perfect fit for Role #8 – Lizzie. Here is a quick description of myself:
    Hair: Bright red, mid-shoulderblade length, parted on the left with bangs sweepig to the right and layers.
    Eyes: Blue with slight golden specks in left eye
    Skin: White
    Height: 5’4 1/2
    Shirt Size: Large in fitted shirts, Medium in unisex. 12-sized jeans. 8 1/2 size shoes.
    I am very charismatic and can follow directions very easily. Acting is one of my passions and my theatre teacher says that I am a fine actress. It is my dream to become a professional actress, and you wouldn’t be dissapointed in picking me for Role 8-Lizzie. Thank you for reading this, and I’m sure you’ll make the right decision.

  68. I would be a good fit for Pricipal Kersey because as a former police officer I have real life experience putting up a front of confidence but really being nervous. I am currently enrolled in acting classes and am looking for a good oppertunity like this.

  69. Hello, my name is Trevor and I am 15 years old. I am 5’8 and weigh 120 lbs. I am of Irish and Puerto Rican descent. Some character-traits I obtain are that I am very out-going, confident, enthusiastic, and hardworking. I would like to audition for the role of Leander. Although I am althetic, I can easily portray the role of some one who would be considered Non Athletic. I have always strived to be an actor and would greatly appreciate the chance to audition for this role. Thank you for your consideration.
    Trevor Neman

  70. I would LOVE to be on this show as Natalie! I am 12 but definately can pull of being a 10 year old (: Its a short bus/train/plane ride away! I could pay for the ride. I would LOVE this job and definately have a new face! Thanks bunches for considering me.

  71. I am really excited for this show! I would love to be either Natalie or Lizzie. I am right in the middle of their ages but i could pass for a ten year old! – im a little short (: please think of me as your casting the part of natalie!! My older sister has a condo in Chicago and its only a 45 minute plain ride away (: i will submit a photo this weekend!

  72. I should be considered because I believe that this is my future. I’ve always been passoint about acting. I really hope you guys can make my dream come true.

  73. Hi! My name is Sabrina and I’m 15 years old. I believe that I’m the right girl for the role of Lizzie because I not only qualify for the description but I have a good 4 years of acting experience and I would embrace her character 100% I would be a good actress to be Lizzie because her description is extremely relatable to me and would therefore make this a lot more fun! I’m very dedicated and hard working. I also get along great with others. If for whatever reason I cannot be Lizzie I would LOVE to be one of the kids! Thank you for this opportunity, Please consider me.

  74. I am very outgoing, laid back, relaxed and have had many acting jobs. I would like the be considered for the role of Ken.

  75. Hair: brown
    Height: 5″7
    Skin: light brown
    Role: Lizzy
    No matter what I try or what I do I always come back to the dream of acting and modeling. I love being in front of people and performing. Im on my high school soccer team and I have 4.0 gpa. I have taken many acting classes and performed in many plays so I know how to get into character. This has been my dream ever since I was a little girl and I want this so bad!

  76. No matter what I try or what I do I always come back to the dream of acting and modeling. I love being in front of people and performing. Im on my high school soccer team and I have 4.0 gpa. I have taken many acting classes and performed in many plays so I know how to get into character. This has been my dream ever since I was a little girl and I want this so bad!

  77. I think I should be the choosen one. Because this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity that i really need for me and kids. I”m a great a great, and very intelligent person to work with.

  78. I would love being apart such a great, fun, and exiting project. Thank You for this oppurtunity, and I look forward to working together!

  79. Hi, I’m Chloe and I feel like I should be considered because I’m talented and have some knowlege and experience. I attented Barbizon Modeling school which involved acting, camera work, what to do on auditions, and more. I would love to audition for the role of Lizzie! I’m currently 14 years old, but in a month or so I will be turning 15. I’m 5’3-5’4 and I weight 130. I know 130 might sound alot for a 5’3 girl, but I play sports so I have a very athletic body! Also I have taken singing lessons, and performed many times. Hope you consider my application. (:

  80. I wouldn’t call myself a loner, but I do have a tendencey to isolate myself. I’m 15, brown hair, brown eyes, 5’3, olive skin. I am Lizzy.

  81. I also forgot to add how much of a sports lover I am! From football to wrestling I love it all! Which really caught my attention to want to be on this show. Some other things about me:
    hair-brown, eyes-green, age-8, part to auditor for- Caroline.
    Thanks again!

  82. My name is Breana and I feel I would suit the part of Caroline! I am very energetic, outgoing, and this is something that would make my dreams come true! I have been a funny child since birth and so naturally I love to make people laugh and keep them laughing. If I am chosen for the part of Caroline I WILL NOT let the producers, the cast and especially the watching audience down! Thank you.

  83. I should be considered for Team Spitz because I would love the opportunity. I believe I could play the other roles of kids in the school because I’m currently in school to; I can relate. Also, I’m in marching band at my school and I can really play the alto sax I needed! I’m 5’6, medium brown skin, natural hair, African American female.

  84. I am 6 years old , and the coolest kid you will ever meet! (; I have an awesome personality and would love to show it to the world. Along with every girl in the world my dream is to be FAMOUS and be the next child superstar! It would make my dreams come true to get an opportunity like this.(:

  85. I m 18 and 5’10. 200 lbs. Mexican Decent. I think I would be a great addition to this project because I am very friendly and a very fast leaner and can get anything that needs to be done! I’m a very dedicated person and would love to expirence new things in my life. I can mostly fit in any everday style. I do not have a “label”. I can be whoever I am designated to be. I ahve no acting expirence but I know I ahve alot to bring to the table. I have that strive that you will not find in anyone else. I can gurantee you that I am not your average 18 year old. I can promise that I will NOT disapoint. Thanks for your time and consideration. Hope to hear from you soon. –Erik Montoya

  86. I should be considered because I would be great to work with on the set Im a great listener a great person and I would do great auditioning for the part.

  87. I belive I would bring comedy and confidence to the show as the roll of “Lizzie”, not only because of the amazing opportunity, but because CBS is a very trustworthy network. I am 13, and a little thicker than most girls my age, but not even for a second would I let that hold me back from my dream! I would appreciate even the chance to audition for this role, and I sincerly hope you consider me! Thank you for your time! (: – Lena

  88. hair: brown
    age: about to be 13
    height: 5’3 about 5’4
    skin: light brown
    role: looking for Leander i dont look that sporty and a good actor

  89. I’m a kid in Atlanta GA great actor and i’ve been told i have an amazing voice and I’m not the strongest kid. again hoping to land the role of Leander.

  90. i personally believe that I would do well in this environment. I have been working very hard to pursue my passion for acting; if this were to come through, I would feel so accomplished. Like all my hard work and classes and voice lessons and dance lessons weren’t a waste of time. that they led me somewhere I knew I should have been all along.

  91. Why should you consider me for the CBS Team Spitz Audition? It’s all about the elements of personality and emotion that’s put into portraying ken Oberdorffer’s role as a music teacher. I’ve been a musician for quite some time and know first hand, the time that is spent on perfecting the finished product. But also Would love working on a scheme to get back the football team for Rob Riggle’s charactor Jeff spitz. It Would be an honor to be a part of a CBS production as well.

  92. i am 15 years old and i have acted in short films that my dad wrote my dad is a movie producer but im tired of acting in his films because its my dad and people think he only lets me act in them because im his son and i want to prove to people that i can act

  93. First and foremost, my name is Jenny, short for Jennifer. I am interested in the role of “Lizzie,” here is a little bit of information about myself as well as past expierence:
    Height: 5’2″
    Weight: 105 lbs.
    Age: 16 years, can pass for 12-15 years.
    Description: Light brown, medium length hair, light brown/hazel eyes, petite/athletic build, Caucasain
    I have some acting expierence, community wise as well as school wise. I have taken many acting courses, traveled to Los Angeles for acting purposes, and I have a passion for acting.
    I am commited, determined, and once I start something, I finish it to the end.
    To my advantage, I know exactly what it is like to be the “new girl”. I will soon be a junior in high school, and for the 3rd time, I will be a transfer student . I am very often complimented on my looks, and I know what its like to be judged because of a close family member. Therefore, I can relate very much so to this character and it would be an honor to play this role. Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon!

  94. I am the best choice for the CBS Team Spitz audition because I am a great actress. I say that because I have dedicated myself to acting and learning as much as I possibly can about the entertainment industry. I work well with others, I feed off creativity from other actors, and I have worked extremely hard for many years to be able to have the confidence level I have in my abilities. I am Latina, so that makes me different. I speak in clear, unaccented English so audiences can understand me, and I like to help people escape thier lives for however many minutes the show is on. Please consider me and I will forever repay the opportunity. I will play any role available to me. I once played Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet!

  95. I would LOVE to be part of this:) Lizzie is so my character!!!!! I was never a “new” student, but a lot of my friends were and so I know how to act like a new kid. Please contact me if you think I would be a perfect fit for Lizzie:) I am 12, almost 13!!!! I don’t live in a town with a lot of auditions:( I spend like 5 hours a day looking for auditions on the Internet!!! I’m obsessed!!!! Anyway, contact me if u can, bye:)

  96. I should be 100% considered for the role of Lizzie. I am only 12 but turning 13 very soon. Im okay with playing any role of any personality. Though my only acting experience is school films and school theater i feel i could do much more.

  97. I am a preppy and my pictures show it. I have acted on Murdoch Mysteries as an extra and can also speak lines. I have great facial expressions. I have participated in public speaking contests and came in second. I also participate in talent shows for fun, singing and dancing. I follow direction well and understand exactly what the director wants. My stink on Murdoch Mysteries only took 2 takes, one for a close up of my face and the second was a group shot. The episode was Dial M for Murdoch and my part is just after the 8 minute mark. Please pick me, you will not be disappointed.

  98. My name is Bresha Durham. I’ve been acting for a long time now, never in front of a cameraa though. I beleive Role #8 would be PERFECT for me. I live in Atlanta, Georigia. Please contact me, I’m doing it all for my mom!

  99. my lifetime dream is to become a famous movie star. i have been in theater acting for many years. growing up, i have loved acting. and being in a movie, especially with a character from the hangover, wud be the best thing that has ever happened to me!!

  100. hello, I have been acting since the age of three, & I am 16, and will be 17 in just a few days, I can be younger or older if necessary. I cheerlead, and have an extensive acting resume, I could play anything but the part of Lizzie, seems applicable to my strengths. I have worked in film before, and would like to start doing more and more, so please let me know. I would love to be considered for this, and would love to talk more about it, i can send a resume to you, if you would like, please email me. thank you again, for this opportunity.

  101. Hi, I would really love the part of Lizzie because I know whats it like to be new. And i know whats it like to have a father your not so sure about and I’m not trying to make people sound sorry for me , but something times acting is also about relating , and i can do so. I’m 13 turning 14 on 08/29 and i would really love this part and acting it my dream and i would love to do this .

  102. I could play the rold of Jaky and Ty or Drew I actually play football and have an athletic body 5’10 175 lbs. Love to act and comfortable in any situation

  103. I am 17 years old and for the past 10 years I have been a team player. My greatest attribute according to my coaches is that I am COACHABLE. lol! With that being said,not all seasons were winning seasons, but every season was an opportunity to lead, learn, motivate and create new memories. Being a team player has taught me that it’s not so much the pot at the end of the rainbow, rather the journey and friendships you make along the way. This is one such journey I’d love to take.

    Thanks for the opportunity!
    African American
    Athletic build

  104. forgot to mention i am sixteen but can look younger as well as older. And i really would love to be in this show/film im very hard working and motivated. im a big fan of CBS and well acting is my life

  105. I have up to four years of theater experience, i am hard working and learn all my lines perfectly even as an extra i give my 100% I am easy to work with because i follow all rules.And i am serious about my acting.This would be the perfect part for me to start my acting career. its all i ever wanted to do my future all depends on my acting. i am 5″6″ have green/blue/Grey eyes im bilingual and know how to sing and play five instruments

  106. I am currently attending the Barbizon training in Atlanta. I plan on graduating from Barbizon in September and am looking to get my acting career started. I am currently 13 years old but will turn 14 on August 1st. I have been involved with sports since I was 6 years old. I have played 6 years of football and 4 years of lacrosse. I would appreciate any opportunity you could give me. I am interested in trying out for Leander.

  107. i think i should be considerd becuse i love to act . it is soo much fun id like to be consided to be Natalie im am 12 yrs old but apper younger i have no expirence but i am a good actor

  108. i am currently in the 10th grade, 14 years old and i stand at 5’11 ready for everything thats thrown my way. i am quite experienced i have performed in countless productioins with countless ensembles. Ive traveled across the world to china performing a warm heartfelt powerfull production entitled SOWETO (south western township) i have also had the chance of modeling for a clothing store, being able to connect with my audience with and without a camera. i should also be considered for Team Spitz because im am ready to bring the best and do my best being the character (Lizzie).

  109. NAME: Jasmin Monique Gaines
    AGE: 20
    HEIGHT: 5’4
    WEIGHT: 125
    BUST: 33 1/2
    WAIST: 27 3/4
    HIP: 37 1/2
    PHONE NUMBER: (501) 416-8344
    RACE: french creole,african american,indian, and caucasian
    HEY it’s ME,Jasmin Monique! I am so thankful and grateful for this opportunity. I would love to be apart of your project. I am a dedicated 20 year old that moved to Atlanta to CHASE my DREAM;hoping that someone see’s the greatness that I see in myself! DETERMINATION DEDICATION GOD FAITH = SUCCESS!

  110. I would like to be consider for “Kids” I am an up and coming model/acter. It would be a honor to be able to film in your movie. I am a very out going person and get along with any and everyone I am around. Thanks for taking time to look at my photo and allowing me to apply. 5’8.5″ 15 yrs of age 32/25/32 brown hair hazel eyes

  111. I would like to be consider for “Kids” I am an up and coming model/acter. It would be a honor to be able to film in your movie. I am a very out going person and get along with any and everyone I am around. Thanks for taking time to look at my photo and allowing me to apply.

  112. Hi! My name is Madalyn Dischner. I am 5’4/5’5 and I have dirty blonde hair. I am 13 years old but always being told I look older and more mature than I truly am. I have participated in countless productions in my community and would love to finally make my big break. This would be a great opportunity!

  113. I think role 1 or 10 is in my favor. I have no acting experience, but I have played in high school and college bands. I have seen all kinds of music band directors and they operate their band organization.

  114. Well truthfully I have never done any acting or modeling but I am always up to trying new things and having a blast. I would just love to try something new see where it takes me. I am from a small town, and just moved to Atlanta. Lets see I have highlighted brown hair right passed my shoulders(curly or straight), a bright smile thanks to braces, hazel eyes and no tats or body piercings. I am 20 yrs old but everywhere I go I get told I look 13 to 15. I am very tiny 5’2 115lbs, my mother calls me the runt of the family. I was adopted at a very young age and have 17 adopted siblings and 4 biological siblings, and because of such a big family well I get along with just about anyone I meet. Well that’s a little about me and why I think I should be considered for CBS auditions.

  115. i would love to be lizzie. I think I would be great at playing her. Give me a chance and I know that you will think so, too. (:

  116. I definitely should be consider for the CBS- Team Spitz Audition, I am very outgoing, athletics, run track for my high school and love being around people, I get along with others and I’m ready to learn. I know I can be used in a great way, I’m very into staying in shape and being physically fit, which is where most of my confident comes from, and I see this as a great opportunity for me to make people enjoy watching me and to make them smile and laugh.

  117. I’m really interested in the role of Leander. I’m actually Trumpet Section Leader in my School’s marching band, and I get hounded all the time by my school’s football coach. I am 16 years old, I’m 6’2″ and I’m around 270 pounds.

  118. I am 6″4 and 280 lbs I have over 10 years of football experience and I participated in several plays, musicals, and shows in high school and currently in college. My size and experience with football and acting can truly authenticate the show.

  119. Hi, I should be considered because I’m 13 years old,
    -brown med.long hair
    -brown eyes
    -9th grade
    & my dream is to be on television. For pics of my face please feel free to email me & i’ll send you one

  120. When i read the info about Lizzie, she reminded me of myself. I love to act and have been in all the school plays that i have auditioned for. I LOVE acting and if i get the part, that would be a dream come true! i would very much appreciate it if you considered me!
    Thank you,
    Sara S

  121. I am a 34 year old male looking to bust into tv and film. I have a slim but fit build. I am 5-10″ tall, brown hair, blue/green eyes and I am your new fresh face. I have done some acting in some local plays but long for the big screen. I am an out going person who always give 110% in everything I do. I would love to prove my family and friends wrong and see their faces when they see my on the screen.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  122. Just to tell you a little bit about myself my name is Jeremiah Davis, I am 18 years old, I stand at a height of 5’11 and I have a medium build. I’ve been acting for around two and a half years now and I have profesional experience. I have no probem taking constructive criticism and I’m willing to step outside of my comfort zone. I’m sorry about not having a picture so to paint one for you I have a big build reminscent to that of a linebacker or a linemen, I have experience playing football, so I think I could be very comfortable in a football player’s role. Thank you for giving me the chance to tell you a little about myself and I hope to hear from you in the near future.

  123. As a versatile actress and model with more than a decade worth of teaching experience, I will deliver the most authentic portrayal of high school counselor, Alicia. My compassionate, decisive nature will surely impact audiences as it has my students. I look forward to auditioning for this role. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

    Timberly Wilson

  124. hair: a mix of brown and blonde
    bust: 36 inches
    waist: 28 inches
    hips: 34 inches
    age: 13 going on 14
    height: 5’1
    description: hard working, caring, intelligent, fast learner, excited to try new things, somewhat independent, helpful

  125. I think I shoud be considered because I’m really hard working and can usually get along with most people. I would be good for the part of Lizzie or one of the kids in the prep school. I am 13 years old and will be turning 14 in November of this year. When I watch actresses on TV and in movies I always think how that could and should be me. I love watching people act! I am confident in myself which I think built up mostly from dancing and the good grades I get in school. I’m a fast learner and haven’t had a lot of experience in acting but can’t wait to learn all the acting tricks and tips! Thanks for your time and consideration.

  126. Why should I be considered?

    I have a genuine vibe that is ready to be used.
    Acting is a passion.
    I love versatility so I am open to anything.

  127. Hello, my name is Anthony Sparrow, I am hoping to audition for the role of Ken Oberdorffer. I currently write and act in a comedy sketch group called “Other Peoples Kids.” You can see most of our work on YouTube. I am very familiar with Rob Riggle’s work and think that I could compliment him very well. I am 28 and was somewhat of a band geek in high school and believe a music teacher role is perfect for me. Hope to hear from you soon.

  128. I would be happy just to be one of the students I love acting! I have taken an acting class and have wanted to act my whole life. I’m 15 and female and would be honored to try out for Lizzie but I’m overweight and you might not be looking for that. But I would love to be apart of it!

  129. I would love to play Lizzie. I’m 14 almost 15 and it sounds like a great opportunity. I’ve wanted to act since I was 7 and before my dad died he told me I can do anything if i set my mind to it. This is something I want more thatn anything in the entire world!

  130. My name is Christian Burell i am 13 about to be 14. I have a athletic body and i love to act and what to make it a career. I am about 5’9 brown hair, blue eyes. I really want to do this please consider me. I want to play Leander the most please consider me for that or anything else.

    Thank you

  131. HI my name is Brooke, i am 5’5”, with blondish hair and brown eyes. i am just like lizzie, i am always hiding from others in school and also have many siblings. i am willing to do anything for this role and i think i would be perfect for it!!!!
    call me please 4356596211

  132. I`am a pretty, talented, Athletic 10 yr old girl. People think i`am very funny. Since I was a little baby people would comment on how beautiful I am. The sports I play are basketball, softball, soccer, dirtbike riding and horseback riding. I can also do 1 handed push ups. I have had 2 yrs of acting classes and have been in 3 plays at school. I think I would be perfect as Natalie.

    Thanks for your consideration. Ashley J

  133. I REALLY feel as though you should consider me for the role of Lizzie because i actually have a loner personality and have had to feal with discrimination and hatred from other people for many years. Ive also experienced being the new kid MANY times.

  134. I’d love to have this opportunity! It’s always been my dream to act, and people tell me I have this talent for being able to act out different characters and make people laugh! I think I could portray Lizzie well, since I was also the new girl this year, and kind of shy… first!

  135. Hi my name is Adam Rowe i think i should be considered because first i’m still a high school student i’m a senior i play football and i think that i could relate well with the role of the football player Ty or really any football player i’m very talented i think this would be a great opportunity for me and i think i would bring the realistic energy that this show needs.

  136. Dreams are meant to come true. I am very various is the things I do but howeve they all include artistic points of veiw and well jobs. I would love to get my self out there and do what others always said I couldn’t. I want to show them I am who I am and Im going to make my dreams come true. Now I would love any part in this and don’t even mind if its just as an extra. I love film and everything that has to do with movie making. People always doubt me and I wanna show them I can do this. This sounds like a really promising show. Would love to be apart of this its a great opportunity.

  137. Hi!
    Im michaela. A good looking 13 year old. who would LOVE to play the part of Lizzie of one of the teenagers. I love acting, and i catch on really quickly to anything! I dance, and have ever since i was a little kid. I always play around, almost everywhere i go, acting. IT is so fun and i have always wanted to be on tv. Please consider me! I would apreciate it SOOOOO much!
    Please, & thanks.
    Michaela Nicole <3

  138. I’m Anna. I would be perfect for the role of Natilie. I’m 11. I have been in most of my school plays. I love to act and dance. I’m a nice fun person. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. I can be Natilie or a back up extra. I would LOVE to be on tv or anything like that!!It’s my BIGGEST dream ever!!! :)

    Thank you,

  139. I am a mature and hard-working student at the Westminster Schools in Atlanta, GA. I have always loved performing and I believe that I would be a great member for the cast of Team Spitz. I am 5’5″, 17 years old, I have blue eyes, light brown hair, and I weigh 115. Please contact me, I would love to play any part on the show.

  140. My name is Pharon McCall and i love to act. I know i can perform for you. Im not asking for a role i asking for the oppurtunity to show you that i have what it takes.

  141. I’m a 14 year old girl who loves to act. Its been a passion for many years now and I’m doing as much as I can to move forward with it. I participate in school plays and look for any chance to audition. I follow direction well and am always open to new methods and experiences. Putting myself in another characters shoes and getting the chance to portray myself in that situation is one of my favorite parts of acting.

  142. I’m thirteen years old female. I love acting. I have done two school plays! I would love to be a part of this. It’s my dream to be on this. Would love to play Lizzie or anybody with a speaking role!

  143. Everybody wants to be on television but only a select few lucky ones are cut out for it, and that’s where I come in. I am perfect for the role as Natalie. I am a natrual in front of a crowd. Timid or shy isn’t in my volcabulary. I am a quick study and follow directions with a eagerness that would rival any teacher’s pet. Ready to find “Natalie”? Well, when you are ready to talk to her I’m just a phone call away.

  144. I can become the character you are looking for. You can check my portfolio out at factor click on Atlanta and then New generation.

  145. Hello, first and formost let me introduce myself. My name is Jamalle T, I’am a 17 year old male, I’am a very unique person. I’m courageous,outgoing,trustworthy,and committed. I know how to face rejection as well as acceptance. I’m willing to audition for the Role of Jake,Ty, or the Football Players. The reason why I fill I have the talent to audition for the roles is because I’m dedicated and committed to what I love. Eventhough I have been acting for a year now. It may not seem like I have enough experience, but I have been involved in as much theater and clubs as possible. My experience insist of High School Drama Club, Les Miserables:School Edition,Improv as well as a professional acting coach. I don’t have to have a Major Role, although it would be nice, but I would like to start off simple and work my way to the the top.
    Sincerely Jamalle!

  146. I would love to audition for the role of Lizzie or one of the teenagers. It has always been my dream to act and model. I have acted and modeled before. I am a hard worker and I am not difficult to work with. You won’t be disappointed!
    Age: 13
    Height: 5’7
    Weight: 122
    Looking forward to working with you.

  147. I should be considered for the Team Spitz audition because I am a hard working and committed person! I want to be able to get my shot at acting and show people what I am capable of! I am up for any challenge and would work my best at whatever opportunity I was faced with! I would be something different and am a very well instructed type of person. I can handle criticism as an opportunity to make myself better. I would really appreciate a chance audition for Team Spitz and promise to work my hardest!

  148. A few more things you should know, I am 5’8″, have blonde and black hair, and hazel eyes. I believe I deserve this role because I can act like none other, I really believe in what is happening to my actor. I can sing very well in others opinion, and can make people believe I am in any type of mood you can be in, without really being in that mood. Please consider!

  149. I am 15 years old and would love to be Lizzie. I have an amazing personality, get along with everyone, and love to sing and act. Please consider, it would give me a chance to get my name out there and show people what’s up!

  150. I would lovee to be considered for the role of Lizzie. I feel like could portray her character well because I am a teenage girl who is also kind of a loner. I have not done any professional acting but I have acted before. Plus, Im a fast learner. Please consider me for this. It would be more than a dream came true :)

  151. Hi, Im Star I’ll be fourteen years old in August and I always wanted to be an actor. Im very smart and very kind to my family and to my peers and others. In school I have an”B” average. Im also takinq drama to help me with my acting skills. I will be honor to play any role there is.

    You can contact me at:

  152. You should choose e for the part of Leander because I am not athletic either and I play in band, so I can relate to him.

    Age: 14
    Weight: 130 lbs
    Hieght: 5′ 8″, 5′ 9″
    Ethnicity: African American
    also does: poetry and rap

  153. hey! my name is Bekah McFall and i think i would be perfect for the #8 role(: im 13 years old with a huge personality! i love acting and this would be a dream to be on this show!you wont be wasting your time with me! i hope you consider me(: thanks!

  154. I would love to be considered for the role of Lizzie because I have been acting for quite a while and I am a people person. I am 13 years old. I preformed in the Lyric Opera a couple years ago. I have 4 younger brothers, so I get along really well with other kids. I hope you will consider me for this role!

  155. Being considered to become a part of this team has always been my dream. I come from a single parent home with many limitations in life. I’ve always been complimented on my smile and have a great sense of humor. Growing up, I’ve always wanted to be on tv, whether it’s 5 min. or a hour. If i’m chosen, you will not regret your decision.

  156. Hello, my name is Brady Moore. I live just south of Atlanta, GA. With over 4 years in leading and other various roles, I believe I would be a great candidate for any role provided. At 6’3″, tall athletic build, brownish blond hair, green eyes and sharp facial curves, I would definitely bring attention from the audience.
    Please consider and looking forward working with you.

  157. I know you get many of these every day, and they are the same thing over and over- but to start off I can tell you I am willing to work with all I’ve got and do anything to succeed. My mom still has pictures from when I was four years old of me dressed up, and covered in makeup pretending to be an actress. My whole life I’ve dreamed of being an actress, I just don’t know how to get there. I’ve gone to places like John Robert Powers, and Tru Talent Agency but all they seemed to want was my money. I know I have what it takes, although I have room for improvement just like anyone else. I want this more than anything and I promise you I’ll be worth your time! I feel like I have what it takes to be big one day. I know there are plenty of other young girls out there dreaming to be an actress, but I’m dreaming the hardest. I feel like Role 12 would be so much fun! I would also would enjoy Role 8.

  158. I think I would benefit this pilot because I am a fun, outgoing person. I get along with youn and older people. I’m good at taking direction and interpreting a script in my own way. I am a 16 old boy. I am 5’6″ with a very small build (100lbs).
    I am hard working and I love to act.
    Age: 16
    Hair: black
    Skin: olive-brown
    Glasses for seeing far away
    Skinny/runners body (or so I’ve been told)
    I’ve had some training in acting including participating in an all highschool student production at the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre.

  159. I believe I should be considered for the role of Leander (role 3) because the role naturally fits my personality. Im unskilled at sports and love to play music. I have had training at Second City’s Chicago and I am not only good at acting but I love doing it to. I think Leander is the perfect role for me.

    Weight: 145lbs

  160. Hi, I’m Claudia currently 14 years old. Acting is my dream, I’ve acted when I was a kid in school plays, now I’ve been becoming more shy, but I love acting! I learn scripts fast and I am funny and outgoing, crazy at times. I stutter when I’m nervous, but who doesn’t? This would be a dream for me and I would try 100% I will learn fast and put all the effort I can. Also I would be really thankful. Thank you for your time, and I hope you consider me, just give it a try. Claudia might blow your mind away, me, haha.

  161. I think I would be perfect for the role of Leander because I am in marching band in real life and I didn’t really play sports when I was little and still today; I don’t. I’m more interested in hobbies. I am 14 years old and I HAVE ALWAYS wanted to become an actor since I was 4 years old

  162. For starters, I used to play quarterback until I started acting. I still workout so I still look athletic, I’m 17 I have a pretty decent background with acting. I’m 6’3 athletic build, sandy blonde hair and good facial features. I love acting, and I love shows like this. I’m positive I would be good for a roll of a football player.

  163. it would be funny for role #10 with a name like Oberdorffer if he was african american.FUNNY!

  164. Hey I’m interested in playing Leander. I fit the profile completely i look unsporty, i play an orchestra instrument, or a band drum, and I can also play one of the football players. I’d love to be in this show so if you’re interested in me contact me at 678-492-4378 thanks!

  165. I would love to be considered for the role of Alicia because I am in my late 20’s, and I am a people person. Please consider.

  166. I have had previous training in acting and modeling. It has been my dream for as long as i can remember to act. This really seems like it could be a dream come true. I am in Advanced Theatre at school, as well as the Theatre Club. I have also trained with JRP and i have a full resume ready to go. I am available and ready to act! I am flexible and so much fun to work with! I can also take instruction and critique very well!

    Age : 17

    Height : 5’6

    Weight : 125lbs

    Interested? HIGHLY! :)

  167. I should be considered for this audition because I have such a passion for acting like I’ve never known anybody to have. I love it intensely, plus I can make you laugh, just by facial expressions. I also have great comedic timing, can cry, and make you laugh by my terrible dancing. I am red headed and proud. I just want to be at least considered for this tremendously great opportunity. I am 5’11”, brown eyes, and a great presence. Thank You.

  168. I atually played high school football for 2 years. I played wide receiver and defensive back. As far as acting goes, I am inexperienced but I will do anything I’m told to do and I don’t mind being just one of the members of the football team.

  169. The answer to that question is really undefinied. There are millions of actors and actresses that will say the same thing i would say over and over and after a while casting directors and others like yourself get tired of hearing the same thing you’ve heard two minutes ago. I have the skills, I’m outgoing, I’m drama, I’m a all around character most importantly when given the oppurtunity i can make my actions speak louder then my words. I’m a fresh face seeking a chance to live out my dream as an actor. All i need is the opportunity.

  170. I would definitely play my role to the best as one of the high school football players. I think I’m the perfect height too, 5 ’10’. Yep, that’s right!

  171. i think i am the right age and i have great talent to be on the show i haqve been waiting to be on t.v. for a long time and i think this is my shot.

  172. I would be perfect for one of the football players. This is because my I am a big dude. Everyone always told me to go out for football but due to the lack of motivation toward achieving that, I opted out for doing my own thing.

  173. Hey I’m an inspiring actor who has met with several talent companies who have all told me the same thing, that I have the look, confidence, and charisma needed to make it in the acting business. I’ve avoided moving forward because of personal issues in my life but now I’m looking for a place to make my start, and this seems like a great gig to do just that. Hope I am contacted for a role because I’m willing to do everything in my power to make sure I get the job.

  174. I would like to be considered for this audition because it would give me an opputunity to FINALLY do what i am passionate about which is acting. Getting the part would be a DREAM COME TRUE….even being able to audition would be amazing. Please consider me you will not regret it.

  175. i think i would be perfect for ROLE 8 (LIZZIE) because i have a sort of keep to myself and didnt know many people on my first day at a new school and nobody liked me at first because of my mom working there and im very quiet and im honest, trustworthy, responsible, and im a very good girl. i have blonde hair, green eyes, and im 5’3. i really think that it fits what i went through so please give me a chance. thank you very much.

  176. I would be so GOOD for lizzie, i was the new girl.
    I guess people thought i was pretty.
    but i really didnt need new friends, i just wanted to move back to arizonia.
    I’m skinny, pretty, and i could be PERFECT for this part.
    I am 5`3 and im petiete, and i would love for a call back!
    please, it would be an amazing challenge and i would love it.
    Thanks so much.

  177. Hi, my name is Laura and I am 16 years old. I have never acted before so this would mean a lot to me because I would like to get a chance to persue an acting career. I have dark brown hair, brown eyes, and I am 5’6. I very much would love to be considered to be part of Team Spitz. I am responsible, motivated, and hard working individual. I am intesested to play any role.
    thanks for your time,

  178. Hi, my name is Justyn, i am a lite skinned black male, 5’11, 165lbs, green eyes. i also have a baby face so i dont look like im my age.i have always wanted to get into the entertainment industry but didnt kno how. i hope reading this i will have the opportunity to audition and show off my natural talent.

  179. hey, im 19 but people always think my 15 yr old sister is older then me. so, i look really young. im thin and short, im 5’3″. my family and i have been through a lot (i needed emergancy heart surgery and it was a long road to recovery) but im here and healthy today and im ready to make a mark on the world.

  180. i shuld totally b lizzie, bcuz i mean im 14, a girl nd im a killer actress, i always act sick in gym :) plus im fun outgoing nd awesome :) nd this wuld b my dream

  181. Hey! My name is Chris, I’ve never been in any movie, tv show, or even school play (not out of lack of ability, but because I only recently decided to venture down the acting road), but I would like to peruse an acting career. I’m an outgoing person who, given the opportunity, could be the next big thing… Its a little cocky to say, but i sincerely think it and an audition could only serve to reinforce said belief

  182. Hi I’m Arcelita!
    I think I would be absolutely perfect for the role of Lizzie.I am exactly the opposite of her, I love to be out there, however it would be great playing the loner because i feel more challenged. People who take challenges are the people who in the end can feel victory. I’d like to say I’m a very tenacious girl with a heart for entertaining! I can portray any character or role thrown at me, varying from comedic to completely serious and more. I am a hard working 12 year old, who can bring a smile to ANYONE’S face. I am 5’6 and a proud brunette. I would love to hear from you, and thank you for the great opportunity.
    Lots of Love,

  183. I would really love to me considered for Team Spitz because i’m an the most enthusiastic 14 year old girl you will probably ever meet. I love to act and have always dreamed of becoming an actress, no matter the role. I really liked the character Lizzie, though. she seems quite like me lately even if it was not for the reason of my parents splitting. I really think that you should consider me for your new show (:
    thank you for your time ! ,
    Shayne (:

  184. Hi, I’m Arcelita and I know I would be perfect for the role of Lizzie. I am a very tenacious girl, and aways succeeds in whatever I reach for. I am hardworking and feel completely comfortable in any role or character. I’m 12 years old and I am 5″6 with brown hair, I have enclosed a picture. I hope to speak with you soon, and thank you for the opportunity:)

  185. To Whom it May Concern,

    I have a passion, acting. I have been acting since the age of seven, mostly full length William Shakespeare plays. In high school I didn’t do much acting, until senior year where I started back up with a One-Act competition group. Following my set love for acting, I decided to pursue it in college. Now, I am majoring in Preforming Arts (Acting). This school year I have acted in five short films so far, as well as a few for my make-up artistry, with more on the way for both. My goal is to enter the world of TV shows and movies. I have big dreams and intend to take them all the way and succeed. I am cut out for acting as I memorize quickly, can portray multiple ages, am driven, personable, and have a passion to perform my best. Others have described my acting as “realistic”, “defiantly for film”, “great work”, and have throughly enjoyed working with me.

    Thank you for your time,
    Alyssa Dell’fleur

  186. I know that i would be perfect for this show because my look works well with the character descirption and not just that i have alot of acting experence and talent. Im a state suprior level pantiomme and was in alot of my high theatre productions. I have work outside my school, on sets of movies, ranging from sundance indepence movie to unrelease movies. I also have a star like personatity, which is well like and just as crazy and unqine and fun to work with. I can take direction well and im easy to work with and just plain fun to have on any project. Im great role model with a sad and personal stories. Please pick me!!!!

  187. My name is Brittney and I am very active! I want to be Lizzie she sounds a lot like me! I am 13 and turning 14 in may. I have blond hair, green eyes, tan skin and I’m pretty tall. I would love if you would consider me to audition for you!

  188. I fell I am hands down the guy to play the music teacher. Im a eager 25 yr old guy who can be very funny or very serious at the same time. I moved my family down to GA. to pursue a acting career. This gig is perfect for me im sure I will be the person you are looking for!!

  189. hello! We’re twins (boy and girl). We are capable doing this job. We’re are 13 but turning 14 on March 31. We’re really outgoing to the people to whom we don’t know. We both have light brown eyes and blond/brown hair. We both have special talents. (Nicholas-boy twin) that would be good for one of the football players because I was captain for my school’s defence. (Danielle-girl twin) would be incredibly awesome as Lizzie because I act just like Lizzie. Trying to hide from everyone in school. We (Nicholas and Danielle) have divoiced parents and have the same things in common with the roles with reality.

  190. I would be great for a role as a football player. I used to play in highschool and still work out like I used to. I am tall, with an athletic build. Tan skin with dark hair. I am very athletic and a great actor. A role like this wouldnt even be like acting to me, it would just come natural. I look forward to hearing from you.

  191. I am a 13 year old hard working teen. I love to act and work with others. I love to be in front if the camera and I am a good actor. I think I would be a good lizzie. I think I would be a good Lizzie is because I have a good pearsonality and would live to help out. I am a fast learner. I live in Iowa city, Iowa but I would travel so far for this role. FYI
    Hair: Brown
    Height: 5’0
    Eyes: Brown
    Shoe: 7
    Weight: 104
    Skin: tan
    Face: beatiful
    If you pick me I have a 9 year old sister that looks like me so then the characters look-alike and it would look better.Her INFO
    Eyes: Light Brown
    Hair: Brown
    Skin: light tan
    Face: Super Cute
    We would do well I hope you will consider us both in any role please and thank you . For pictures email: Cell:323-204-1406. We will not turn you down.
    Jocelyne & Nicole

  192. I am 13 years old with brown eyes and hair I would love to do this please call me at 3232041406.!!!!!!! I am 5’0.

  193. Hi I am a 9 year old girl. I have brown eyes and hair I have light skin. I love to work with others and I am very creative. I love acting. Thanks for reading hope you pick me.:)

  194. Hi, I am 13 years old with brown hair and brown eyes. I work great with others and I think that I could be a great lizxie I weigh 104. I love loners so It wouldn’t be a problem. I will try my hardest on it. I am a fast learner. Thank you for your time I hope you consider me. Email:

  195. I am 12 years old, very outgoing and would be the perfect Lizze. I am dedicated to acting and can definitely relate to being the new pretty girl in school becuase that has happened to me. I am very professional & would bring this character to life !

  196. Hi. I’m Kayla and I’m 14 years old. I’m 5″5, I have shoulder-length brown hair, green eyes, and lightly tanned skin. I currently wear glasses because I’m near-sighted. I feel I would great for the part of Lizzie because I am a skilled actresses. I am good at acting like someone the complete opposite of me. I am good with directions and can memorize lines. Please consider me for the part of Lizzie. Thanks!

  197. Hey, my name is Sierra, you should consider me for Natalie because I can sing dance and of course… ACT! I may be a little overweight but that will never bring down MY confidence! I have natural brown hair but can do any color highlights(i have red right now) Thanks for even reading! email me if you guys are interested~!

  198. Good afternoon. I would love to participate in this movie. I am 17, have long curly red hair, fair skin, and 5’9&1/2”, I model and act and recently auditioned and was accepted with XXI Century Ent. in Georgia. I currently take dane, drama/theatre, and Orchestra classes. I am the concert Master of Westlake HS Orchestra and a professional violinist outside of school: I have played for Hilary clinton, at the Govenors Mansion(in GA), for Mayor Kasim Reed and at the FAA(Federal Aviation Administration). I have been in Dance shows(Nutcracker and As the Lion Roars) And PLays(Chicago-Cell Block Tango, A Chorus Line, Fame, and Lion King( curly red hair made perfect for a mane). I have a 4.0 GPA and currently in FBLA(Future Business Leaders Of America). I have been offered lots of Modeling opportunities but i was too young and not ready but now i am ready to take on the world. So with all that being said i would LOVE to have a part in this movie. :)

  199. Hello I’m Andrea or “annie” so people won’t mispronounce my name! I’m 15 years old turning 16 in August.I have long dark brown hair and eyes, i’m 5 ‘5 and fit. I have very good expirience in school productions since I’ve been acting from age 12. I would love to finally get a chance to work somewhere i’ll love. I’m passsionate, devoted, responsible, have a great memory, and am a great communicator, but at the same time outgoing and willing to try anything new. I would love to be considered for the role of “Lizzie” I can relate in a way and i know it would do an excellent job! If you are interested please e-mail me. Thanks!

  200. Hello my name is allicia im 5’7 and 21 years of age i have the ability to wow the audience. I would love to be apart of this project if interested please email me

  201. My daughter is 6 years old and she is very outgoing,polite and an amazing communicator. Her social skills are exceptional,and she expresses a desire to act.I would love to be able to help her fulfill that purpose in life.

  202. I have loved acting for a really long time. I am very professional, passionate and dedicated to acting. I am 13 years old and I`m interested in playing the part of Lizzie. I relate to the character very well. Thank you very much for your time.

  203. My Nickname is Lizzie! I have been a leading role in many high school productions. I can learn lines quickly. I love acting. I have been told that I can be very edgy and can hold a grudge, but only when crossed. I am usally very bubbly and silly, but I have a serious side. I would love to play # 8! I’m 5’3 and 1/2. I have Blue eyes and brown hair with blonde highlights. Age 13

  204. I SHOULD be considered because I am an ex-football player from a state championship team with an ideal sense of humor. Acting always seemed like something for professionals to me. I have something I prefer to call a psychosis in which I am able to observe very closely a person’s personality and act on their character accordingly. My sense of humor is naturally engraved into my character as a human being, and I find there is no escape from it, because, people keep on laughing. The slightest movements I make, even when I feel like nobody is watching, makes watchers laugh only to have me look up at them and go, “What??”. My adaption to humor-of-the-times is unmatchable, and I am a natural show man. James Franco is my idol, but I’m more like a Will Ferrel or a Seth Rogan.

  205. My name is Jolene Aldus. I am very interested in reading for the role of Alicia. With the little description of Alicia, I already feel connected to her as I have always had a passion for being a guidance counselor of sorts to teens. I am a highly adaptable professional who is committed to fulfilling your vision of this character! I’d love an opportunity to read for this part. Thank yo for any and all consideration. Headshot and resume available!

  206. My name is Jimmy Hernandez I’m 15 years old 16 in a few months and I am perfect for the role of Drew. I love acting it’s my passion. I have a comedic side of me that many people like. I am always up to meeting new people as I am very social and I love trying new things. Take me into consideration and you won’t be disappointed…I promise.

  207. I think that I should be considered for the role of Alicia for the show “Team Spitz” because I fit the character description and I study comedy at the Groundlings. My personality is very nurturing, sweet and giving and I can add my understanding of comedic timing to make the character interesting to watch.

  208. My daughter Mackenzie would be a perfect fit for the role of Caroline. She’s 7 years old and absolutely adorable. She is very charismatic and considered the social hub of her cheerleading friends. She loves to perform and does well under pressure.

  209. Alicia Role 2 – Im intelligent, Im beautiful, Im well-spoken, and the guys will adore me! This would also give me the experience necessary to be a better playwrite myself.

  210. I am 5’7 slim and athletic. Native American/White/German. Dark hair, big dark eyes. I am funny witty and playful. Very good with serious roles and goofy ones. I can be whatever you want me to be I can play any role. I am very confident and believe I can be great if I had the oppertunity. I am new to acting and have little experience in auditions. Hope to hear from you soon.

  211. Hi! My name is Alexis Humphrey
    Height: 5’6
    weight: 183
    Age: 18
    I should be considered because I am currently unemployed and my schedule is EXTREEEEMMELY flexible. I am always punctual or I get to a place earlier than I need to be there. Very Cooperative, and I will virtually do anything to get into the character I am assigned. I have been in 4 different plays. I sing, act, draw, and can do voice-acting. I would loved to be considered for a role.
    Thank you dearly, and I hope I’m able to be chosen and show you guys what I got!

  212. Do you want someone who is hardworking??
    –I’m a mom of 2, a wife, a teacher, a student in nursing school, and a volunteer
    Do you want someone who is flexible??
    –I am used to being up in the middle of the night studying or taking care of a sick baby, so I’m used to a crazy schedule!
    Are you looking for someone who takes direction well??
    –I HATE disappointing people, so I do anything I can to go above and beyond expectations
    Are you looking for someone with experience?
    –I use my acting skills everyday…from entertaining my kids with story book characters to performing for millions of people in concert (aka in front of my mirror) I have played every part from Little Red Riding Hood to Beyonce.

    Thanks for you consideration and I look forward to hearing from you!!

  213. I should be considered because i am a 13 almost 14 year old girl that is very passionate about acting! I have always wanted to act my whole entire life! This would literally be a dream come true for me!:) This would be a great oppurtunity for me to start a career even though i am only a teenager. I would commit to this. I would give it all my effort and i work very hard! I am very easy to get along with and work with. I am very outgoing and fun to be around. Everybody would have a blast:) I would be great for role 9! I love acting! I have been in many plays for school and church! I get along with everyone!

  214. I am a 18 year old African American woman that has have more than enough troubles in her life that have shown her that her path is truly acting. I am a team player and can work with anyone. I have been in a National Champion Band so I know how to follow orders and take direction into my own hands to help others in need. I need this. I would love this. This could be when my dream if only one time can be true.

  215. I AM a retired principal. My first love was acting. I did a lot of summerstock, during my college years, had speaking roles in a couple of commercials and was in several independant films. I’d be perfect for the Principal Charles.

  216. I think that the names should be switched around. I think that Natalie would be a better name for Lizzie’s character personality. Lizzie would fit better for Caroline and Caroline would be better for Natalie. Lizzie (7), Caroline (10), Natalie (14).

  217. I believe that I would be great for the part of Lizzie. I’m fourteen years old and I like to think of myself as a punk and I love loners so acting like one would be fun for me. I want to be that part because i love acting and I believe I deserve it. I have long brown hair, brown eyes, and I’m 5’4″ and 1/2. I can be kind of edgey and I would really love a chance at this role and I don’t disappoint. I do have experience acting. I was in my school’s 8th grade production class so I was in a play. In fact, one afternoon, one of the lead roles was out sick the day we were suppose to perform and my teacher asked me to take that part. I quickly learned the lines backstage before going on and only messed up once. My teacher said that I ended up doing a great job! The best part was that this role was a girl with an attitude so I believe that I could be your Lizzie! So please e-mail me because I would really like this opportunity.
    -Thanks, Julie P.

  218. I am seriously interested in your suggestion. The job is that, I always wanted to reveal my talent of acting and starring at different shows, films. I’m outgoing and communication-able person, who can easily take any friendly orders from film-director, script-writer or other people engaged in this business. I’m able to work with groups as with pairs. Thank you in advance! AGE:13

  219. I think I should be considered to play one of the football players because I have some experience in football and I have a passion for acting.I only 13 but I will be turning 14 on March 18, 2011. I’am 6ft 4in, African American and mixed with a little caucasion please think about it.

  220. In my highschool i was the star athlete on the team. It would be easy for me to relate to Jake or Ty’s character because I can really tie in because I’ve been through the issue of not being on the same terms as the coach because i have had the big head. I can bring life to ethier of these characters because of life experince.I was a natural leader a tremendous athlete and had the glory that they had.

  221. I should be considered for an audition because I am easy to work with and would be great for a role on the show. I am a highly motivated individual who prides himself in determination and commitment. Give me a shot, I won’t disappoint.

  222. Im trying to shake things up in my family. Im a 14 years old girl living in Atlanta, ga.
    I’ve always wanted to act and im doing something about it. I think role #8 or even #12 would be perfect. Whatever y’all would like! Okay thats all!

  223. No one should ever feel uneasy about anything. Everyone has all the same feelings, only some are felt a little stronger. With a little time, and work we can balance all things. The worst thing you can do is hold your feelings in, and not talk about it. Be careful who you share with, they may not want to see you rise up in life. amanda allgood-cooper FB

  224. I’m Colin Belt, I’m am currently 18 years old and acting on any show would be my life long dream. I plan to attend college to become a director, so an acting gig would be awesome. I am from a small town in Kentucky and I really have not had the chance to do any acting. I just make videos with friends, an people say we are really good. Please help fulfill my dream. Thanks.!

  225. I am 19 but I have played 2 freshman roles. 1 in Mean Girls 2 and 1 in Necessary Roughness as a cast members friend. I reside in the Atlanta area and I have worked on 7 different productions, tv shows included. I have a resume & headshot that I can email you if you would like to reply back. Thank you!

  226. I should be considered for the role of alicia, because I am smart, firm and friendly, and you need all of those assets to deal with high school students in having hopes of them being comfortable coming to you as their school counselor……please consider me!

  227. I believe that I offer substance and variety to the role of Alicia. Not only have I studied and have been certified in Theater, but I have also taught Theater students in summer programs. From the ages of 13 to 18. I offer a lot of experience in those areas in working with teenagers.

  228. I have a good resume in my opinion. My last major role was in Me, Myself and Irene Directed by The Farrelly Brothers. Just type Mongo Brownlee in your web search window to see my work. However, for the last 10 years I have not worked. I had a small role on Boston Legal Episode Roe in 2008.

  229. I am 7 years old and Love to make my own movies with my camera, toys,friends, and family. I have taken some classes and love to immitate current actors on T.V. shows. I am like one of the girls inthis show that has to visit their Dad. I would like to be in this show.

  230. I should be considered because it would be the dream and chance of a lifetime for me and my family. I wanted to act as a child but grew up in a large family in middle Ga and that left me no chance to really try out. I ended up setting records in sports events but wishing I would some day get a chance to act. I have learned in everyday life that I use my acting skills. I don t act fake…but certain life situations demand you are more energetic, excited, caring,excepting etc than you may really feel. I am hard working, a fast learner, and able to memorize lines. ave a 7 yr old daughter that wanted to act at the age of 4 and I encouraged her dream yet had her wait until 7 to actually take lessons. Although I am trying to enter this business to fulfill a dream…I realize the seriousness of the job.

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