Casting Major Cable Network Reality Docu-Series

Row of widescreen HD displays wtih multiple images


Row of widescreen HD displays wtih multiple images

Hylton Casting is looking for women that are experiencing various conflicts.  The casting is being done for a new reality documentary series that will air on a major cable network. The series will focus on the problems of the African American community and therefore needs interested individuals who are currently having personal problems.

About the Agency

Hylton Casting was created by Heather Hylton. The company aims to serve the casting needs of both film makers and TV producers. Hylton Casting has continuously evolved with time and offers innovative solutions to its clients with regards to their casting requirements.

Hylton Casting is especially capable of taking on casting jobs that require unique individuals which are present in difficult-to-find situations. The company is well known for working in a dedicated manner to especially fulfill all the casting needs of its clients, especially in Atlanta, Georgia.

About The Role

This casting is being done to find African American women who are facing serious issues described below.

  • Someone looking to adopt a child this month.
  • Someone registering her baby for adoption.
  • Someone getting a plastic surgery due to an issue.
  • Someone going for a major surgery in the near future.
  • Someone who believes that her partner is gay.
  • Someone looking to have an abortion.
  • Someone suffering the pain of foreclosure or eviction from the house due to mortgage issues.
  • Someone recently auditioning for a major opportunity in the media industry.
  • Someone having a baby in June.
  • Someone looking to give a last shot to their dream working opportunity.
  • Someone going to jail due to an offence or violation.
  • Someone who has a court trial going on.
  • Someone employed in a non-sober job such as a stripper.
  • Someone already married but dating or looking for a date.
  • Someone getting a divorce in June.
  • Someone who is a drug or sex addict.
  • Someone who feels addicted to dieting or eating.

The Auditions

This is a great opportunity for women and you should contact the agency if you are in such a position or know someone who is going through stressful moments.

You can apply online and should include the details of your story which gives you a better chance to get selected for the reality TV documentary about African women and their community issues.

Recruiting companies are not welcomed by Hylton Casting as they are already working for a client. They are looking for individuals who are happy to share their stories and become part of the cast for the documentary series. Hylton Casting does not reply to unsolicited offers and services. This is a specific opportunity for specified people.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.


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