Casting Kids for Film Let It Snow

Let It Snow star Amanda Seyfried
Let It Snow star Amanda Seyfried
Let It Snow star Amanda Seyfried

Let It Snow is an upcoming romantic comedy based on the novel Let It Snow: Three Holiday Romances by Maureen Johnson, John Green and Lauren Myracle.

The movie stars Amanda Seyfried (Letters to Juliet, Ted 2), Diane Keaton (Morning Glory, The Big Wedding), Alan Arkin (Little Miss Sunshine, Argo) and John Goodman (Monsters INC., The Hangover Part III). It began filming in December of 2014 in Pittsburgh, PA.

Looking for photo-doubles and featured extras for the feature film, “Let it Snow”. The film will include an A-List cast with Oscar winning and nominated actors.

The extras casting team is seeking to cast girls of Caucasian decent between the ages of 3-11 with brown hair and brown eyes and Caucasian boys between the ages of 11-16 with brown or blonde hair and blue or green eyes. Parents who want to submit their kids for consideration must ensure that their children have a flexible schedule for filming between January and march.

****If you already submitted your child, you do not have to resubmit.

Must have flexible availability from late January through March on weekdays. Would only work 1-3 days in that time span. Would work 6-10 hours. MUST LIVE IN OR NEAR THE PITTSBURGH AREA TO SUBMIT.

Here is what we are looking for:

– Caucasian Females ages 3-11 years old with brown hair & brown eyes. Put “LILAC” in the subject line when submitting. Pay is $200.


To submit your child for consideration, please send a RECENT photo of them to Include their NAME, AGE, LOCATION AND PHONE NUMBER. Put whatever color we designated for the character you are submitting for in the subject line. Remember, you should not send any photos where they are wearing sunglasses, a hat or any costumes.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg, Max. file size: 2 MB.



  2. Hi I am Lainie I am twelve years old I have brown heir with blonde at the ends,hazel eyes, I love acting and singing, and for fun I do a bit of gymnastics. I am good with animals I love running , I am very fit, and I can play competitive soccer.

  3. LILAC

    Hi my name is Ariana and I live in mission b.c. My phone number is 604-814-2217 my age is 11 and I am brown hair brown eyes I love to sing and dance and of course act it would be the best thing ever if I got to be in this movie

    Thank you.

  4. Hi my name is itzel herrera I am 10 years old and I love to act and sing I would love to be a part of this. I am going to fight for my dreams no matter what cause I am great and no one will take it away from me please help me make my dreams come true by the way I live in Ocoee Florida my moms number is (407)535-1724 please please make this easy for me thank you for your time good bye

    Yours truly,

    Itzel herrera

  5. Hi my name is itzel herrera I am 10 years old and I love to act and sing ever since I was little and I am going to fight for my dreams no matter what cause I am great and no one will take it away from me please help me make my dreams come true by the way I live in Ocoee Florida my moms number is (407)535-1724 please please make this easy for me thank you for your time good bye

    Yours truly,

    Itzel herrera

  6. Hello. I am 12 years old with brown hair, j have pink highlights that are fading though, I have brown eyes and I’ve always loved acting. I’ve always loved Amanda Seyfried. She is so beautiful. Please give me a shot, i really think I can do this.

  7. LILAC
    Hi my name is Ariana and I am 11 and I have brown hair and brown eyes I love to act and sing it is my dream to be able to be in a movie so if I got in that would be amazing

    I weigh 72:2 and I am 4 ft and a half

  8. Hello. My name is Anasofia Florez.

    Age: 11
    Birthday: March 13

    Characteristics: Thick brown hair, brown eyes, tanned skin.

    Place of origin: Colombia

    I would really love to be in this movie and I also think I have a lot to offer. I am also looking forward to beginning an acting career. This will however not be my real application but I will send an email. Thank you for reading this.

  9. Hi my name is Samantha I just tuned 12 brown hair brown eyes female I like to act you may think it’s stupid and here it all the time but I really like acting and I think I can do this

  10. hi my name is Brooklynn and I am dying to be a actress I am 9 years old and I have brown eyes and hair and I know that maybe I am to late but if maybe u could maybe put me in a another movie or TV show thx

  11. Hi my name Is Esther i am 11yrs old i am black from Nigeria i have dark brown eyes and brown short hear and i like to really join it was really my Dream than you if it is true to make me happy

  12. LILAC
    Name- Lily
    Age- 13 – 14 ( i look like im 12/11 )
    Hair color- Brown
    Hair color- Brown
    Height- 5″2 1/2
    Build- small-medium
    Place- Cedar rapids, Iowa
    I would love to play Lilac because i have always wanted to be in a john green book/film and i fell like this would be a great opportunity for me to start my acting carrier. If you are interested please email me at Thanks!

    • Hi I’m maria, but my real name is ( maria christy) and I’m almost 11 and i live in Lebanon and I have brown eyes,curly brown hair, and I really would like to play this part because when I was a little girl I dreamed to be an actress so please make me happy, thank you

  13. Lilac (from ages to 3-11)
    Hi I’m Leen, I’m 10 (I’m almost 11) and I want to play the role of Lilac. Don’t try to email me please, just text me on kik: anglinatoms
    Eye colour:Brown
    Hair colour:Brown
    Age: 10

  14. hi my name is Nicolas Flores Del Toro and I would love to be in this movie. I am 11 years old, I have light brown hair, light hazel eyes, my height is 5’0, and my weight is 87. I love the outside, I love video games, I love to act because it is very fun to me, It is my dream to become an actor. I hope you can make my dream come true.

  15. EYE COLOUR:changes from brown blue green and gray

    HAIR COLOUR: golden brown with natural highlights of blonde and red

    Style: wavy to curly



  16. Hi my name is Rebecca-Marie I have been acting since I was 5 and now I’m 11(about to turn 12) I would really like to be in this movie because I am a big fan of romance movies and I need my big break so please contact me.

  17. Hi my name is grace I am 10yrs old I look like I’m eight I have dark brown eyes and hair i never heard of this movie to be honest but I hope I’ll like please reply if your interested And I’m hispanic I love soccer drawing any kind of sports and singing and acting is my #2 favorite thing to do

  18. Hi my name is grace I am 10yrs old I look like I’m eight I have dark brown eyes and hair i never heard of this movie to be honest but I hope I’ll like please reply if your interested

  19. LILAC
    My name is Ella.
    Ethnicity: Caucasian and Russian (mostly Caucasian)
    I’m 15 years old, but look like 12)
    Weight: 39 kg
    Height: 5’2″
    Eyes: brown
    Hair: brown
    I live in Moscow, Russia

  20. Hi my name is Ashlee McCabe I would love to be in this movie a lot I am 13 but I am really short and I look like I’m 12 I have a older sister and a younger brother I have brown hair and blue eyes I have some freckles I love to act and have been in 3 school plays and In each of them I have been at least on of the main parts
    If you are interested in picking me or want me to send a picture of myself or do a video audition please email me

  21. I forgot to include that I am American / New Zealand and Scottish so I have a passport for America so yeah if you pick me I won’t have any problems getting there

  22. I already posted a comment but please pick me I am dying to be an actress and this might be the only chance I get and I could send in a video of me doing some lines if you email me an extract from the script

  23. I am 11 years old and have dreamed of being in a movie my whole life. I love to act, sing and dance.

  24. Name: Tekisia
    Country: Australia ( if you accept me you will have to pay for my ticket to Pittsburg but my mum already has money for passports)
    Age: 11
    Hair colour: dark brown
    Eyes : dark brown
    Weight: 41 kilograms
    Size : ? But I know I’m short
    Brief description
    I have a little bit of freckles I am a bit chubby but not fat I have big eyes I have teeth but most of my teeth is still growing I have deep voice and I am a cheerleader so I am a bit flexible

    • Hi my name is romy LILAC i am really interested in this

      DOB: 22/11/01
      Age : 13
      Height : 5″4
      Weight :60kg
      Location : London, UK
      Talent : acting and singing

  25. Hello m Sharukh Naik age 17 male .I want a part in this film.I want to put my career in acting.if given aopportunity I’ll assure to work hard.m smart in looking .I think m comfort for this film if given a chance

  26. Hi, im Dominique and i would love to have a part in the film “Let it Snow”.
    I really want a part because my mom has cancer and our family needs extra money for her shots.
    Also, because i love acting.
    I am in chorus,band and Cheerleading i play the Violin, Bass Clarinet,Clarinet,Bass,Cello,sax,and alto sax.

    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    DOB: 10/08/99
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Black and orange
    (Medium length, straight, and curly)
    Ethnicity: Caucasian and African American (mostly Caucasian)
    Build: Slim

    Thank you so much for your time!!
    Weight: 115
    Height: 5’5
    Other Talents: Singing, speaking French, a little Spanish.

  27. hi, my name is Emily. I am 13. I know the age says 11 but I would love to be in this show. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I am 5’3. I love acting. Ive been in my schools play twice and acting is something I want to persue. I love singing and I would love to do this

  28. I am Sofia, and I am 12 years old. I am not going to explain much about myself, because I would love telling you in person. I always wanted to be known or at least noticed in the world, but I kept telling myself it won’t happen. At first I wanted to be a model, but my dad would never approve. I understood why. Then, I saw a movie, not a simple movie, apparently, because this movie, it felt like it was shouting at me telling me to do something with my life. I told this to my dad, and he thought I was insane, besides I am twelve. I felt so small, because all these actors, they don’t even now, I exist, but that’s fine, they have better things to do with their lives. Anyway, I would really feel special, working along side, all these amazing actors, and actresses. I hope you read this message. And if you are reading this message, thank you.

  29. Hi, my name is Chloe!, I would love to be a part of let it snow, it would be a honor. I’ll do the best i can to play the character given, i really want to be an actress because it just sounds fun to play as other people/ characters and express my feelings through acting. Please do consider it.
    Name : Chloe
    Gender : Female
    Age : 14
    Hair color : Black
    Eye color : Dark Brown
    Nationality : American-Chinese
    Hobby : singing, dancing, acting, drawing, watching movies and playing sports.
    Personality : adventurous, funny, kind, hyperactive.

    Thank you very much!

  30. Hi. My name is Larissa Espig I am from Central Queensland, Australia.
    Hair – Brown
    Eyes – Blue / Green
    Height – 161cm
    Characteristics – Fairly chubby (not overweight), have lots of freckles on my face
    Hobbys – Acting, seeing my friends on the weekend
    Favorites – Christmas, Shopping, Family and Friends
    Kindest Regards, Larissa Espig

  31. Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    DOB: 10/21/01
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Blonde
    (Medium length, straight, and curly)
    Ethnicity: Caucasian and African American (mostly Caucasian)
    Build: Slim
    Weight: 115
    Height: 5’5
    Other Talents: Singing, speaking French, a little Spanish.

    I love acting it’s my passion. I love putting movement in something so beautiful. Acting is not about having a pretty face it’s about that moment when you can make the audience feel exactly what the character feels. I don’t care if I only one line, just the experience is all I need. I love learning different languages if I have to. Me and my family love traveling so going to a different state won’t matter. Thank You for your time I really appreciate it.

  32. I act in my school and am 11 years old turning twelve this year. I live in Australia, Queensland.
    I have:
    Brown hair
    Blueish-greenish eyes( I can wear contacts)
    size 8 in shoes(Australia)
    I love to sing and people have said I am a good dancer, actor, singer,performer
    I have loved acting for 5 years and I love the novel.
    Please accept me but its fine if you don’t :)

  33. I am a hard worker, easy to to work with, freindly , and a people person. I dance, sing, act, I live and love to perform. With my mind and heart I take acting very seriously it is not a hobby for me it is my life. So if you consider me to be in your movie I will not disappoint you. You won’t regret it!!!
    ~Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this message.

  34. Hi im Michelle. Ive won 23 acting awards, ive been in ipop, and i have perfessional modeling and acting classes. I do understand that there are millions of people who have the same dream as me but the difference with them and i is that im willing to work a whole lot harder . I would appreciate a return email .
    14 years old
    Strawberry blonde hair (willing to dye)
    Green/blue/brown eyes
    Fair skin
    110 lbs
    size 6 1/2 shoes

  35. Hi! I’m Savannah! I would love if I would be able to come audition for you. I get really good grades in school, I participate in a lot in school and lots of other activities, I try my best to give 110% at everything I do. I also play Basketball and LOVE to sing! I would really appreciate it if you were to let me come audition for and it’s perfectly fine if you don’t. Thank You!

  36. Hi My name is Emily Figueroa. LILAC
    I am 11 years old.
    brown eyes
    brown hair
    good actress
    Please help me get a career and help me make my dreams come true to be famous and a fashion designer! PLEASE! LILAC

  37. Hi! My name’s Michelle, I’m a gymnast,Actress,Singer,Pianist,Violinist,and i dance a bit! I live in Brooklyn,New York, I’m half chinese, half american,grade 6, age 11, i have dark chocolate brown hair and light hazel eyes. Music and Gymnastics are my passion and i hope that i can be on Let It Snow, i hope it isn’t to late for me to apply

  38. Hi I’m an 18month old little girl with a big personality. I would love to be on your show because I’m a smart, happy little girl and can add a nice touch to the show. I have big brown eyes and brown hair. I’m mixed Caucasian and Hispanic but have fair skin. Please contact my mom for consideration please!

  39. I am Tara Alexander, a 12 year old girl, turning 13 this year. I have blonde hair and brown eyes. I have always been passionate about Disney. I would eventually like to work for Disney animation as a character designer. Not only do I think working for Disney could help me grow as a person, and push me out of the confinement of my comfort zone, but help me learn about working for the corporation all together. I hope you will consider me for a part. Please contact me by email about any roles I may be considered for, or anything of the sort. Thank you.


  40. My name is Andrew Benson I am a 16 year old male from Indiana. I have brown hair with hazel and green eyes. I would love to get an opportunity to be a part of the film let it snow. I am currently in my schools advanced video communications class, in which I anchor the news and mainly act. I believe I would be a great fit for this role considering that I already have a younger brother. I hope this application isn’t too late. I would love to be a part of this movie and appreciate you considering me.

  41. hi my name is Claudia I am an 11 year old girl, I have brunette/brown hair and brown/hazel eyes I would love to be in this show, I don’t know if its too late to submit and I’m really sorry if this message is already tardy. I ‘m a singer,dancer and gymnast and I would really appreciate if you could contact me and let me know if could still audition . Thank you very much

    ~best regards

  42. I would love to be considered for the show because it has an interesting back round as well as plot. i can portray a lot of different types of people and personalities

  43. My name is Tim Oxenford and I live in Australia. Im in grade 8 and am 13 years old. I received an A in Drama and have featured in a school play. Ive always wanted to be in a movie, as a a leading role or even an extra. I’m 5’10 and around 70 kilograms. Im a A student and am very good and memorizing lines and spontaneous work.
    I hope to hear form you. I have light brown hair and Blue eyes. Im applying for the older brother

    Thanks in advanced

  44. my name is yael.
    i am a girl.
    i have brown wavy hair,light green eyes, i am 1m 68cm.
    i am 14 years old (almost 15)
    i have been acting in past in acting schools.
    i would love to be part of this movie

  45. Mine name is Maria Fernanda I live in Brasil but I have already live in 5 countries I love acting and singing since I’m a little girl. It will be anonce in aa life time opportunity and I wish that I can make. Age:11 birth 13/05/03
    Hair: black
    Brown eyes
    Height: 1,58
    I love all Disney channel films and tv shows

  46. I have a 5yr that Love to dance (Ballet, Tap and Hiphop). She is a real character and very good at acting out different parts in a movie. Very dramatic and can cry on Que.We would be honored just to be considered for an opportunity as great as this one or any Disney Production. Thanks Mom

  47. My name is Kayli. I have light brown hair, hazel eyes, and I am 5 feet tall. I am 9 years old, and I have a great memory. I’d love to act in this and it would be amazing to receive this. I was chosen for Inter-El choir (best singers in the town). I love to sing and act, and I think that this would be a great opportunity for me. Thank you.

    • I know i just posted but I forgot about LILAC that was in the description. I have all of those things, so I would be great for the part.

  48. First i live to sing and act.i love movies .and would be honored to work with all the great actor’s coming out it let it snow..☺

  49. Hello my name is Kira i have always wanted a acting career and im 15 long dirty brown hair and i have hazel green eyes im 5’3 please contact me on my email…

  50. Hello, my name is Lauren and I am very interested in possibly being a part of this film.
    My information:
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14, but I can play a younger girl
    Ethnicity: half Caucasian, half Hispanic
    Hair color: medium to dark brown
    Eye color: brown
    Height: 5’3
    Body type: Fit

    • I have brown hair blue eyes and I love to sing and dance and put on little shows for my mom and dad

  51. hi im clarise i have brown/black hair and brown eyes i am a very good actor i have been chosen for ipop in the past i have been asked to model for target and i have been in most of my school plays i have done a few commercials i have also been cast as an extra in the asutralian tv show h20 just add water that filmed right here in seaworl which is about 15 min away form me i have started acting since i was young and it just stuck with me when I’m older i would like to become and actress that is my dream and amanda seyfried is one of my role models but the only problem is i live in australia and i am 13 yrs old but my families is willing to pay for my coming to los angles and booking an hotel and if all goes well my family and i are willing to move to los angeles if you are willing to over look the fact that I’m 13 please consider me as i will do anything on command even cry if you want to contact me or want more information you can email my mom on or you can direct message or find me on instagram my username is clarise.kyra

    i hope you consider this xxx if you do thnk i have talent and want to meet up with me my mom and i re willing to fly out na done again stay as long as i need to xxxx you have no idea how much i want this is would be a tremendous deal for me and also if needed so you can email me a script and i can perform it by videi and send it to you

  52. hi my name is kyiara this is a little about me
    i am 12 (13 in july!!)
    i am the youngest of four
    i am in drama club got dorthy for the wiz
    i go to gymnastics
    love love singing (pretty good too)
    have a resume from applying to musical art school
    african american girl
    i am 5″3
    short brown black hair(naturally changing)
    Would love to get more experience in the field of acting and singing (if the role requires)

  53. hey I’m liam , I am from ireland and i want to be an actor , im really good and i am moving to holly wood case im amzing

  54. my name is kayleea , I am 13 years old. although I do not have brown hair and brown eyes I have great potential, and love acting. in addition I can also sing, and it would be great for you to consider me. Thanks.

  55. I would love to have an opportunity to participate in this film. I am 18 years old and have a passion for singing and acting. Please contact me, I am very interested my email once again is

  56. Hi, I’m Gavin, a 13 year old boy whose voice hasn’t dropped yet. I am 5’6 and am thin. I love to act and sing. I love to swim, play tennis, and play piano. I would love to be in “Let it Snow” because acting is my passion and I want to pursue my dreams. Have a nice day.

  57. hi im wilbensa guirand i love watching disney channel my favorite show is jessie I’ve act before at my church so i have expearance i search for a lot of websites for act finally please pick me i love being on tv and acting i hope I can meet saki jackson

    • Hello
      My name is Elissa am 11(about to turn 12) and acting has always been a big dream of mine!
      I am learning to play guitar and keyboard and I would LOVE to be in let it snow!
      Please consider me acting is a great passion of mine. Have a great day

    • Hello
      My name is Elissa am 11(about to turn 12) and acting has always been a big dream of mine!
      I am learning to play guitar and keyboard and I would LOVE to be in let it snow!
      Please consider me acting is a great passion of mine. Have a great day

  58. Hi I am kennedy I have a passion for acting and I need to step it up now and so I want to be in a film …… I have blond here and I am 12 have glades and I am des lexis but I can still read hop you like me peeeasss

  59. hi my name is Shane and I meet all the requirements for the role of one of the kids that you need I have blue eyes brown hair and a Caucasian boy and I can sing and dance

  60. Hi I’m Kaylan Dunlea and I’m 11 years old. I have brown hair and brown eyes I should be in this film because I have a dream of acting and I’m very good at it and also very committed to it.I do cheer leading and acting classes at South Shore School of theater I am also in a leadership program called CCI at camp wing I fell I’m the perfect fit for this job thank you

  61. Hi my name is bayleigh i am 15 years young.I love acting and music it has always played a huge role in my life. I am Female (white) i have brown hair and eyes. I am a short girl thats always got in the way but i
    I look past it I am who I am (4″8). I would love to be considered for a part in the movie

  62. Hi. My name is haley, im 11 years old. Ive been in love with acting my whole life its always been my biggest dream to be an actress, and now i think its time for me to acomplish this dream so i can have another . It would be such an oner if you choose me to be in yor movie. Thank you for having me as an option.

  63. i am a 13 year old male, and will soon be turning 14 i live in Australia in NSW i have brown hair and brown eyes i am 166cm talk and am funny, Sharpe to reply and just a genial guy!

  64. hi there. i am 12 yrs old and i love acting. my drama teacher said i am really good and i would love to be in theis movie!
    i can sing too

  65. hi im india I am 11 years old I would like to be in this film because I want to know that I am making people happy and I love acting this will be a great experience for me my hobbies are singing’sports’drawing I really enjoy doing these things in my own time and I think this is a great chance for me

    thanx india

  66. Hello! My name is aubrey hill.i am 12 years old and I am a beginning actress !and I really hope you pick me .thank you have the best day !!

  67. I would adore being apart of this show. I’m 12 years old very mature. Love acting and being apart activities involving acting. I can very high notes and low notes but, I love singing as well. When with my family or a friend or just me I loved romanced movies that were appropriate for kids. If I got a opportunity to be apart of this show I will work hard no matter what and always impress. Always give my everything.

  68. Hi my name is poppy. I have long brown hair and brown eyes. Tanned skin. I am 1m 53cm. I am a quick learner and i love to make new friends and meet new people. I am 11 years old. I am very funny and I have wanted to be an actress for nearly my whole life. I would love to take part in this movie. Thank you for your time.

  69. Name: Nathan Marte “Enoch”
    Dob: July 12,1999 (15)
    Height: 5″9
    Hair color: Dark Brown
    Build: medium
    Weight: 145
    Skin: light brown
    Location: Groveland,Florida

    I am very interested in taking part of this film. I dont have much background in acting but i am willing to do whatever it takes to do so. For head shots and or with any more information needed feel free to email me.
    Thank you

  70. Hi Disney I would love to apply a role for this movie. I’m willing to risk anything to be in a movie. I’ve been wanting to act since I was 3 but I’ve never got a chance. I am Hispanic (mexican) I’m 14 years old going to be 15 in November but that’s nothing near today. I’m 5’6 hair color is dark brown, eye color is brown and my skin color is brown. My hobbies are writing sad quotes, playing the violin, sports and drawing

  71. To be honest, i don’t know what “let it snow” is, but i am interested in auditioning as an actress. I’m a 13 year old girl with light brown hair and dark brown eyes. I am so excited to finally be part in a movie.

  72. I love acting in fiction movies I’m African american 5″9 black hair and I can act and I also can sing and dance and would love to get a roll with you guys

  73. Hi my name is Aleizah Moten i am a girl i live in Tucson AZ i would like to be your lead roll i have black hair brown eyes my skin color is coco brown i am ten years old and want to be an actress and singer i hope you pick me for your role.

  74. Hello, as you may have noticed my name is Owen. I have always been interested in acting and would like to pursue it. Though I’m 17, I look about 15-16. I’m 5’10”, brownish blonde hair with blue eyes. Thank you

  75. Hi I am Grace Hardin and I am 11 years old. I have been in he acting business for 3 years. I have done live theatre and have close friends who have done large tv roles. I think I am good for this movie because I am: well behaved, respectful, and enthusiastic. I have brown/blonde ombre hair, blue/gray eyes, thank you for your time.

  76. I’m 13 years old I have brown hair and brown eyes. I have experience from school plays. I can act dramatic scenes really realistically. I’m kind and get on with people well. I’m really determined about this and I won’t give up on acting. I try my best to learn my lines and I don’t waste time. I’m slim and gave short hair. thanks. Chloexx

  77. Hello! I am a huge fan of Amanda, and I would love to be in this film!
    •13 (14 in March)
    •brown/hair eyes
    Thank you for your consideration!

  78. Hi my name is Poppy,
    I have brown hair and brown eyes i also have tanned skin so i don’t know wether that is a good or bad thing. I’m 11 turning 12 in june. I am 1m 53.
    Thanks for your time.

  79. John Green is my all-time favorite author, and let it snow is one of my favorite books of his. it would honestly be a dream come true to be in a movie based on one of his books.

  80. Hi I am Zoe I have brown hair brown eyes . I have been in a few of my schools plays and I sing in my schools choir .I would love to get a chance to audition for this acting job .

  81. Hey My name is Liberty Brock and I would love to be able to have the chance to be on “Let it Snow”. If you could please email me or get a hold of me that would be really nice. I am so excited to get my acting carrer started up.Also thank you for reading and giving me your time.

    • 5″4′
    • brown and blonde ombré hair
    • blue, green, and gray eyes

  82. To begin with, I should be considered for Let it Snow because I love the novel “Let it Snow” and I would like to be in the movie. To add on, if there is any scene where there is a background dancer I would love to do that because dancing is my hobby as well as gymnastics. Furthermore, I have been looking for something to act for and I think this movie would be the perfect role for me because I love romantic comedies. Finally, if I were to be chosen for a role in let is snow it would mean life to me.

    • I Tamika Webb the mother of the child listed above and my phone# is 313 918-5779 feel free to call if you need more information

    • I Tamika Webb the mother of the child listed above would like to share how wonderful my son is he’s very witty intelligent and I feel he would be great asset for many of you guys shows for kids he is a fan of nickelodeon

    • Hi I’m Iliana I have blonde hair and hazel eyes, and my friend Gabi has brown hair and brown eyes I think we’d be perfect for this film we’ve shared many laughs and if you cast us we could share a dream

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