Casting Teens and Adults in MTV’s “Reinvented”


Casting calls are open for MTV’s new reality show called Reinvented. All those young adults above the age of 16 and not more than 28, who are looking to undergo some major transformations, are invited to apply.


MTV will soon be filming a new reality TV show called “Reinvented” to help real people with real problems that have been stopping them from achieving what they desire. Before applying for the role, all candidates must ponder over this one question: Do they need to be “Reinvented” in some way?

Was your reputation once tarnished? Are there too many obstacles between you and your dreams? Do you wish to transform your body, soul and life? This show is for all those who are looking for an opportunity to change their near future experiences; like starting a new job, moving to another state, graduation, becoming a parent, getting divorced etc. If you wish to undergo a major transformation but don’t know how, this reality show will help you find your way.


Reinvented is a show that is looking for teens and adults 16 to 28, dreaming for a chance to start over and reinvent themselves. Only participants are encouraged to apply prepared to undergo some major life changing changes that will surely change their lives for the better. It is a brilliant chance for those who are journeying towards a milestone in their lives but are unhappy with the way they look and wish to be transformed into someone they have always dreamed of or aspired to be! Reinvented will give you that chance to give your destiny a little makeover.


If you wish to physically, mentally or emotionally reinvent yourself, this is your chance! If you have always been fond of MTV’s reality TV shows like “True Life” or “Made”, you are going to become a part of something grander in Reinvented. Reinvent will help you carve your own destiny, change the nearby future and may even save you from ruining your life and career with excellent coaching from counselors, personal trainers, makeup artist, stylists or surgeons.


  1. Candidates must make sure that the following details have been incorporated in the email:

  • Name

  • contact information

  • few recent photographs of your self

  • Reason why and how you wish to be reinvented.

  • Entries from the people aged 16-28 years of age will be considered eligible.

  • Candidates applying for the role in the reality show must be US citizens.

  • Reinvention may also include major makeovers like cosmetic surgery, life coaching, personal training and overall body makeover.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.

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