“Back to Sixteen” Casting Lead and Supporting Roles



If you have ever aspired working in a film, solely for the purpose of showcasing your talent, then this is your chance! Are you a natural actor? Are you confident and bold to perform in front of a large audience?

A company by the name of USC (a directing workshop) is looking to cats lead actors for a movie titled: Back to Sixteen. Directed by Kiki Li, the movie revolves around the life of women in her thirties. As Mel grows older, she realizes that she is interested in girls rather than boys. At the age of sixteen she loses her virginity to her high school lover, but only to realize that she has been struggling with her inner conscientiousness since then. She lives in the small town of Michigan where it’s difficult to keep secrets.

Details about the role

Lead: Mel

Auditions are open to females, aged 30 to 35 years. Mel is in her mid thirties and enjoys the companionship of women. As the movie progresses, Mel gets into a physical relationship with another women, and is soon caught by her mother to whom she confesses.

To apply for this role, you need to be of Caucasian ethnic background. If you think you can be Mel, apply with your head shot and photos.

Lead: Mike

Auditions are open to males, aged between 18 to 20 years. Mike is a naïve young boy who is completely off track when it comes to pleasing girls. However, he is confident of his appearance and believes that it’s easy for him to woo girls. He even tries out for Mel but soon realizes her reality.

To apply for Mike, you need to be confident enough with your body and be able to appear for nude scenes. If you are not comfortable in showing your body, please do not apply. People with a Caucasian ethnic background are welcomed to apply for this role. Send in your headshot photos to apply for the role.

Supporting: Josephine

Auditions are open to females, aged between 35 to 46 years. She is mother to Mel with a liberal personality in the small town of Michigan. She is an activist for gay rights but is highly disappointment to find her daughter is not straight.

To apply for this role, you need to come from a Caucasian ethnic background. Send in your headshot and photos to be considered.

Other details:

  • All roles are UNPAID. Free meals will be provided
  • All actors will be provided with credits
  • The casting department is seeking talent from CA.

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  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.