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The Cartoon Network is casting teens who are good with art, science, engineering, cars, etc., and who can DESIGN and BUILD things to compete for cash and various prizes!

Eight young adults (15-18 yrs. old, or young-looking 19) with various interests including science, engineering, car design, art. Full-throttle competition reality show. Self-contained half-hours. Two teams of young people compete to destroy and build elaborate structures from demolished wreckage. Then audience votes on which structure is the best. The winning team gets cash and prizes the losing teams structure get blown to smithereens. This is a great opportunity for any kid that has creativity and talent to build and create structures out of parts.

Shoot will be in the Los Angeles area, but the castings will take place across the United States. If this is something you’re interested in being involved in let us know by posting your thoughts in the comment bar below. We hope we’re helping you find the kind of jobs you are looking for in the entertainment industry.This is a great opportunity for any kid that likes to build things out of toys. Please keep checking back for more information.

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  1. Hello!! Of course i am interested, greek and 17 years old. I live in sweden and i still watch cartoons in the morning while eating cheerios. I know i am too old of a soul, but spare your kindness upon us the almost adults… we dont have many years until we have to officially watch the news in the morning.
    love and prosperity, Alkmini

  2. Hi I’m charlie,I’m 14 and I’m very interested in a job I love the amazing world of gumball a lot I actually have his clothes and i have shoes to match sorry I’m pushy. I love voice acting I’d love to be part of cartoon network you guys are awesome keep up the good work but let me know if I can thx

  3. Hi I’m charlie,I’m 14 and I’m very interested in a job I love the amazing world of gumball a lot I actually have his clothes and i have shoes to match sorry I’m pushy. I love voice acting I’d love to be part of cartoon network you guys are awesome keep up the good work but let me know

  4. I am 16 years old , from Eastern Texas . Im in the 11th grade. I love to build things models, forts, outdoor things, work on cars etc. Growing up always wanted to be on TV cartoon Network sounds like a great opportunity! I can build things out of Legos, wood, clay, metal…. I believe that my skill set could be used
    My desire later on in life is to be an engineeer (build/destroy)

  5. my name is mohamed and im not really the public information type, so please contact me by email and i will give away my information to this casting crew by email.

  6. Hi, my name is Dominick Brown I am 17 years of age and I have worked in other films and and I have great references . I will be able to bring a lot of comedy to the show as well as I have great social skills. I also can bring a wide variety of new audience to view your show Destroy , Build Destroy. Thank you very much for your time, I look forward to hearing from you, Eat chicken wings always and your red beans and rice.

    Dominick Brown

  7. My name is timothy im 17 im hard working great at planning and building and also a fan of the show destroy build destroy im competitive and also willin to get down and dirty

  8. hi im autumn im 16 i love working on cars or anything i can get my hands on i know im a girl but i can beat anybody this would be a awesome experience for me to show how i love to get my hands dirty and show what i could do so LETS GO DESTROY BUILD DESTROY

  9. Hey I’m Justin cabana and I’m 15 years old and live in naugatuck Connecticut I am a genius when it comes to science and I am very creative when it comes to art so please choose my for your show because I know I can win and if I’m chosen I’m all in because I’m in it to win it

  10. i am willing to be on this show please contact me im am 17 years old and have great art skills and love to us my imagination

  11. Hi, I am kiki. if this is the same show that was on cartoon network as before then sign me up. I am 16 and right now in in a cosmetology program in school. I am an artist all the way. writing, acting, drawling and all that is what I truly adore. I also am a huge science nerd, it’s my second love.I Remember watching the show when it first cam on with my siblings and we all talked about what it would be like if we got on the show. I am wild, crazy, and weird so I can come up with out side the box ideas for problem solving> I would love being on the show.

  12. Hello my name is Daniel. I am 13 years old. I am currently in 7th grade with a 9th grade reading and math level. I enjoy working with my hands building several types of things. I enjoy video games. I have a wonderful sense of humor. I have several different talents and that is way I believe I am your wonderful choice for the show.

  13. I am very interested in being apart of the show. I am 14 but I look about 15 or 16. Please email me if interested. Thank you for your time.

  14. Hi I’m Braden I would like to be on cartoon network for the show destroy, build, destroy. I’ve been recruited to engineering and technology programs from Georgia Tech, University of California, and University of Boston. I’m 15 and African American. I’m 5’8 and 145 pounds ,and I’ve been in many plays and had some experience acting. Please consider putting me on the show

  15. I’d loved to engage in a voice audition by virtue of my different voices such as augie daddy,monster like voice, puppy’s barking voice, piglette, cat, scrappy doo, scooby doo and most especially DONALD DUCK’ S VOICE……etc…….You can reach me withis contact no. 09263961738. Thank you and God Bless………

  16. I think I should be chosen because I have a specific set of skills. The kind of skills that make me a very acceptable person for the part. My goal is to be in the movie industry. I’ve attended and won film competitions. Including SKILLS USA regional, and 3rd place in staten both for film competitions.
    I’ve worked as assistant camera man, and technical Coordinator on small Films during high school.
    College is alot of money. And crippling debt isn’t in my plans. But, I don’t think I deserve anything. I’ve only worked hard and hope someday it will pay off. And I can get where I feel comfortable.

  17. Hi muy name is maycol arauz i have 17 age plis contacto me email plis i speak spanish

  18. Ok this has been a dream of mine to be on a tv show or to meet actors and actress’s but I live in Corpus Christi Texas and will love to be on your show or on any show on Disney,Cartoon Network , or Nickelodeon

  19. Dear ANDREW W.K,
    Hello my name is Autumn and I am 11. I live in a small town in Colorado.My family has Netflix and I watch Destroy Build Destroy. I love it when you let the kids choose how they want to destroy the vehicle. I love the set back challenges that you do. I love to build things. Please cantact my family. I really want to be on the show.

  20. Hello. My name is Kerri Wells, 18 from Frederick, MD. I am very interested in this opportunity. Please contact me. 240-3574713

  21. I have always wanted to be on this show bevause it seems really fun to try on tv and because it is a battle of strenght and your brain , i think this game is really fun and i would like to be apart of it.

  22. Hi, I’m James and I’m
    15 years old
    Really good at building things, very athletic, and really creative
    Looking to start my acting career

  23. Hi! My Name is Charles I Love To Act. IM 16 years old 5’9 Native American, African American and Irish. I did school plays I loved them. I believe that’s was my motivation. If I get this role It will make me a better actor and help me to my journey of my long career.

  24. Hi there! My name is Jamie and i am 14. (almost 15 December 9th) I have always loved building things and i am very creative. When I was a Kid i always loved building things with my Pop-Pop in his garage. We worked on cars and all kinds of things! I have always had a very creative mind and if I got to be on the show i could finally put my mind to work and action and show everyone that this tom-boy girl can do because i have never been scared of getting down and dirty! PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOUR INTERESTED!!! I wouldnt give this up for the world. I am from Clayton,Delaware. I go to Smyrna High School! GO SMYRNA EAGLES!

  25. Hey guys, I’m Quattro Daly, 14. Let me just say I have experience with building/creating things, and I am highly trained on destruction! I skateboard, play electric guitar, ukulele, unicycle, and I can make a working crossbow out of some pencils, a pen, some rubber bands and tape. I have experience with acting, too. I would highly appreciate it if you guys write me back and/or choose me for this role! Check out the link, too.

  26. Hi I’m Kallista, I’m 5’7 14 (A.D.H.D Bipolar feel like you needed know) I have dark brown hair that appears light brown but right now it is bleached blond I have Hazel eyes 135 pounds Caucasian

    I’m really trying to find a acting audition cause I have been all over the internet looking for ones because I wonna be a actress when I’m older and wonna get ahead now
    thank u for your time

  27. I love the show Destroy, Build, Destory. I would love to be in the show Im 5’2 (short obviously), short brown hair, athletic, artistic, friendly, funny, good a puzzles and energitic. Im currently 17 years old but i look younger (15 or 16), i weigh 147. I love Cartoon network and everything it stands for, I loved almost every show that you can possibly think of. It would be an honor and a amazing oppertunity to be on that show. If your intrested contact me whenever the oppertunity is possible.
    Thank you so much,
    Shalom L.

  28. Im harrison im 11 and about to be 12 I’ve been watching your shows since I was little I saw how awesome it looked and immediately wanted to be on the show I’m good with making up ideas and building, too. If you can find a spot in one of your shows that I could be on I would be honored to take the spot. Hope to see you on your show some time soon.

  29. Hi I’m a 17 year old male teen from LA I’ve been making things since a very young age making model cars from wood, making a whole bunch of art, and plus right now I’m in a technical high school, and just to throw it out there I look like a freshmen , though I’m currently a senior. Feel free to contact me I have no problem working in front of a camera. Thank You.

  30. My 6 yr. old boy loves this show and would love to participate.
    He has a lot of charisma really talented good looking boy, great smile , great personality and sense of humor.

    Raised: Hispanic
    Language: English and Spanish
    Born: West Covian , Cal.

  31. Hey!

    I would be perfect for Destroy, Build, Destroy! I love cars, I’ve worked on them , and I’m very enthusiastic!
    I know I would be ideal for this awesome show!

  32. I am kate Kaminski I am willing to do anything for a acting and modeling experience I live in llinois and i have acting experience for many plays. I love comedy acting or serious acting I am gonna do whatever it take I am going to be an actress I am a once in a lifetime chance. I am 10 years old I am going to turn 11 on October 7 2003 think about me being on a tv show cause I am once in a lifetime

  33. I would love to participate in this show I watch it all the time and couldn’t even imagine how much fun it would be to actually be on the show it would truly be a blessing to have a chance to make it on the show and do something positive with my life I’m 18 and ready to have fun

  34. My name is Assata, I am 16 years old and I been wanting to act ever since I was a little girl. I’ve done plays before and I know how to work good with other. I’m not a shy person when it’s a crowd. I like to work with my hands so that makes me a hands on type of person. I know that if I can get an audition I would make it worth your time, I would put in all I got. I know I would be good to have a main role on this show.

    I’m a very huge fan. I love Cartoon Network.
    I never miss Destroy-Build-Destroy. I literally have to watch it.
    I hope I can get the opportunity to be in this.

  36. first off I gotta say that Cartoon Network has been my life since I was a child so I love thatand now that I’ve become older now wanted to try to become like a contestant on one of the shows are the boys over or something like that so here I am trying to contact you all anyway my name is spencer howard I’m 19 I look about 16 or 17 I’m about 5’9 150 pounds and super smart

  37. Hey guys, I’m kyle I’m currently at the age of 17 just turned 17 back in Dec. 16th. I would love to be on destroy-build-destroy. I’m an outgoing person who’s unique and love to be me. I feel like I would be great for this part and was hoping it would kick off my career of getting somewhere. If you feel interested just contact me, Thanks!

  38. Hey Everyone, what’s up?!
    My name is Michael Milne, and I am 18yrs old.
    I have blue eyes, light brown hair, I’m 6’4, and I’m very athletic.
    I’ve always been a fan of voice acting and acting in general. I’ve performed in my school plays and a variety of other minor roles. I have a hard work ethic, I get along with everyone, I’m friendly, smart and have a good voice! If you’d give me the chance, I won’t let you down. You see, I can’t prove anything if I don’t have a way too. This is my way. I believe it’s my time. I just need a chance, and if you give me the shot, it’ll be the best decision you ever made!
    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Michael M.

  39. I’m 18 and this sounds like an awesome opportunity. I’m mostly into anything to do with art and building things so i’de be perfect for destroy build destroy. It’d be sweet to build stuff and destroy things for competition. Also I have a bit of experience with filming.

  40. I would love to participate in a great opportunity like this I watch the show and I love it and would love to be on the show and get to design with a team to beat the opposite team I am 18 years old

  41. Hi there Andrew W.K. I am a 12 year old almost 13 and I am good with engineering cars, science, math, and anything that involves building and problem solving. Also I don’t try to take over unless everyone else wants to and I always listen to others. I like strategy, hard-thinking, and creating things. My mom is asking where does this take place? If I get picked I will see you soon. Destroy! Build!! Destroy!!! I have good communication skills. And never give up even if the is almost no hope

  42. Hi there Andrew W.K. I am a 12 year old almost 13 and I am good with engineering cars, science, math, and anything that involves building and problem solving. Also I don’t try to take over unless everyone else wants to and I always listen to others. I like strategy, hard-thinking, and creating things. My mom is asking where does this take place? If I get picked I will see you soon. Destroy! Build!! Destroy!!!

    • that is amazing I wish that I can do all that stuff but I really cant so are u thinking about going to collage for that kind of talent. I hope u do cuss u can have a future here.

  43. hi i’m 14 yrs old my DOB is jan 27 99 i love to sing act and dance i love to entertain people and i’m kinda funny and yes i have been in productions before so i’m used to performing in front of people i’m very discipline and hardworking and i’m very easy to get alone with and i live det mi but am willing to go any where for shooting also i speak very well and ready to work u can contact me at 313-957-8792 or email hope to be in touch.

  44. Hiya! My name is Joshua i am 15 years old. My birthdate is Jan. 14, 1998. I am interested in being a contestant on your show. It seems like a lot of fun. Sadly, I have no type of constructive background whatsoever, but I am very destructive >:3! I would love it if i could be apart of the show contact me if possible.

  45. hello evry one my name is gerson danny martinez but evey one calls me danny
    i am 17 years old
    my birth day is may 15
    originali from mexico now live in CA
    i can speak 4 languages ( english, spanish, french, portuguese ) ( cerently learning italian )
    i am interested in this because i like to build thins i curently go to and arts school hear in CA @the school of arts and enterprice so yea i build lots of things :D

  46. Name : Jason Escoto
    Gender : Male
    Age : 14
    Hair : Black
    Eyes : Dark Brown
    Height : 5’4
    Sports & Hobbies:
    Boxing,Soccer,Swimming,Rollerblading,Skateboarding,Biking,Track,Video Games,Drawing,Exercise,Football,Basketball,Reading, Magic Trick,Beatboxing

    Hi My Name Is Jason Im 14 Years Old I Would Love To Have A Opportunity In The Up Coming Shows I Always Wanted To Be And Actor If You Guys Give Me An Opportunity You Guys Wont Be Disappointed I’m available whenever if you can just send me an e-mail.
    Thank you for your time.
    My Email :

  47. Hello my name is Breon I’m 15.I always wanted to be in a cartoon network show.I think it would be really cool to see me in the new generation of the cartoon network.I only had one expierence of acting but I’m really good at it.

  48. I’m eight years old and I live in Seattle, WA. I first want to know if you are making new episodes of Destroy Build Destroy because it’s my favorite show. I think it would be neat to see an episode with a baseball batting machine in the competition. I hope you are making new episodes for me and my brother to watch. We really love the show….

  49. For the first few years of Cartoon Network’s existence, programming meant for Cartoon Network would also be simulcast on TBS and/or TNT in order to increase the shows’ (and Cartoon Network’s) exposure; examples include The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, Cartoon Planet, and 2 Stupid Dogs.:

    Latest content coming from our own homepage

  50. Hi im Destiny. I’m 14 years old. I think it would be awesome to do some challenges, get creative and get competitive.

  51. Hi! My name is Jerusha. I’m 20 years old, and I’m from Chicago Even though I’m 20, I always get comments about how young I look! I have an extremely outgoing personality, and I believe that I would fit into this environment very well. I have always been interested in art. It’s actually my current major in college. If you consider me for this role, I promise that you will not be disappointed. Thank you for this opportunity!

    • HI IM 11 im not 15 and older but when theres a chance me and my brother would like to try he’s 13 he’s a teen. Please reply back we are very interested and we are good at engineering we can plan something out so plz reply.

  52. I’m up for the challenge of building something AWESOME. I’m Captain Charisma, i add the hype to the show of Destroy Build Destroy!


  53. Hi! My name is stephen herron I’m 19 a magician and I pride myself on my outgoing personality and my creativity! I’ve always wanted to be a character on a tv show and this could help me on my journey!

  54. Hello, yes I am interested in this opportunity. I can play the trumpet and I had a solo once. I am a juggler. I’m a caring young lady. I love to learn how to do new things. I am a determined person. I’m an artist, and I love to solve the rubik’s cube. I’m in the process of learning guitar, how to diabolo, card flourishing, and how to use devil sticks. I also can do some magic tricks. I’ve always been that person who loved to get up in front of people. I love to try new things so much I just went sky diving the other day. I was even on a game show. I didn’t win but it was so much fun and a great experience. Acting is a way you can express yourself and have fun with it. That’s what I love to do. This would be a wonderful opportunity. I have unique talents, that do interest people, because not many people do them. I try my best at everything, and if you contacted me I promise you wont be disappointed. If you are interested I can send pictures of my art work. Some of my pieces were even in the art show. Thanks for this chance =D

  55. We LOVE this show and are pretty darn creative. We are sooo up for adventure and fun. Being on this show would be a dream come true!! By the way, we are 17. Contact us please.

  56. My name is Ofelia Romero and i’m 17 years old. I would love to have a chance to be a part of this Game show. I am a very artistic person and believe I have a great personality. Please consider me for this job. It is out of my hands now! Thank you!

  57. Hello, my name is Jatore Price. I am from Atlanta, GA. I am 15 years old and I am very interesting in being on the show. This will be a new experience for me and I Will love to try it. My best subjects in school are biology,math, and literature. I am hoping that you contact me. I would love to be one the show. Thanks for your time. Have a nice day.

  58. Here goes nothing… I’m aware that I am in the midst of competing with virtually every person that says they want to be an actor. First of all my name is Roger Padiernos, I was born on October 11, 1995 and live in San Diego, California. I’ve taken Theater/Drama at my local highschool and, of course, come to the conclusion that I’d like to set up a career in acting. I’m not afraid to be the center of attention, and leave a lasting impression with anyone and everyone I come in contact with. Like everyone else says, I’m looking for that one chance.

  59. My daughter is 17 years old but looks younger she is Hispanic but looks from different enthic groups. She is very talented she can speaks three languages, can sing, dance, act, can do cartoon voices, voice overs, she can paint and draw so she can be a part of your show. Every audition she attends they say she is very good but we have not had work yet we are waiting for our big break. Thank you for your time you can view some videos on you tube by the name of Deidra Christine for on my facebook my the name of Diane Hernandez.

  60. Hi, my name is Lilly, and i am 15 years old.I would absolutely love to be on this show! Please contact me:) i am very enthusiastic, in shape, and love competition!

  61. HEY! My name is Kevin Bharose, I was born and raised in Queens, New York. I am very creative and love science. All i watch is discovery and national geographic lmao, but don’t take me for a nerd. I love to party and have a good time, I build cars do electrical and construction work also so I’m all ready good at destroying things. Please choose me I am Indian, but I was born here and very modern. I guarantee this would INCREASE YOUR VIEWERS dramatically because there are lots of Indians in the US and I bet anyone of them flipping through the channels would want to watch me. Not to mention every other race.. I could all ready picture them saying.. ” Hey, look its Kumar blowing something up!.. Nothing new there . ” LOL

    Thanks for reading, god bless.

  62. Hi! My name is Jon and I am extremely interested in being cast for your upcoming show “Destroy, Build, Destroy”. I have a strong passion for acting, with a fair amount of experience. However,the main reason I would love to be accepted for an audition is my interest in engineering. I love engineering and am working towards becoming and Environmental Engineer and hopefully studying at Stanford for my Masters degree. I am a harding working person, am great to work with, and I am fun to be around. I never quite on anything, I only work through something until it is completed. I know that this show would be a great thing for me because it would furthur my education and experience in the engineering field. I thank you for your time in reading this and would love to be accepted for an audition slot for your show.
    -Jon Downs

  63. im 19. I was chosen before to comefor an interview but my transportation went out. now its up and running!! Im just an interesting indiviual who many say should have his own show. I used to be part of media for my school and many sayd it was only worth watching because of my goofyness.. I cant really convince you through this app but all or nothing!

  64. outgoing,fun and energetic and creative is what i am. Im 19 yrs old but im always getting carded at the movies cuz they think im 15 most of the times lol. Destroy Build Destroy is on of the most creative yet also education shows and i would love to be apart of that awesomeness. I think i could bring a lot to the show with a little bit of girl power too since there really aren’t that many on the show ;D

  65. hello, I used to build Legos. I owned many Lego sets as a child. I can easily take the sets apart and build t˙em again just for fun. I hope to do this on a tv show, especially Cartoon Network. Please consider choosing me for a role in Destroy, Build, Destroy. I promise I will not disappoint you.

  66. Hello, I am 15 years old and i love destruction. Being on this show would be a dream of mines. Although i live in the atlanta area and would probably have a problem going to LA if transportation is not provided.

  67. Hey my name is Crystal! I’m 15! I should be on Destroy Build Destroy because I’m active,competitive,and hard working girl!!! My friends are Priscilla and Jackie! Priscilla is 15 and Jackie is also 15!!! I really want to be on Destroy Build Destroy!! You should pick us!

  68. Hi! My name is Kara. I’m 16 years old. I am intersted in engineering. I have built rockets. I have built boxcars out of scrape metal. I love to work with my hands. I’m smart and have the leadership skills to captain one of the teams on Destroy, Build, Destroy. I know that that is probably asking a lot so I’ll take what I can get. I’d really apreaciate the opportunity! I’m enthusiastic about this show! I would love to be on it! I can’t wait to hear back from you good or bad news. Thanks!

  69. Well first off I’m Wynter. Yeah I know, cool name. I’m cool, charismatic, and I love to build things!!!!! I’m cool really not that good at it, but I’m a true visionary. I know how thing should be built…. in my head!! And as for the destroy part, well I have a lot of experience with that! I destroy things all the time, usually by accident!! I can only imagine how fun it would be to do it on purpose!!!!

  70. Hi Im Schaeffer Schoppaul! I am 15 years old, I will be 16 in October. I think I would be a great asset to this show because I have a new face, and a memorable name. I am very at good at competitions, I have been doing sports my whole life, I ave done competitive dance too. I have been dancing for 13 years, and i have been on both a hip-hop and tap dance performing company. I am 5.6′, have brown hair thats naturally curly. My hair is at my shoulders and I straighten it a lot. I have light brown eyes, and a great smile considering I just got my braces off a few months ago! (: I would really love to hear from you so set up an interview or even do an audition for you through my youtube account. My channel is TheSchaeffer10 if you would like to check it out. I also have done modeling classes at Kim Dawsons acting and modeling agency. Please call me or email me and I will send a full resume with more different pictures of me! Thanks so much!

  71. Hi
    I am interested in this show cause. I always watched the and think about how amazing it would be to actually be on the show and experience the thrill and the craftsmanship and I play football so I know how to work with a team so if a got this chance it would be the best time of my life

  72. Hey! Im 14, sorry I’m young, but I was asked if I was a senior in high school the other day so I look older, and I LOVE building/ designing things. I am in Robotics at my school and we had to use only the materials that we got, and build a robot in 1 month, and it had certain tasks that it had to compete. Out of about 20 schools, we placed 4th. I am a very hard worker, and I love creating things and working out problems. I would love to be on the show because its another thing to make! I could care less about being on TV. Im one of those people who don’t keep up with the stars and I would love the chance to work on your show!

  73. I have been doing dance for 11 years. I have done ballet, jazz, lyrical, and tap. I have been doing hip-hop dancing for 7 years. I have also been on a performing hip hop company. I went to the Kim Dawson school of acting for classes. I did an opening tap number at the beginning of the musical Wicked. I Love to sing and act, it is truly my passion. I am 5.6, I have brown hair to my shoulders that’s naturally curly but i wear it straight too. My eyes are brown,and I no longer have braces. I am very athletic and I have been in many choirs. I can also sing but my dancing and acting skills are way better. I am a cheerleader; I play volleyball, basketball, soccer, and track. I would love to have this opportunity. Please e-mail me.(: I am available anytime for auditions. Im 15 years old and I would love to send in my video of me dancing for you to take a look. I am willing to dye my hair any color or do whatever if needed.

  74. heeey, im alexis and im 16, and id love to be apart of this filming experience, i think it would be fun to try something new like this. i know id have the ability to do the things the show requires, also ive been trying to get into acting or modeling for a while now, and im just looking for my big break!

  75. I would be perfect for this show because I love building and of course destroying things and im a good engineer. I am 14 and love to act, u would love me on ur show.

  76. you dont see many girls on this show. and i actuaally like to be in this show! Im 14. err. yeah i know. not what your looking for. but ive seen 13 year olds on this showww. and yeaaah. but im energetic, crazy, wild, outgoing, and fun to be with! Id love for you to consider me and help me get the amazing experience i wouldnt have ever gotten without yall.

  77. Ever since I was a little girl, acting has been my dream. It’s a passion and I will always strive for the best. I am a young teenager with many goals. My friend told me that being an actress is never going to come true for me, and I was sad at first, but then I realized that I should never give up and I shouldn’t believe what other people tell me. If I believe in myself, that’s all what counts. Acting is something I really want, words can not describe! I would give up anything for it! I really want a chance to star in this role. It would mean the world to me. I would love a chance. Ever since I was a little girl, I would always walk around my house with my scarf and act and dance. I’ve been on television once in front of thousands of people as a dancer. I love acting so much, its a passion and dream that I would never give up and I hope my dream comes true. I really would love to be in this show! I love acting so much beach it helps express myself and its something I’ve always wanted. It gives me self-confidence! I have a very strong, leader personality and I’m an aspiring actress! I would love the opportunity to be in this film! I am a fun, outgoing teenager, and I will work very hard! I’ve been in many school plays! Acting is my desire, hope, dream, and something i love! So please give me a chance! Thank you so much for your cooperation! :)

  78. hi, im a 16 year old girl who would love to be on destroy build destroy because i want to experince something out of the regular. Im very easy going love to play sport and i might have the brains to build something. I would love to be part of this show!!

  79. Hi, my name is Ryan and I’m a fun, outgoing, sarcastic 16 year old. I have always dreamed of being an actor, and this t.v. show seems perfect for me! I love making, and buliding things, and Science is one of my favorite subjects. I have always wanted to be on any t.v. show and I love watching Destroy Build Destroy. I always wondered what it would be like to be on the show and now I can actually be on it. This is my lifelong dream and I would be honered if you even considerd me. I’m a dedicated, focused worker and you’ll be proud if you hire me!

  80. Hey I’m interested in this show because I love to build things but I also love art and drawing and all that stuff! I’m wiling to work hard and make the set wrecked sculpture out tree! So consiser me for this show! Thank you!

  81. HEY! im a very hard working strong creative and fun i can design things and build im nifty with tools im 11 years old and i have been watching this show for a verry long time and i love Things that explode!

  82. I am so perfect for this show! I love building things with my hands and blowing them up. I also love traveling, skateboarding, drawing, and anything technology related. I would love it if i got the chance to be on this show because it is about many things i enjoy doing.

  83. Building things or putting them together is a craving that I cant get away from. I have experience with the autocad and solidwork programs. I am highly interested in Destroy, Build, and Destroy because i know its going to be competitive and thats what im looking for something thats going to challenge me mentally. Bring it on!!!!


  85. Hello..I was once called to come down for an audition/interview but there was an inccident with transportation which messed things all up..I’ve been on nickalodeon as an extra when david archuletta was performing his single..i make music. Treated disrespectfully by music labels and i plan on just being a popular name…I dont plan on doing anything els that isnt entertainment involved..

  86. I sing and act I love acting though! And consider myself pretty good, actually really good! I’m very athletic. and full of energy! So pick meee

  87. Yo, I’m Jeanette. I’m only 14 but will be 15 in September of this year. I love building and engineering and I love the shows on Cartoon Network! I think being a part of Destroy, Build, Destroy would be an awesome and benificial experience and I really hope you audition me! (:

  88. I would love to be picked for this show, because i love science and building things, and i also like to destroy things! Hope you consider me! Thanks!

  89. The answer to that question is really undefined. There are millions of actors and actresses that will say the same thing I would say over and over and after a while casting directors and others like yourself gets tired of hearing the same thing you’ve heard two minutes ago. I have the skills, I’m outgoing, I’m drama, I’m a all around character most importantly when given the opportunity I can make my actions speak louder than my words. I’m a fresh face seeking a chance to live out my dream as an actor. All I need is the opportunity.

  90. HEY THERE!!
    Most people say that they are outgoing,fun and energetic. Well I’ll tell you what, with me, you never know what your going to get. Kinda like a box of chocolates. haha. Im not the person to brag or beg, BUT, I will say that I can bring a whole lot to the table! For about 15 years now I have been building Hot Rods with my dad, so I guess you could say that I know how to build. Im sort of that girly tom boy, haha. Hey, aint nothing wrong with that!
    On that note, I would love to be considered! Thanks! :)

  91. Hello,
    My name is Angelica Williams, and I am a 19 year old college student. I am African American and Mexican female. I am interested in participating in the series Destroy, Build, Destroy. It would be an amazing experience to become part of the Cartoon Network team.

  92. Hello my name is Linda King and I am a 21yr old African American female actress who has experience with theatre, film, and roles as a extra. Also, I am a college student who is pursuing a B.F.A degree in the performance arts at UT and is currently a sophmore. I know that this would be a great experience to be working with a group of talented writers and directors behind this tv series and a great learning experience as a performer. Thank You and God Bless!

  93. Hey my name is Alex i am 14 yrs old and i love DESTROYING stuff i have watched all of your episodes and it would mean alot to me if you could contact me for the cast.I LOVE CARTOON NETWORK!!!!

  94. i have no experience with acting. i have done short plays for school drama. i am 13 year old african american boy. im trying to find a big break from being a nobody to being a somebody. i’m not sure what you would think of me but say jump and ill say how high.

  95. I was recently casted as an extra in some other new films being shot which is LOL and Detroit187. I have a lot to bring to the table which is high energy, very motivated and very well spoken, a five star personality and attitude, very flexible, outgoing, with leadership skills, as well as being confident in the spotlight.

  96. Hi There.Well, I am 14 years old.Considering me for this movie would be something you will not regert.I’ve got one heck of an outgoing personality.I would love to be casted in Cartoon Network – Destroy, Build, Destroy , I have lots of experience, And i have been on tv before, so i would no what kind of things thats going on. have been in a heap of plays, and have
    taken a lot of drama lessons for a long time. I have been On tv , With shortland street, and the erin simpson show in new zealand.Acting is the one and only thing i want to do for the rest off my life.At High school and primary school, Id always been interested in acting for anything.And got the to main parts for some plays.My friends always love my acting, and always tell me to reach for my dream.
    So here is a video of how i got to be on in, It is my audition tape:)
    The shows i have been in is:
    ‘The Erin Simpson Show’ TV2
    ‘Studio 2’ TV2 (Few Mins)
    ‘Performance Via Stage And In Schools
    ‘Shortland Street(A Foot Patient)Scene With Maxwell
    (All In New Zealand)
    Acting is the one and only thing i want to do for the rest of my life.Its like something that will be stuck with me forever.I really just love acting so much.It’s really what i would do forever.
    I Have also been in magazines like:
    ‘Creme:Eclipse Premiere
    ‘Sunday Magazine
    Please consider me for a part, It would mean alot, and i would make you a happy and greatfull company :)

  97. Hey, please keep me posted on everything. I will commit to attending each and every one.

    Thank you dearly!

  98. hello, i am Rachelle and i am 15, i might be interested in the show “Destroy Build Destroy” please contact me

    • will love to be on your show
      very good with tools please help my
      dreams of being an successful actor
      come true

    • hey i am Carson Cowan i am 12 almost 13 years old i live in Edinburgh Indiana. I love the show and would love to be on it i am good at desgin.

      • hey i am Carson Cowan i am 12 almost 13 years old i live in Edinburgh Indiana. I love the show and would love to be on it i am good at design. My name got auto corrected sorry double comment.

    • Hi I’m very interested to be in the show contact me I’m 10 years old I love building and I love DESTROY!!!!!!!!!! I live in Ohio. I love cartoon network shows and I will be very happy you guys to contact me.

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