“Captive State” Casting Actors in Chicago

John Goodman’s new movie Captive State need extras to play all types of characters.  The upcoming political/science fiction thriller needs people to play sketchy looking politicians and secretaries.  Male and Female actors are encouraged to apply as soon as possibly because filming will begin shortly.  Filming will take place on April 4th in Chicago, Illinois.


The film is about a Chicago neighborhood nearly a decade after it has been occupied by an extraterrestrial force.  The residents have grown used to the daily routines brought on by these extreme circumstances, but some brave individuals refuse to be captive any longer.  The thrilling tale is about survival, instinct, and freedom. The movie is directed and written by Rupert Wyatt and it stars longtime actor John Goodman.

John Goodman is an American actor that has been in the movie industry since 1975.  He is a huge contributor to the Coen brothers appearing in several of their movies.  In total, Goodman has acted in five Coen brothers’ films!  Some of his other notable performances came when he starred in The Babe in 1992 and 10 Cloverfield Lane in 2016. Goodman is a prime example that anyone can make it in the movie industry if they put the time and effort into their natural abilities and have the motivation to be successful.


Where: Chicago, Illinois

When: April 14th, 2018

This is a tremendous opportunity to act in a big budget movie with established actors.  John Goodman has been in the industry since 1983, so working with him will benefit you greatly.  Gaining exposure in the industry will help you establish connections that will open up new doors for you. Apply as soon as possible so that you can take advantage of these open auditions.

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