Auditions Open for “Shrek the Musical” in Suffolk Virginia


This is the casting call for a theatre show based on the Oscar Winning DreamWorks Animation Film called Shrek.

This is a musical version called “Shred the Musical” and revolves around the fairy tale adventure. It will include all of your beloved Shrek characters that you saw in the featured film. The characters will come to life on the stage for a more intimate experience.

Auditions are open for general public but it is great it is important if you already have an appointment.

Casting Calls for Different Roles

The theatre show requires lead roles and various other roles. The breakdown of characters is given below:


This is the title character of the story. The character will play the green-colored, big, and terrifying ogre, who lives on a swamp alone. He begins his journey to free his land of fairytale creatures but falls in love with Fiona. The story of Shrek starts as a grumpy hermit who along the way peels off his character layer by layer and ends up being a hero.

You can apply for this role even if you do not have very large, Shrek-like body. We are looking for someone with large spirit and let us do the rest.


Gender – Male
Age – Teen to Twenties
Vocal Range top – G#4
Vocal Range Bottom – A2


Fiona is the female lead character of the play. She is a beautiful princess who belongs to Far Far Away. Her little secret is that she transforms into an ogre after every sunset. She is rescued by Shrek and falls in love with him. The character is multi-talented, blunt, and quirky. She is much more than just a princess.


Gender – Female
Age – Teen to Twenties
Vocal Range Top – G5
Vocal Range Bottom – F3


This is a character of a talking donkey who stays with Shrek as he makes a run from Faruqaad’s guards. The donkey is very talkative but he is not bothered by the looks of Shrek. In fact, he is very practical and moved by the good graces of the people around him. The donkey is pushy and easily frightened but is very practical and optimistic with heart.


Gender – Male
Age – Teen to adult
Vocal Range Top – B4
Vocal Range Bottom – C3


The play requires a character to play dragon who is responsible to guard princess Fiona while she is isolated in her castle. The dragon falls in love with the Donkey and attempts to keep him in the castle forever. Flirtatious and impossible, but absolutely tired of her baby-sitting job.


Gender – Female
Age – Teem to adult
Vocal Range Top – Eb5
Vocal Range Bottom – F3

Lord Farquaad

He is defined as cruel, lonely, and self-absorbed.


Gender – Male
Age – 30 to 45
Vocal Range Top – D5
Vocal Range Bottom – B2


Gingy is exactly what the name suggests – a gingerbread man! She is adducted by Lord Farquaad. His resolution and wit help him inspire and avoid trouble at the same time. She is good with the fairytale creatures. The actress playing the sugar-plum fairy can operate the puppet.


Gender – Female
Age – Teen to Adult
Vocal Range Top – C#5
Vocal Range Bottom – B3


Pinocchio is the playing the lead of all the fairytale creatures. He is also an animated puppet who keeps on growing his nose whenever he lies. He is a character with plenty of sass with a penchant of lying.


Gender – Male
Age – Teen to Adult
Vocal Range Top – F#4
Vocal Range Bottom – E3

In addition to the roles mentioned above, there are various other roles for this play and would require candidates between the ages of 11 and early 30s. Fairytale/ensemble creatures include: three small pigs, a big wolf, fairy godmother, wicked witch, peter pan, three bears, ugly duckling, elf, humpty-dumpty, mad hatter, dwarf, happy people, blind mice, guards, rats, knights, angry mob, and others.

This is a non-paid gig. Set an appointment before appearing for the audition. Contact Jessica Pinksky – program coordinator – to set up your schedule. Visit

How to Apply

You are to prepare 32 bars of musical theatre song. You can even bring your own if you like. Also bring in your resume, your latest picture (8×10) headshot. The rehearsals will begin October 1 2016 and the performances will ultimately commence from 1st April 2018.

The location for auditions is Suffolk Virgina. Kindly set up your appointment by emailing to

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

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