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Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad- AMC
Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad- AMC

The drama series produced by Vince Gilligan has requested new faces for the hit show Breaking Bad for the recent news that it has been renewed for a fifth and final season, that will consist of 16 new episodes, possibly split into 2 seasons. The show has received widespread critical acclaim, particularly for the level of talent and amazing job writing, cinematography and for the performances given by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.The term breaking bad supposedly comes from a southern term meaning when a person turns off the path of the straight and narrow. Writer and creator Vince Gilligan just defines the term as “raising hell”. Regardless of which you go by, there is no denying that Breaking Bad is one of the most critically acclaimed shows on TV today and has received numerous awards and nominations including winning the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series 3 years in a row!

  • For the most part extras are needed for the show and some photo doubles as well.
  • Most roles will be one time parts in the show.
  • Casting directors are looking for people to play “regular’s” in the city and more populated shots of the show.
  • No past work experience needed to apply, please include a recent photo with your submission.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg.


  1. English/Scottish/Korean/Hawaiian
    Height: 5’10
    Age: 24
    Weight: 125lbs
    Bust: 34C
    Waist: 25
    Hips: 35
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Hazel

    Ethnically ambiguous. Can deliver as a saint or a sinner; “glam VS model” look or “girl next door” look.
    Good work ethic. Reliable. Dependable. Easy to direct and lead.

    References, reel and resume available upon request.

  2. I’m really interested in being an extra for the show. I have some acting experience nothing huge but I feel confident that O could do a fantastic job. I’m 16, I have blond hair blue eyes, I’m 5’2″ and weigh approximately 95 pounds.

  3. Hi, I’m Dian. I’m originally from South-east Asia; Indonesia. I’m 30 years old but many people her said that I look like mid 20s haha. 5’2 tall and 123 lbs. Anyway, I’m looking for casting opportunity for me and my almost-3-year-old son (Indonesian-American). I can play drums and I know basic Spanish and Italian. I love music, so does my son.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you.

  4. Hi I am a Caucasian female, 5’2 around 114 pounds. I can do little miss innocent or I can be a bitch from hell. Whatever the look is for some reason people say I can pull off either or. I do my hair in Mohawks as well as Marilyn Monroe curls. I went
    To Atlanta recently
    For their international body art
    Competition was a model came out
    On CBS , CNN , and alot of other
    Newsroom . I have done promos for a while now please email me for
    Pics though. Don’t want anyone offended by the Mohawk , bandana around face n flipping
    Off camera

  5. Im Berta, and im 12.My mom loves breaking bad. She would love if I were on the show. Id love for her to see me on the show. Also it would be a great opportunity. Thankyou

  6. Hi, My names Oliver, I live in the UK I’m 6ft and half an inch and I’m 12 stone. I have short brown hair and green eyes. I absolutely love the show! I’m a massive fan! I’m in very good physical condition and I’m in good shape. I can do a quite convincing american accent. I’m very mature,disciplined,hard working,I don’t mind travelling long distances and I don’t get homesick. I hope I get your approval and consideration for an audition, thank you.

  7. Hello, my name is Antranik (Anto) Markarian, age range 25-35.
    I’m born and raised in Los Angeles CA, Armenian, Look a bit Russian. Currently Living in Glendora CA
    Short light brown-blond hair & Changing (Solar) currently forest green eyes.
    Height: 5’11
    Weight: 215 pounds, Rough, Rugged, bulky athletic build, Hairy- easily can grow hair. Hair grows very fast.
    Experience in front of the camera, speaking and non-speaking roles, Worked on True stories of the ER
    Graduated from John Casablancas School for acting and modeling in Beverly Hills CA
    Languages: English, Armenian, Some Arabic, Spanish & Turkish
    Special skills: Fitness, Boxing, Close Quarter Combat,
    Weapons: Knives-Sticks-Sword-Kerambit. Fencing.
    I am reliable, professional and very disciplined and I’d love to do a supporting role for Breaking Bad.
    I’m really looking forward to audition for you in Los Angeles CA.
    Please feel free to contact me.
    Thank you.
    Antranik (Anto) Markarian
    Resume available upon request

  8. (I’m really good with military roles.)

    Hello there, my name is Erick
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Height: 6 Ft″
    Weight: 154 lbs.
    Hair: Brown
    Eye: Brown
    Body Type: Thin (GOOD LOOKING THIN ;) )

    My Facebook:

    -high school (graduating next year 2014)

    Talents and Hobbies:
    -Football (American) and Baseball
    -Airsoft (It’s like paintball but with plastic BB’s)
    -Rescuing animals
    and so much more.

    About Me:
    To start off, I’m a high school sophomore planning to go to college to study Veterinarian to help all animals in need. I’ve always been interested in acting because I find it astounding that one persons can be able to portray many different characters. I believe I have the talent to do this also, and would like the chance to prove it. I want to say that I’ve done great things with my life, that I had a chance and took it, and that nothing stood in my way from what I want. I can do this if given a shot. I believe in myself, I have confidence (which is something you really need in this business or you won’t get far), and I’m determined with what ever I do. I will get far in the world, I just need a shot. (:

    If you need any other photos just send me a email.

  9. HELLO,
    First of all, I LOVE Breaking Bad!

    My name is Camryn Capizzi, form San Diego CA (but I would be willing and able to travel if needed),
    I am very recently 19 years old (as of February 16th, 2013), I am fair/light skinned caucasian female, with very curly fair blonde hair (I would be willing to temporarily straighten or dye my hair, even permanently dye it depending on the color), I have medium-big sized blue eyes (medium hue), I am 5’6″, 160 lbs, and have an apple-type body shape.

    I have always love to perform and have an extensive performance resume, but most of all I perform musically. I have a youtube channel with only one song as of now. I have worked and performed with The (Paul Green) School of Rock in Chatham NJ and Vista CA for 5 years as of graduation last year, and work and perform with the Chops Woodshed Academy in Solana Beach CA for 1 year, and play many-multiple instruments proficiently, including vocals.
    — – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    Although I am very much into music, I have always loved to act and would consider it a major part of my career and life plan, but unfortunately do not have as much experience as I would like to in that department. In a way, I think that makes my performances more raw, and in certain roles that can be a very good thing. I can bring an animal real-ness and emotional honesty that must be shown through someone who desperately wants something they know they have to work extremely hard to even get close to, and I desperately want this. I would put my whole heart and soul into making people love my character, and if you choose me, I promise I will come at it with everything I have got, and then a whole lot more.
    -Camryn Capizzi.

  10. Hi. My name is Stephani Kirkman. I was born on July 6, 1992 in San Antonio, Texas. I’m 20 years old. I graduated high school in 2011, and in college studying and receive a degree in both Music and Theatre. I love to become a famous actress and singer because it’s my goal, my dream, and my desire. This will give me a great opportunity to have so much fun and meet other stars. I even love to make people laugh by starring in a comedy series and make friends on set. I’m gentle, peaceful, calm, really friendly, athletic, and outgoing. This will give me a chance to give it my best, have lots of fun acting, and of course give it my all.

    Experience- been singing since elementary school, been acting at young age. Can play some guitar and piano.
    Training- Took theatre for 3 years in elementary school, 2 years in middle school, and 3 years in high school. Sang in a choir since 3rd to 5th grade, took music classes from middle school to a senior in high school. Been in 2 plays first one is High School Musical, and The Katrina Project. In college taking more music and theatre classes.
    *This could give me a opportunity to meet my favorite celebrities: Ross Lynch, David Henrie, Mitchel Musso, and Big Time Rush*

  11. I feel like I am a new talent that won’t let anything/anyone down. I like getting things done, and acting is one thing I really want to do. I taken classes in an acting acdemy and it’s helped my improve greatly. I would love to have a career in the indistry.

  12. I dont have any film experience, but I love to perform .I have received awards for singing and as well as earning “best vocals” in multiple competitions.I am an energetic and charasmatic performer, and I think being on this show would be an amazing experience and it would give me a chance to pursue my dream in the entertaiment industry!

  13. ont have any film experience, but I love to perform .I have received awards for singing and as well as winning first place in singing competitions multiple. I am an energetic and charasmatic actress and performer, and I think being on this show would be an amazing experience and it would give me a chance to pursue my dream in the entertaiment industry!

  14. I have such a passion for performing arts!! The first thing I think about when I wake up is acting! I have the ability to be anything I want to be when I put myself behind someone else’s eyes. I can show any emotion, because when I perform it is real, it is me, I am the character. If I could have the opportunity to work within this show as an actor or extra, or even just sit in and watch/ help out with extra things on set.. It would be a dream come true. This story has such a realistic and strong emotional effect! I feel I could learn so much just by being on the set, let alone working on it! If this is a possibility, I would do anything it takes to get there!

  15. Breaking Bad is my favorite show of all time. You couldn’t find better put together show. I modeled for some time but I have always wanted to act and what a better show to do it in! I’ve watched every episode and have turned many people on to this show. The chemistry involved is incredible and interested me even more because of my studies. Please give me a chance at this great opportunity! I have pictures available upon speaking to someone. Thank you for your time! =)

  16. Hello, my daughter is 17 years old but look younger. She is extremely talented she can speaks three languages and is waiting for her big break. This girl can act, sing, dance, do voice overs, cartoon voices, and voice accents. We live in Laredo Tx and we are always going to San Antonio for auditions. Everyone gives her very positive feedbacks however, she had not had work yet. She recently got first cut in a movie and we are still waiting for word. Thank you for your time you we not be disappointed.

  17. My name is Chelsea I’m 21 and live in Katy, TX. Ive been modeling and acting for a while now and am, if I may say, very good at it. I LOVEE breaking bad and have been following it for all the seasons. Please email me for my resume and headshot, I’d love a chance at this amazing opportunity.

  18. I would seriously do anything to be on this show. it is my favorite show and I would love to be even the smallest part of it. I have experience but i really don’t care what kind of things you are looking for I just want to be involved in Breaking Bad.

  19. I love breaking bad and have seen every episode! I have over 6 years of acting experience in various community theaters. I’m looking for my big break. Please just give me an interview and you wont regret it!

  20. I’m a new face for sure. I’m bold, I draw outside of the lines etc… I’m a natural actress, especially with hard core high energy roles. Im 23 F athletic combination between pretty and sharp, russian.

  21. I’m looking for a little experience. I just started watching the show and fell in love with the first episode. I think I would do well being an extra. I’m in the military, so it’s easy for me to follow directions and do what I’m told.

  22. I love the show breaking bad, im a 6ft blonde hair blue eye boy that will attract a younger female audience as well

  23. I am a registered nurse and mother of three. Very dedicated to what I decide to do. I am out going and live new challenges. I was searching something else on Internet the other day when an ad came up about being an extra in shows and movies and it just got me thinking about it. So today I searched for it and found this site. I do watch breaking bad and really enjoy it and would like to have the chance to be a part of it. Thank you for your consideration.

  24. I should be considerd to play a acting role on this show because basically there is no one in this world that is like me im mixed Black, white and Thai. I have cacausian first name asian middle name and and ITLAIAN last name. Im a very diverese person. funny very easy to get along with pick up on task very easily i have ADHD very creative i see the world in a Art form and Just feel like that LIFE SHOULD BE LIVED TO THE FULLEST AND THAT WHATEVER YOU DESIRE TO FO YOU SHOULD DO IT ….you only get one life to live….SO LIVE IT UP.. well thank you for the time to read this.. IM outta here

  25. I’m professional, easy to work with, and you never have to give me the same instruction twice. I have 8 years experience, and I’m very comfortable in front of the camera with any part given to me.

  26. Versatile actor with 40 years experience-martial arts instructor with great physical skills for 64 years-character actor.

  27. I feel like I am a new talent that just needs to found by someone and if you have a ten minute conversation with me I know you all will feel the same way.

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