African American Actors & Actresses


We are seeking two African American actors and actresses who can perform a 10 minute scene from a play.

We are highlighting race within the African American community and therefore we need very specific skin tones for these roles.

Olivia: 25-45. Dark skin tone. She is a is a high-rising, uptight advertising executive who is jumping off the fast track – before she is pushed.

Cassie: 28-45 Light Skin Tone. Cassie is an undereducated and openhearted. She is also a smart talking cleaning woman who works in the office building with Olivia.

The audition for the scene will need to be performed this month. PLEASE NOTE: This scene will be performed in front of professional directors/producers. Please respond for audition information.The project is set to start shooting early fall around September this year. Talent should have a prepared resume and comp card for auditions. Auditions may have talent read parts depending on the versatility of the part you are auditioning for. Make sure all of your information is clear! More audition information will be provided for talent called into the auditions. Good luck!

And as always please leave a comment and check back often

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  1. I am perfect for the role of Cassie. I am from NY and use to take acting classes as a child.. I am in my 20’s now and ready to give all of my self to every role before me……..

  2. I would love to be a part this amazing oppurtunity. I believe that God has given me a talent that I have failed to use, but not any longer. I am ready to to show the world how great God is and all that he can do. Please send me more information. Thanks in advance

  3. I am writer, I write short stories, poems, music as well as novels. I am very familiar with characters and playing a role and setting the tone of how I need my characters to be preceived. I am African American and I know how a African American woman can be depicted.

  4. Although I’ve never had any real acting experience besides drama class in high school, acting has always been a dream of mine. I’m a very hard worker that does what it takes to get the job done no matter how long it takes. I just need to be given the chance to prove how great I could be and hopefully someone will give me the opportunity.

  5. I am a very versatile actress with experience.I have an extensive theater background, along with some film. I have training in the previous along with modeling. Acting and modeling is something I have always had a passion for and feel it comes naturally to me. I take them very seriously and would love the opportunity to take part in your project.

    Thank You,
    Kai Jeffers

  6. I would love to have the opportunity to participate in this project, it would be a great opportunity for me.

  7. First and foremost theatre and all things ‘performing arts’ is my absolute passion. Not to toot my own horn but I’m most likely your best pick.. I was put on this Earth to entertain and inspire, and I am destined for greatness!
    phenomenal dancer, seasoned model, actress, and vocalist! Simple as that

  8. When having a passion for somthing an you know that it’s what you want to do even if you face rejection you should never give up becuase what don’t kill you makes you stronger and whenever you come to someone that say you can’t do it I say just look at them an say I must be talking to the wrong


    I am ready for another wonderful adventure in the heart of humanity and to show my passion through theatre, and to inspire others to love with unity and grace :) I am passionate and eager for a challenge.

  10. I know that God has blessed me with a gift to act. I am really eager and excited to get a chance to show my natural gift. I have not had any professional experience, but I have directed and participated in several church plays, was a memeber of the drama club in high school, and took a theatre class in College. If I could act everyday for the rest of my life that would be a dream come true. If I was able to get up everyday and truly do something for a living that I absolutely love doing would be the best thing ever! I am a humble individual, that loves life and I would love to share my talent with you!

  11. I have had previous training in acting and modeling. It has been my dream for as long as i can remember to act. This really seems like it could be a dream come true. I am in Advanced Theatre at school, as well as the Theatre Club. I have also trained with JRP and i have a full resume ready to go. I am available and ready to act! I am flexible and so much fun to work with! I can also take instruction and critique very well!

  12. I have done a few gigs when I was a child and was told that I was a natural at what I would love to be given the chace to see if you a

  13. I feel that I should be considered to play Cassie. I have the potential to be whatever I put my mind to. I love acting amongst several other things. I’ve acted in my college production of For Colored Girls.

  14. I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13
    I am the new face that Hollywood and the entire world has been waiting for and I have talent that is beyond one’s wildest dream. I am a hard worker and love people…hey…I’m your girl… TRUST.

  15. This is my time! I want to see what is in ME! I want what’s on TV. I want to fly, perform and be free. That’s why the next big African American Actress (pardon…acTORR) should be me!

  16. I am a playwright searching for an African-American male actor in his forties
    or fifties. The one act play, “The Ousiders” will be performed in the Arts Center
    in Sandisfield, Ma. on July 9. Relatively little rehearsal required. The character
    is that of an ex-civil rights worker turned cynic in the late 1980s. Please contacdt
    me directly with a phone number. Sandisfield is in western Ma. near Great Barrington.

  17. I should be considered as an actress in this African American play because I have the potential, ambition and the faith that it takes to get there. Acting has always been an extremly-high quality that I’ve possessed. It wasn’t until I was asked a question by a, friend, “When are you going to start living in the reality of your dreams?” That I realized that it was in that moment it became clear to me that in order to get what I’ve never had, I must do what I’ve never done. This will not only be the first step I take in pursuing my dream but also proving to myself that I can be considered for the African American actress audition.

  18. I should be considered for the African American Actress audition because I fit the criteria for both Cassie and Olivia. I am 28. I can be light skinned or dark skinned, depending on who I’m standing next to. I believe I fit the fast track qualities of Olivia; I’m a mother of two, full time job (military) and I am a full time nursing student. I am from Mississippi, so I know I possess the smart talking qualities of Cassie. Acting is what I’ve always dreamt of doing. I would be honored if you give the oppourtunity to experience my dream.

    Thank you.

  19. I would love to be considered for this Audition because I am greatly passionate about acting. I perfer the dramatic style versus comical because I am a very dramatic person. Many people compare me to the female version of Johnny Deep because I love playing characters that have a weird , odd , or generally unusal air about them. I have taken part in many school productions and currently take classes at Hartford Childrens Theatre ( Acting classes, plays, and Vocal lessons).
    I never leave the stage with a bad review and if I do i must make sure that I make up for it. I always five 100% and never expect anything less wether it be form directors or other cast members. My Personality is Spunky and super Nerdy but I can be morphed to fit any role, I am not limited.
    Thank you
    -Karizma Rose

  20. LITERACY Through EDUCATION is my theme for wanting to audition for plays and movies. Not only am passionate about acting in the film industry, but I am passionate about educating our kids. As a educational administrator, I would like to empower all students to enjoy reading, acting and speaking, as those three are liken to faith, hope and charity, with the greatest being charity and of those three, acting is the greatest. Overall, I have interpersonal school, very discipline and most of all creative.

  21. I believe I should be considered because acting is a large part of my soul. I haven’t been in any plays or musicals since high school which was 8 years ago, but the desire and excitement of becoming one with an unknown character is still very much strong. God bless it…I hope I get it.

  22. I would love to be considered for the African American actress audition because I am ready to step out on faith and see what my dreams look like in reality. I’ve never acted before professionally but, I would love the opportunity.

    Thank You

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