Acuvue Commercial Auditions

Acuvue Commercial Auditions
Talent needed for Acuvue Commercial
Acuvue Commercial Auditions
Talent needed for Acuvue Commercial

Why Acuvue? Because it makes sense and feels great! Acuvue brand contact lenses got their first signature start in the 1950s, with a small company called Frontier Contact Lens Company. From then on the contact lenses were taken by storm. The daily disposable contact lenses to the two week disposables were the trick in getting families and customers around the country trying out Acuvue Brands. The highest quality of contact lenses are distributed by Acuvue. Are you surprised? They are linked to the subsidiary Johnson & Johnson, out of Jacksonville, Florida.

Acuvue takes care of it’s customers by providing free trial lenses before purchasing the bulk contact lenses they do offer, as well as yearly and monthly rebates on all of their sub-brands. Their eye care professionals are nothing less of professional! Acuvue brand can be found in various eye doctor offices, as well as some department stores if they do offer eye contact exams and offers. The brand is constantly competing with its competitors and have been successful throughout the years in providing the best quality and best service. Acuvue is the manufacturer of the world-leading contact lenses. You can also find their brand via the internet on various discount contact lens sites and on their brand website as well.

The client at Vistakon (Acuvue) is looking to headline a new marketing campaign for the brand that is geared toward all ages. Kind of in comparison to D.O.C. Sexy Specs commercials back in the early 2000s. Casting directors are looking for actors, actresses, and models ages 13 and up to 55 years old for this shoot. All talent will be asked to attend a major casting call for the commercial, along with have a professional photo with them for auditions. Looking for major actors to be placed into the commercial with some speaking lines, while also looking for models to fill some spaces and voids in some of the scenes. All talent should be comfortable working in front of the camera but do not need to be professional actors or models. If this is something you have the time for and would love to be in a commercial on national television than apply now! Send in your information and a recent photo of yourself to the casting department near you so they can review your info. Good luck!

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  1. I should be considered for the commercial because I have some experience in acting experience. My recent role in as on May 14 2015. In feature film called Viral Beauty.Role was small speaking part as a fan of lead character Marsha Day. I also wear contact lenses. I look forward in your reply.

    Thank you
    Jacqueline Mason

  2. I’m Maddie Jackson. I would be great for the gig; I also used to wear contacts. I have my headshots, resume, and demo reel on my website for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy and I look forward to hopefully working with you guys soon.

  3. Hello my name is Charles Henson, I’m interested in this commercial and would love a spot in this casting.
    I’m 21 years old, weigh 137 lbs, and 5’4.
    I’m really good with acting and I feel that I can model. I have high pride and confidence. I’m also familiar with acuvue, my mom use to wear contacts.

  4. Hi Im Jerry Im 13 Year Old And I Always See This Ad On TV Like The Girl From The Fosters I Would Realy Love A Spot In This If You Are Intrested Please Call Me At 4049142974 Thank An Have SA wonderful day

  5. Hello! I’m Persia and I actually use Acuvue contact lenses. I’m 12 years old and I am really interested in this commercial. I have been in many plays at my school and at several theaters around Houston! Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!

  6. Hi! My name is Alina Force!
    I’m 12 years old( almost 13 and I look like I’m in my teens)
    I have brown hair and brown eyes.
    I’m 5 feet tall.
    I’ve been in acting since I was 5.
    I’ve done several commercials and been extras in movies.
    I’m home schooled so I have plenty of time to practice my acting.

    Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you soon.

  7. Hello my name is Zhane’ and I’m very interested in this commercial! I’m a Barbizon modeling/acting school graduate and have a strong passsion for modeling and acting. I’m definitly looking forward to the possible opportunity you have to offer me. I work hard for what I want and this is what i want so I will keep this in my prayers.

    _Thank You

    • Hello, My name is Tracy

      I’m not camera shy by no means and sometimes overly confident. I have a great speaking voice which compliments my looks and I know for a fact that one has to believe in themselves before they can achieve in anything else!

      I know I would be the perfect candidate for your product.

      Thank you,
      Tracy Ingerson

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