Actors: The Importance of Improv.

Improv can help the way actors approach a script. Many actors that work on scripts on stage or in a film or television series use improvisation in their practice process. Most techniques in improv are often taught in regular acting classes and others can learn basic skills in improv from enrolling into a comedy club class. Being aware of other players and actors and having clarity in communication and the confidence in the role that you are playing is key to being a great actor in general. Therefore improv experience never hurt anyone.

There are several differences when it comes to an actor who has improv skill and one who does not, it really comes in handy for actors if you forget a line. Improv actors will not freak out as bad as other actors. Improv also helps get the actor out of their element, creating their own character and environment. Frankly many actors say you have moreĀ  freedom as an improv actor as opposed to regular scripted acting written down months prior to the film shoot. Improv shows how a simple thing such as raising an eyebrow can change the way the audience percepts the actor on stage and how much they can relate to the character. A change in voice and movement is also key in showing how well you understand the character.

Just as an FYI improv can also do a lot for models as well. Improvisation opens you up to being on stage as well and being comfortable in your own skin. As a runway model or magazine model you will be asked to pose in certain ways and to express emotions thought your eyes and your face and body posture. Improv can actually do more for people who are into acting. Improv opens you up to anything, being able to create an environment you never could imagine existing exists in and improv world. If the character says something it then becomes true. From changing genders from male to female to being elephants that talk improv can open you up and get you out of your shell.

So next time when the opportunity arises to have an improv acting class or chance, take it! Best of luck!

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  1. Hi my name is Cameron,
    I’m 10 years old and and It has always been a dream to be on Disney channel especially Austin and ally. I love creating characters, and being on set. I had experience in performances and plays. I can memorize lots of lines and many other things. My hair color is dark brown, and my height is 4″7. I appreciate your courtesy and kindness. Thanks!

  2. Hey My name is Satta James,
    im positive in being an actor for Nicklodeon or Disney,
    This has always been my dream since age 6,
    Im naturally talented I sing,Dance,Model and Act.
    And i would like to show the world my gift and entertain them.
    Im really funny and crazy but thats just me
    This would really mean alot to me and my famiily
    and probably would be my only Opportunity. Thanks for reading i hope you reply back… :)

  3. Hello my name is Henry
    I love Nickelodeon and ive watched it for many years.
    I love all the actors that are in this film I think they are cool and fun and I really want to be a part of it.
    Ive always wanted to be an actor.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

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