ABC’s “Quantico” Casting in NYC

Casting directors are now casting talent to work on a scene filming in New York City scheduled for Tuesday, October 24th. Producers are seeking people a Harlem religious street festival scene in NYC and we are seeking a hispanic male catholic priest who has knowledge of leading a saints street procession.


Quantico is an American drama television series that premiered on ABC network in 2015.  Originally, ABC ordered 13 episode for the first season, but after the success of those episodes they ordered 9 more.  A total of 22 episodes aired on ABC making up the first season of Quantico.  ABC quickly picked the show back up for a second season.  The show has received very positive reviews from both critics and viewers.  The series was watched by 8.05 million people during the first season ranking 55th nationally.

The show is about young FBI recruits that train, work, and live around the Quantico base in Virginia.  Their main goal is to become the best special agents possible but to get there they must complete drastic tasks and overcome several obstacles.


When: October 24th

Where: New York City

This is a great opportunity to work on one of the biggest American cable networks.  ABC is known for its great drama and comedy shows, and Quantico is no exception.  Being apart of this exhilarating show even if only as an extra will look great on your portfolio.  You will also make money in the process.  Most importantly, you will meet casting directors, photographers, and other actors that will open new doors for you if you make a good first impression.

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