ABC – You Deserve It

You Deserve It- ABC
You Deserve It- ABC

Kinetic Content Gameshow is now seeking the LA area for the game show “You Deserve It” featured on ABC. You could win a life altering amount of money for someone you know that you feel deserves it.Is someone close to you just down on their luck? Could a large amount of money help get them out of debt, save them from bankruptcy or help them reestablish themselves financially and allow them to enjoy life again? Than this might be the audition that you have been waiting for.

“You Deserve It” is great because you will get that opportunity to surprise your deserving loved one by winning them the cash they need to turn their lives around for the better!

If you would like to be on this amazing opportunity of a game show you MUST keep this application a secret from the person you are playing for. If not you will make yourself ineligible to participate. Please send us a letter on why you think you would be good for the show. Casting directors are looking for people all backgrounds and cultures. Keep checking back for more castings information and leave us a comment.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

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  1. Her name is Natalia. She’s endured alot of hardship in her life. Most recently, 2 years ago, she was in a near fatal car accident. Her life was speared but she has permanent scars and disabilities that hold her back. A once hard working woman now suffers from hydrocephalus, she isnt able to work because of her condition stemming from the accident and OH I FORGET TO MENTION is expecting her first child with her husband who happens to be the sole provider. She is overwhelmed by medical bills and debt and I would love to see her happy! This beautiful soul deserves to smile for once and she deserves to be free so she can take care of herself and her future child… SHE DESERVES IT!

  2. my name is Lindsey Burnett. The most deserving person I could think of is my dad jerry ball. He is the most generous amazing caring person I know. He always does everything and anything for others. Growing up 9 bad was everybody’s matter what situation or time of the night or day 9 dad was the one that would be there in 2 secons no matter what.enough there a lot of it kids 5 kids from my moms and dads first marriave. Three more when he gor remarried.He never missed any games any dance recital he was there for everything he even coach of us kids on the baseball team and the grandkids. yes the person that will go hungry n always make sure that all of his kids are taking care of and have food piggy. I would not have gotten an education without his constant support and encouragement. Having a big family like ares made it hard to have money for school or any activities. My sister and I love dance and I am still a dance teacher! He always made it so we could follow our dreams. My dad is so giving that he puts him self behind. I wish I could do even a quarter of what he has dine for me and my daughter. This divorce I’m going threw is ruthless and heart bre aking. Daddy has been by my side every step of rhe way. Please consider him! He is a retired firefighter and makes a donation threw his fire ball one to the burn victim unit. He paints and I get to do that with him evry summer. He goes around to all the nursing homes and I have been many times with my daughter and growing up. He taught me that you always do the right thing.He helps me be a better person. I am so blessed to have him as my daddy! Please consider me it would be the most amazing thing to finally give it to back to the person who is always giving!
    Thank you
    Lindsay Burnett

  3. My name is Christina and I would be playing for my mother. Seven years ago when I was battling breast cancer she drove two hours to spend the weekends with me and the three times that chemotherapy put me in the hospital, she put her life on hold to be with me. She went back and forth from my home (taking care of my dog & cat) and spending time by my bedside at the hospital. After going back to work, my job kept me only the mandatory 3-months and then laid me off at which time my mother opened her home to me and my pets. She also has borrowed against her 401K and her retirement plan to help my brother and his family which includes he, his wife, and their nine children.

  4. My partner and i get pleasure from, cause I uncovered just what I had been looking for. You may have was over my personal Several day time extended seek out! God Many thanks guy. Have got a excellent evening. Cya

  5. I would like to be a contestant on Hero. I am 53 years old but I feel 35 years old. I have had to struggle with various situations that would arise throughout my life since I was 5 yrs old. I had to overcome various challenges from people to work to raising 3 daughters and a jealous ex husband. I do not regret anything that has happened because from each experience, which was tough, there was something I felt I needed to learn. I feel I would be a good contestant on your show, “The Hero”.

  6. Hi, My name is Sara. I’m 14 years old & I think my mom deserves this. Shes such a hardworking women & always ALWAYS puts other people before herself, Especially with me & my brother. She’ll do anything for us. We’re living off of paycheck to paycheck. What she makes just isnt enough. She’s hurting inside. Badly, but she tried her best to hide the pain shes goin through. She doesn’t want me or my brother to see her struggling even tho we both can see it clearly. She’s been though hell raising us. Trying to get us everything we want. I just now am starting to really realize that all this time I’ve been taking advantage of her. Asking her for things when I know she just can’t get it for me. I love my mom so much! We don’t have the best relationship right now, but that doesn’t make my love for her any less. My dad is in the picture, but dont help out with financial things. He don’t have a job, but he could help out a little.. I’m sure a lot of people want very good people to get this. A lot of people deserve it. & I’m not gonna sit here & say dont pick nobody else! Because in reality, theres a lot of people who truly deserve this. But, My mom, deserves this so much. Like, once I read this, I just thought about how thankful my mom would be. She’d probably have a heaetattack! I know how much this would help her out. I think this would help her be happy again. She wouldnt have to worry how shes gonna pay the bills this month. She works almost everyday. & Its still not enough to pay everything. Shes in over her head & don’t know what to do. Please please please pick my mom!! I’m 14, but I know for a fact this would help us out so much!!! I might actually be able to see my mom truly happy for once. Please… This would mean so much to me & my brother if you choose her. Once again, she deserves this! Sooooooo much. I hope you choose her! Have a great day!

  7. My name is Manuel Gonzales, I live in orange county CA. I am 25 years old and I have 6 siblings who are a huge part of my life. We were raised by our single mother, Betty Gonzalez and In order for us to have a great childhood and have many opportunities in life; we worked together as a team to help provide for our family. My mother was injured at work in 2001 and my siblings and I started to take over more responsibilities and finances do to my mom out of work. We all started working at 16 and helping my mother get back on her feet. Although she is 54 and on SSI. She does not have life insurance and or a pension. I want to give my mother this opportunity to enjoy her life and not have to worry about what’s to come, she is currently taking in information on another back surgery do to nerve damaging from her first surgery and is debating on having another surgery done. I really want to do all I can for her. Please give me this chance.

  8. Hello, the reason I am writing this is because I feel any help from anyone at this time of my families struggle will help tremendously. My father Raul Alejandre Jr. is the most important man in my life. He taught me to be a strong independent woman, that has respect for all those around me. Also to cherish anything good in my life that comes in it or is already in it. He happens to be one of the people I cherish deeply. He recently got diagnosed with kidney amyloidosis which in a brief description is an excess of protien in the body that settles on the kidneys causing him to have only 9% of kidney function. He got diagnosed with this in early December of 2011 and has already progressed to him having to be on dialysis, which makes him very weak and is currently still in the hospital. He has always been a hardworking man raising my 2 older sisters, my litter brother thats still in high school, and I. It’s very hard to stay strong at the moment due to my father being in this condition and it could only get worse if he doesn’t get a bone marrow & kidney transplant. We try to lift his spirits as much as possible but it is hard also due my mother recently being diagnosed with pancreatitis in early January of 2012. She is also currently in the hospital. Bills are piling up, barely being able to pay rent between my sisters and I, and having to take care and being there for our little brother while we have lives on our own makes it really difficult. Life has been a rollercoaster these last few months and would love any help in any way from anyone. Thank you so much for you’re time-Vikki Alejandre

  9. PLEASE READ. :( Hello, my name is Kevin Bharose, i live in Queens New York and I am writing this on behalf of my girlfriend Aliyah. I am only 18 and she is 20 but we have been going out for about 2 years and we really love each other. Aliyah is the best person I know.. She is so honest, kind hearted, loving, polite everything you could ask for in a girlfriend. If anyone deserves this it is her and her family. Aliyah and her family live in her mom’s sisters home. It is Aliyah, her dad, her mom, her sister, her aunt, uncle, and three cousins in one house. Aliyah’s dad used to work but he developed SCHIZOPHRENIA Last year so he can no longer work, it is a very sad thing to see. On top of that, Aliyah’s aunt (Shaffina) was diagnosed with a very rare form of CANCER who’s name is so long i can’t even find it on google. It cannot be cured :( Aliyah’s mom also cannot work because of this she must take care of her sister and tend to her every need. They get some aid from the government but it is not enough. They have no money in the bank and they are living check to check. So many nights I hear from Aliyah ” I’m hungry, there’s nothing in the house to eat.’ And it breaks my heart.. what they are getting isn’t even enough to put food on the table. On top of that, Aunt Shaffina’s son was suffering from LEUKEMIA the past few years, he was supposed to go into remission this year, and it came back. It is horrific. They are such a loving family and they deserve everything, instead they are getting slapped in the face. PLEASE do this for them, it would mean the world and more.. you guys have no Idea. Dealing with multiple sicknesses in one house is so depressing, but doing that and being poor is just worse. Aliyah’s family really needs and deserves this money.. I do no want a penny. I always told myself if I ever won the lotto.. they would be the first ones I would go out and help but that’s a dream that will never come true. Please help me make their dream come true though. Thanks so much for reading, God bless.

  10. Im submiting this because I think my mom deserves it. She is a hardworking person. She has always been a helper and a lover of people. She has gone out of her ways to help others regardless of what the situation looks like. Shes always happy and sees the brighter side of everything. She had a daycare for 15 years. It all ended when we lost our house. The year I graduated from college may2009, well that june we lost our home. not because the rent was not paid because she has all reciepts but because of the neglegence of the loan officers. Well after losing our home none of our family helped us. We live on friends floors and in motels until money ran out. Mind you it me my sister her son my brother and my mom. God blessed in november 2009 with me getting a small apartment which all of us live in and make due. Two years later we are still here thank god we have a roof but I feel she desrves her own space. She has been out of work and to show how big her heart is her sister lost her house after we found an apartment and even thought she had a 3bed house and would not let us stay my mom offered her a place in our small apartment. My mom deserves the world to me and even though I cant give it to her, this will be a good opportunity. She cooks everyday for her kids as well. My little brother deserves a bed to sleep in, instead of on the tile floor because the room is small. We make due with what we have and we thank god for all that we have. I love my mom and she deserves it.

  11. My name is Fauth and I would love to play for my father, Melvin Banks. He is a 75 year old, spunky senior citizen. My father has raised 4 children and helped raise 1 grand and 2 greatgrands. In addition, my father has been the patriarch to his many neices and nephews and remains the backbone of his family. Very revently, my mother was diagnosed with Early Alzhimers and it was suggested that they move into a home that would be better for them to move around in. Even though my father goes to work, still, everyday, I would love to help him out financially so that he can spend more time with his wife and so he could give his body a rest and not worry about finances.As the primary care-giver for my mother, emergency contact for my nephews and all-arounf go-to-uncle, my father is always giving and deserves to be on the receiving end, for once is his life. Although he lost his parents at a young age, he has proven that you can learn on the job and is a GREAT husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, uncle, brother, brother-in-law and friend.

  12. Love this giving show format! And, that is actually what we would like to do for our mother. My 73 year old mother, Ruth Ann, is the BEST mom in the world. She has supported and loved 3 kids and a husband of 53 married years. Our mom has always put everyone first but now has proved she can do anything at any age. She has worked hard all her life, 2 jobs at times in order to pay the bills. And, for years she has been trying to graduate from college like the rest of the family. Being a Military wife, the family has moved so much that she had lost many of her college credits. FINALLY, my mom will graduate and walk with her class (much younger than her) in May 2012. We all are so proud of her and she is so happy to finally complete this HUGE accomplishment. The challenge we have is that my parents don’t have much money, let alone to celebrate her achievement. We all were brought up to love and give to others all our lives. But, we kids are saddened that we can not give her a party and above all, she would like to go on a cruise with family together.

    PLEASE help us to celebrate this amazing accomplishment by giving her what she deserves. It’s so wonderful to see everyones response to when we share this achievement. The funny thing is mom is telling us that she wants to go for her Masters now. Whew, we just can not keep up with her-hee hee hee. Thank god she works at an educational institute to help fund her education. Traveling to the audition is easy. We just want to give and say to our lovely mother – YOU DESERVE IT!

  13. Mom, you deserve it! My mom adopted me and my sister when I was 6 and my sister was 3. My mom has struggled with her health for as long as I can remember. She has Lupus and has had many serious Lupus attacks which have caused her to be hospitalized and several of those times she came close to dying. My father passed when I was 17 and she has had to live on disability which barely pays the bills for her small apartment. Every time the Lupus is out of remission, it affects her immune system causing her to become easily sick. She has had multiple cancers and surgeries. She struggles with severe COPD and asthma related issues making it hard for her to breathe and sometimes just walking from bed to bathroom can make her out of breath. In March 2011 she became seriously ill with an infection in her lungs, and because the Lupus was out of remission, it would not clear up even with medication. She was hospitalized and had to receive oxygen but still could not get enough oxygen to the body and had to be put on a ventilator for over two weeks in hopes that the lung infection would get better. By the time the ventilator came out she had to go through extensive physical therapy to build up the muscles just so she could walk again. My mom is my best friend and I could not imagine life without her. She is emotionally, mentally and spiritually the strongest person I know and is the most loving and caring person in the world and is always worried about her kids above herself. I would love to be on your show and give back to her for all she has given me because she deserves it.

  14. What a great opportunity to “pay it forward”. If chosen to play I would play for my older sister. Only 11 months apart throughout my life she has served as an inspiration and source of strength. Her zest for life and optimism is her guiding light. A national honor society student and class presisdent in high school was encouraged to earn her GED when she became pregnant her junior year high school. She went on to earn her GED, a Bachelor’s in Accounting and later saw both her children earn college degrees. When she was only 17 we learned she had a brain tumor. Over the last 35 years side effects related to this brain tumor have surfaced. The most diplitating effect has been the loss of her short term memory. She is no longer able to work therefore is on a very limited income (disability). She is in great need of cognitive therapy and a personal assistant to help her with every day activities (paying bills, grocery shopping…). Throughout all that she has experienced she is happy, and continues to bring great joy and love to our family and all those that cross her path. My hope is to make a financial contribution so that she can have her medical needs met, and afford a personal assistant (we live in different states). Lastly, if I was able to win enough money I would hope to help her purchase a new and safer vehicle that includes a navigation system. A navigation system would be a blessing in disguise…….she often forgets where she lives and where she is going. We would both bring a positive energy to your show. We are fun and come from a big family. Our story is one of hope, faith, and family support. Thank you! Vivian

  15. Hi my name is Tabitha Perez I live in north Carolina and I would like to play to help my mother. She lives in Ohio and recently had to move due to having her home went into forcloser. She has worked all her life to provid a wonderful home to me and 2 younger brothers and always have tried to give u things that we wanted but she has a lot of health issue and struggles to work but does so she can try to pay the bills but with her being only partime it is very hard They took us back so when u get back into the waiting room have someone bring u back here. and is sometimes lefted with only a few dollars after each paycheck. She has to work so she can pay for health care which also takes away from her income also. Also the bad part of moving was she has no stove due to old house was electric and where she is living now is gas. I wish I could help but I was recently in a car accedent one week before thanksgiving and have been back to work so it is just one income in our family. So this is why It would be a wonderful thing to come on the show so I can help my mother and 2 brothers they deserve it 100%. Thank you, Tabitha Perez

  16. Hello my name is Natasha, the second I saw that this show was airing, the first person I could think about was my mother. My mom is the most amazing, spiritual, beautiful woman and role model I have ever met. She has struggled her whole life with everything as far as loosing my grandmother to breast cancer when I was 12, raising my 3 sisters and I as a single parent, living paycheck to paycheck, always thinking of us girls before anything one, or thing else. She bought her first and only house when she was 24, where she rased me and my three sisters in for our whole life, her home as of 2 months or less will now be owned by the bank. My mother has lost everything she has ever loved and been important to her in her life and she deserves a break to be happy. It hurts me every day to watch my mother go through this and I want more then anything to see her smile and get what she deserves. My mother is my guardian angel, my role model, and my rock. Please help me give her what she deserves. I live in the San Diego area and can come in anytime for an audition!

  17. I am 22 and had to stop working due to a disability, I had worked hard since I graduated and now I have 6 slipped discs ad a tumor on my spinal cord which sends electric shock nerve pain into my legs and feet.” I thought I would work hard forever as my work ethic is temendous! But now I can’t work and it makes surviving a whole lot harder. I have a dream to be an inventor!!
    I love brainstorming ideas and putting them into perspective. However… To be a successful inventor you must have some funds to get your creation off the ground.
    I am worried that since I can’t work, and therefore can’t make a steady salary, that even when I have 10 ideas each worth millions, I will be stuck with noway to move forward.
    I’m 22 and cannot work…. But I DESERVE THE MONEY!!

  18. Hello, my name is Larissa i live in a tiny town called Las Vegas, New Mexico. I would like to play on you deserve it because i know my dad deserves it!!! My dads name is Larry he is 52 a U.S. Veteran and an awesome man, but unfortunately he has had a pretty tough life. He is the oldest of 9 kids which made him mature at a very young age to help him mother with his siblings, even til this day my dad continues to help his siblings even if that means giving what he has to better peoples lives than himself :( My dad always wants to help! There was one time we were at the store and a lady in front of us didn’t have enough money to pay for her groceries so my dad did but he used most his money so that the lady and her family can eat leaving us with a loaf of bread and bologna. But that was ok with us because we always remembered what he said “When you help someone, someone will help you”!! And that’s the truth! My dad was diagnosed with diabetes when i was 10 years old and i believe thats when my dads world turned upside down. He became very sick, his marriage fell apart, along with his health, and finances. He filed for bankruptcy and lost everything. My dad wasn’t used to being the one in need of help but known for being the helper but there was only so much i could do!! Thank god i started working as a car saleswoman I ended up selling my dad a new car!!! Its been tough for my dad since he always feels sorry for himself :( and it makes me very very sad to see such a good man talk so bad about himself. He takes insulin several times a day but his medicine is soo expensive so my siblings and I usually pitch in to fill his prescriptions. :( My dad isn’t able to work anymore due to his health and his disability have been in the process for a year now but he hasn’t heard nothing back his bills are up to his ears and all i can give him is my love and some groceries every month!! PLEASE ABC PLEASE HELP MY DAD BECAUSE …………….HE DESERVES IT!!!!!!!!

  19. I want to play for my husband!! He deserves it in more ways then one. In September he almost lost his life due to an enlarged heart that we were not aware of. He fought for his life for two weeks, on meds, IV’s, and tubes running every where. He was fired from his job because he was hospitalized. He is now at home fighting to try to get disability to help me to support our three girls. He will never be able to work again because his heart only pumps at 30%. The money would be a blessing so that he can take a vacation to himself and feel like a man again who can support his family.

  20. Wow where do i start if any one deserves it i do I,ve had weight loss surgery two knee replacements and two liver transplants I,ve missed christmass, birthdays, super bowls, and my daughters high school graduation. I have more stitches then a new suit but thats ok i have a sunny dispostion a great smile and a infectious attitude to offer you I really do deserve it give me a chance to prove it.

  21. I want to play the game for my mother i would love to win a large amount of money to get her in an handicap accesible apartment she has real bad arthritis and cant get around as much as she use to so i would want to get her an apartment thats can help her in everyway possible

  22. I would like the chance to play so that I could possibly win a life altering amout of money for my brother, but to call him that is a MAJOR UNDERSTATEMENT. He has been a father to my sister and I all of our lives. He has sacraficed a lot in his life so that his sisters had what they needed. Out of all the people I know, he truely deserves this. He has basically been a daddy to his sisters since age 11 when he sold his nitendo 64 and all the games, so his sisters could have Christmas. All of my favorit childhood memories revolve around my “bubba.” About a year ago he took our disabled Grandmother and I into his home without question or hesitation. He helped get me into school and graduate. Ubenounced to me untill recently, he is struggling to pay his mortgae and bills, and is afraid he is going to lose his home. PLEASE ABC HELP ME HELP HIM KEEP HIS HOME!!!! He has always made sure that I had a roof over my head and that I never ended up on the streets, so I am asking you with everything I got to please give me this chance so that I can chance my brothers life like he has!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Hi, I’m mamie and I think I should…no need to be on the show ‘You Deserve it’ because, it will be for my dad. My dad is a big pillar in our small community. He was volunteering as much as he could but lately he hasn’t been able to do so. He’s had 13 heart attacks, two triple bi-passes and I lost count on how many angio(sp?)plasties.(sorry if I spelled that wrong) Now he works under the table because otherwise we’d lose the little social security we get. My mom works but she’s down to little hours thanks to her knee replacement, so my dad has no choice but to go out and find work. He has the heart of an 80 year old and deserves not to have to worry about the family and how are we going to pay the next bill. Everyday he gets more and more tired but thats the kind of man he is. He loves more than you can imagine and won’t stop working until everything is taken care of. You’d never guess on his health just by looking at him, because he seems like a happy go lucky guy, but I know he’s very tired, and he doesn’t deserve living like this. I love him and I want to be on this show so I can finally give him a portion of what he deserves after all these years. I just turned 21, so I can play, but I don’t live in LA. However i will walk there if need be if you choose me. Thank you.


    Mamie Mendes

  24. For my mom. Simply, she has raised my brother who was born with cerebal palsy, by herself, for the last 20 years. My father died in 1990, leaving my mom to care for my younger brother by herself.
    She is living off of my fathers social security which barely pays the bills.
    The house she and my brother live in is very old and constatly requires repairs which takes a toll on my mother as well. She is 73 years old. She doesnt go anywhere except of course to get groceries and such. I help her when I can, but, I have my own family to take care of too.
    My wish is that I get a chance to go on this show and win enough money to give to my mom and tell her to use it on herself, buy a new car, new washing machine, fix the house, go on a vacation, whatever because mom you deserve it!

    Thank you.
    Kevin fryer

  25. I would like to play for my mother she is the most unselfish person I know she help eveyone that she know and don’t know she give fundriser to help people raise money for thier medical bills and to help their families with bills while thier love one are not able to work. she dose not have money her self she tookout a second mortage on her home to help her family. they said they would her pay each month but she has not seen one penny. my mothe has a total of 132.00 left
    after she pay her bill each month. but never complain now she also take care of her brother who is very sick with out help of anyone nevre have I my mother say i am tried are I can’t go on sometime i cry the tears that i think she should cry please consider me to play for my mother and give her some of what she give all the time a gift of love.

  26. I would like to play for my grandmother who is also a Pastor of The Evangelistic Prayer Band of Love Church. She is 73 and takes care of my great grandmother who just turned 90 this year. She has also taken into her home two 2 of her sons and 4 of her grandchildren. She lives on a fixed income and only five of the eight people in the house are able to help with the bills. The sad part of this story is that because she is the Pastor of a church and it’s a small church whenever she does get a little extra money to get ahead, she ends up using it to keep the church a-float! It’s a lose, lose situation. Mabellene Brinston (grandma), is the most thoughtful, caring and giving person I know. She has literally given the clothes off of her back and her very last dollar to help anyone. She’s getting up in her seasoned years and its time that we try to take some of the pressure and burden off of her so she can enjoy these years of her life. She Deserves it more than any other human being I know. Help us please!

  27. I would like to play for my son. He is in the last year of college and paying his own way thru as I am not able to help him. He is a good student with a 3.9 grade average. He is suppose to graduate in May if he can make it till than. He has gotten some grants and scholarships but needs the last of his tuition and living expenses. His car broke down so he is walking to school. He has overcome so health issue and I would love to take the stress of day to day am I going to make it till May. He has been the only one of my four children to go to college. I would love to make his dream come true of graduating. Please help me help him.

  28. I am a Police Officer and one of the reasons why I took this job was to help people in need. I do that on a day to day basis. I find ways to help strangers, but now I am just unable to help one of my best friends. He injured his knee really bad and needed surgery. This injury put him out of work. He and his wife were unable to pay their rent and were about to be kicked out of their place. The next day I had a trailer and a truck to help move them into my home with my wife and I. We were able to provide a roof over their head and food. We were able to help him get the surgery. My wife and I just recently sold our home and were unable to house them anymore. He and his wife had to move into his parents home. He is still out of work because of his knee, he has no money and is trying to just find ends meat for him and his wife. Its tough to be a man and ask for help. That reason is why I never gave him the chance to ask for help, I just did what is right and we never spoke about it. I want to be able to help him again, and it sucks because I cant. I want to help him and his wife get their lives where it needs to be. If I can help strangers I know I can find a way to help get him on his feet and wont stop until I do.

  29. this is my story. I am one of five daughters. My dad was a ministered and passed away on March 22, 2008. My dad’s last words to my mother was to keep the church doors open. My dad was not a man that possessed a strong financial credit history but it never stopped him from believing and having faith that one day God would bless he and his congregation with a beautiful sanctuary. One Saturday my mom and dad drove to this little town that is at least 1hour away called Campti, LA. They saw this beautiful property with a church and kitchen on it. My father said to my mom that day he would love to have a building such as this to put his small congregation in. So while my mom proceeded to back out of the drive way a man came out of the church flagging my parents down. Through conversation with this man my dad found he was the minister of the church. The minister informed my dad they were about to move into their new building they had just built on the outside of town and was looking to sell the property with the kitchen and church. My dad was very upfront and honest with the man about his credit history but by the grace of God the deal was sealed with just a hand shake and my dad’s word. After a few years my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on August 2007 and passed away on March 2008, but before he left this world his last words to my mom was to keep the church doors opened. The congregation consisted of my mom, sister, two ladies, and six kids to assume a note of $1006.00 per month. Since my dad has passed I am pleased to say that by the grace of God the church has ever been behind on their monthly note. Today Dec 2011 the balance of the building stands at a balance of $50,000. I would love to come on your show to play for the Greater Holy Temple Church of God In Christ Church Family/Mom. It would be such a blessing to me and my church family. Please consider me.

  30. My son, Philip just adopted 4 foster children. He did not want the family to be broken apart, so he and his wife took all 4 children. Previous to meeting these children he had 3 foster children from another family and was on track to adopt them when the parents got the children back. My son and his wife were brokenhearted, but still opened their home for these 4 children and the adoption was completed this year. My son works hard in the carpentry business, but it is hard to make ends meet. With the economy the way it is, work is sporadic. He is good man that loves these children. The money from the game show would allow him to build a house for his family. They are presently living in a mobile home.

    I would hope you would consider me for this opportunity to help my son. He is always helping others and it would be nice to have his goodness come back to him.

  31. I love my sister very much and she can’t seem to catch a break. She has fought as long as I can remember for happiness. Everytime she thinks she has it it is ripped from her. She thought she found the man of her dreams but is recently divorced. She has many health issues so is unable to work. She is now a single mother with a 9 year old son. She tries and tries! I would like to be on the show to win her money so she doesn’t have to live in a house that is falling apart because of mold. She doesn’t have the money to move and we as a family has helped with what we can but she needs so much and I want to help her because SHE DOES DESERVE IT! Thank you!

  32. I have a family member that had a lot of surgery’s and is in and out the hospital all the time. She has a disease that i cant remember and she will have it the rest of her life. It has put her mom and dad in a major money financial bad. They have moved over a dozen times because of it. I would love it if u would let me have the chance to win her money for her. She also is getting ready to graduate from high school and go to college. Please pick me.

  33. My neighbour is deserving because I have seen her go through the most tragic milestones life can offer. Her family is poor, very poor. In 2007 Her husband, the only source of income at the time, died of a chronic disease . She has 3 daughters and in 2008 her second daughter who was waiting to be called to a university, was kiiled by an astray bullet in riots that she was not participating in. It would really do some good to the family to deserve a chance to forget about the bad times and start a fresh in a better area,and enough income to put her other daughters to school.Thanks.

  34. I would love the chance to play for my mom, is has always been there for me & the siblings.My mom gives a 110% to everyone never giving it a second though. I recently lost my husband( he took his life) leaving me with a home i couldnt afford & so much debt. shes been my support money and emotionally. shes on a fixed income but still gives to all of her kids & mom isnt able to work due to age & bad 50 yrs old and think its time for my mom to stop giving to others & start getting a little in return! If it wasnt for my mom i wouldnt be here right now. With all my debt lost of husband bankruptcy job it was my mom who pulled me up an let me see i could go on. I want to help pay her back for all she has done for me not only in 2011 but my whole life!!! She is one of a kind. please allow me to make afew of her dreams come true. Thank you so much, Vicky

  35. I would love the opportunity to play for my wife. She and I have been together for 17yrs and have three beautiful children. I was hurt at work in 1997 and have not worked since then. She has been the bread winner in our family ever since and has endured much pain and heartache along the way, but she keeps pushing for the sake of her family and never asks for anything in return. She never ever does anything for herself because she says she feels guilty if she does because that is money that could be spent on her family. She has sacrificed so much for us and never gets anything in return. With the birth of our second child, things began to get really tough for her. Her mother died two days after our daughter was born and it ripped what little bit of spirit she had left for herself from her. We were married two years ago in the drive way of our house and it broke my heart because she deserves so much better. She helps anyone that needs it but never herself. I would love to be able to win this money for her so that she can do something for herself and stop working so hard. I’m worried that if she continues pushing herself the way she does that she will work herself right into the grave. Her family needs her, I need her and most importantly our children needs her. She is so deserving of a better life and has sacrificed so much, I would feel that for the first time in so many years I was able to do something for her if given this chance. Thank you for listening. Moton

  36. I would love to be on your show to help a friend of mine, my heart goes out to her as she recently lost her husband on Monday December 5th 2011. She also has a son that is 2 and another one due on January 8th 2012. I can’t imagine being in her position right now being it is so close to Christmas and she lost her other half. She has the biggest heart and is a hard worker and now became a single parent. Her husband was working construction and him and 4 others got hit by a driver going to fast and he was the only one that died. She is going to have a difficult time in life and I would do anything to help her and she is very deserving, Thank You so much for your time. Amy

  37. I should be considered for the ABC show You Deserve because i would be playing to earn money for my parents. They have helped me in the past years more then I can express. Financially they have been what has kept me afloat. Never once have they ever made me feel guilty or ashamed of all the money they have provided me and my kids.

  38. HI, I would love to play for my mother. She is a Christisn women with a big heart, she has gone though two battles of cancer and many surgery’s. She lives on SSI income alone, from Payday to Payday. Currently she is trying to get a book publisher for Kids, she could really use the money to help with her love of writing the books and pay off bills. She works on the side sewing to make ends meat . Please pick me so i can help my mom live a better life. Did i mention that she is 76 and still providing for others.

  39. If you were to select me to be on “You Deserve It”, I would play for my mom. My two sisters and I were extremely lucky growing up. We never wanted for anything. My parents were considered upper middle class, then when all of us finally got to an age where we should be able to support ourselves financially, we dropped the ball. Some of it was luck of the draw, but most of it was because of pure irresponsibility. Our mother has never once failed to bail us out of our money problems and because of that, my parents are now in their retirement years and are still having to work. My dad travels to wherever he can find work and stays gone for months at a time. One sister is mentally ill, and the other one cannot afford to move out and so lives with my parents with her husband and two children. My mother deserves to win this money so her and my dad can pay off their debt and retire without having to worry anymore.

  40. I would like to go on this show to play for my co-worker and friend Nancy. She works so hard at everything she does. Recently her husband has been going through some major health problems along with her own physical issues she has had to deal with, but despite that she still felt the need to provide a home for a rescue golden retriever that has lost her one paw. With everything going on in her life she still works hard everyday and brings joy to everyone she works with. She defrinately deserves this opportunity!


  42. My mother is one of those people that would literally give you the shirt off her back and the last penny to her name. She is 59 and has worked her butt off all her life. About 3 years ago she slipped on a wet piece of wood and broke her arm. She wound up getting what they call frozen elbow and now will never have full use of her arm. She has never been afraid of hard work. She would work very long hours, most of the time she had 3 jobs at once. Things for her have been SO much worse in the past year. In April this year, (2011) she lost her Mother, It was very unexpected and broke her heart. Her sister is termanal with ALFA 1 Antitripson. She already lost another sister in 2009 due to the same thing. One of her brothers has been in and out of the hospital for heart problems and has died on the table several times. As of this November she just lost her other brother out of no where. She also went to sequim washington to be with her sister in law, a week later she lost her service dog from a poisoness musharoom. That was Sunday Nov 28. On Monday, Nov 29 she fell again and broke her knee cap in half, She was’nt able to go to the ER untill she came home that same day, otherwise she would have missed her flight and would have had no way to get back home. When she arived home her son (my oldest brother) had to have surgery to remove a lump in is abdomin and found out that he has Cancer. My Mother seem’s to get more and more depressed as things keep happening. I would love to give her something that would make her smile again, even for just a moment. I can’t think of anyone more deserving then my Mother. I will not stop Praying until I find a way to help return everything she has done for this Family, Friends and also the ones we have lost. She tries to stay strong for all of us but we know shes hurting inside. I want to give her something besides my love that she will never forget! She deseves it!

  43. My mom has always been the back bone of our family, she has been the provider nurturer. she had three of us when i was four she met my stepdad who had three of his own, and they moved in with us, my mom has worked hard her whole life she moved us to a better place when i was 15yrs old, bought her own house she was so proud and happy, I have never seen her so happy. She has always taken care of everyone. to the present, my stepdad has not worked in 4yrs. I am living with her with my two children she has 15 grandkids that love and adore their nana. she works three jobs right now and is struggling to keep her head above water i am not working either so i am not able to help her. she takes care of my grandmother who before my mom intervene was killing herself of alcoholism, she brought her to where we live and now my grandmother is clean and sober and extremely healthy now. My mom is tough as nails but has a heart of gold. I love her and it kills me to see her go through all of this. she is 55yrs old and is TIRED!!!!!!!!!!! But cant quit she has too many people counting on her. even though she has no money she is still making sure there are presents for all her grand children under the tree and that my kids have christmas morning santa clause presents. she gives my children everything they need for school fieldtrips supplies cloths everything i need this opportunity to show her everything she does hasnt gone unnoticed or unappreciated. SHe really needs the money for mortgage and bills and there is nobody else that DESERVES it more than my MOM!!!!!!!!!!

  44. I come from a small town where my father is very well respected. He went to all of my high school events, was a second dad to all of my friends, put up with two daughters and a wife, and worked 16 hour days. He is my hero, my everything. About five years ago, he began to have serious back issues. He continued to work hard to provide for my family, and made sure we always had what we needed. Not only for my family, but he provided to many other families in our small town that were in need. Within the first year that his back began to have issues, he had gone to the doctor to find that he had to have surgery. With no health insurance this put my family in serious debt, and we lost everything we had. He did not want to have surgery but he absolutely had to because the doctors said his back would get worse and he eventually would not be able to walk. With my father unable to work after the surgery, no longer able to pick up more than a gallon of milk, or do simple things such as bending over to tie his shoes. His back has continued to become worse, which makes his medication stronger. There are a lot of times where he cant even get out of bed. Our family financially could not afford anything, and still can’t find the means to afford much. We’ve had to borrow tremendous amounts of money, that will forever put us further and further in debt. We are a below income family just like many other Americans. I believe that my dad deserves this because he has done nothing but give his whole life, and i feel like this could be his time to receive something for once in his life. I love my dad with all my heart, and i feel that there is no one as deserving as him. Anyone and everyone in my community would agree.The money that could be won on this show, could give my dad the opportunity to have therapies he could never afford, and less stress for him to not worry so much about how our family is fed each night, or how any of the bills will be paid. I would be so gratful and blessed to be given the opportunity to change my dads life for the better. Thank you.

  45. Alhough there are many people that deserve to win prize money I believe that my parents deserve it as well. They are always giving to others and providing for there own parents who are still alive, even when they see themselves up to there neck debt and struggling on a daily bases. They have even gone as far as to pay another family members 10,000 debt, really who does that? No matter how dificult life may seem for them they are always there to help other and open there home and hearts to anyone in need. It would be amazing to have the opportunity to win them any amount of money to help relieve there daily stress and worries . Let me help them by being on the show because THEY DESERVE IT!!

  46. I want to have the opportunity to send my daughter to nursing school. She has
    a dream to combine her Masters in Social Work wih Nursing. She hAs worked for ten years in social work, she currently works two jobs struggling financially. With a dual degree new doors could open.

  47. I would love to go on the show for my loving, generous parents. Both of them have worked so hard to give me and my brother the best that they could. My mom works 5 sometimes 6 days a week at a small pizza place delivering pizza. Every penny she makes she puts towards paying off their mortgage. My father works for a bakery delivering to grocery stores. He was driving hundreds of miles a week doing this and money was getting them by. Recently he was put on another route closer to home but it was a HUGE pay cut and now they have had to pull out his retirement to help make ends meet. He is going in for knee surgery in a couple monthes and will be unable to work for quite sometime. I would be so blessed to help my parents out during these difficult times. They have been married for 30 years this month and I look up to them so much for their kind hearts and warm generosity towards others. They never complain and are always going out of there way to help myself and others. I would LOVE an opportunity to be able to help them out and give them a little bit of what I have always dreamed of doing for them! They are the kindest people I know. They Deserve It!!!

  48. I would play the game for my mother. She has sacrificed everything to raise me and my brother. She is a substitute teacher and works with special ed children. Because of that her income is low and she is in debt up to her eyeballs. But she still has time and time again pulled me out of tough financial spots and sacrificed everything to try and forge a better future for me and my brother. And on top of all this she actively volunteers with golden retriever dog rescue in her spare time. She is a loving and compassionate woman who never has a mean word for anyone. The kind of woman who would take the shirt off her back to help someone who is cold. She absolutely loves what she does deserves to be able to continue to love to help people without the stress of her debt all the time. I would love to be able to give her this amazing gift.

  49. my dad was diagnosed with cancer and has still not told me I had to find out from my sister. He says nothing because my mother fell ill about a year and half ago and he gives every bit of him self to take care of her. They live on a fixed income and have many medical bills and medications they need. But my dad being the man he is when my nephew lost his job allowed him to move in and instead of paying for the medications he may need for him or my mother they help all of the kids out. these are two people who take everyone into their home no matter what with no questions asked who stand by their family and love unconditionally. I would love to play this game for them so that they maybe able to pay for what they need while not having to worry how their medications will be payed for.

  50. My mom deserves a much better life than the one she has. She has been married to her husband for 8 years, and he has been unable to work for the last 4. She works two jobs, and takes care of the entire household. I wish I could give her everything she ever wanted. She is an absolute angel. There is no one I know who has a bad word to say about my mother. I’m blessed to have her, and would love to give her an awesome gift!

  51. I would like to play for a dear friend that just recently lost her husband to ALS. He was only 42 years old. They have 4 children ages 19, 16, 9 and 6. She had to watch him over a 5 year period slowly fade away while caring for him and the children. She could really use the money for household expenses and to care for the children. She is a wonderful Christian lady with a heart of gold and a positive outlook on life.

  52. please,,i am from africa i have been maltreated by my dad who lives in alaska,,and now my aunt in seattle is taking care of me,,i wanna suprise her that i am on you deserve it,,i admire the show and i have been washing the show every monday,,

  53. I think I would like to win the money for my spouse. She gave all to be married to me, family,friends and country . She gave up her career as a nurse in her country. She has been a great support to me and our twin sons. I am currently unemployed and looking for work I would really like to let her know that all her belief in me was not in vein.

  54. My cousin, Ralph, is a single father. He works full time and is going to school to help further himself in his occupation (HVAC). He is constantly late on payments for his house, car and utilities because he is so focused on keeping his daughter fed, clothes on her back and daycare. Lately he has had problems with his car breaking down, so he spends his weekends fixing his car so he can make it to work the following week. He was given a company van to drive for the time being, but he knows that it is only a matter of time until that luxary is no longer at his disposal. While he remains positive about life and his situation and loves his daughter more than anyone could love a child, I can hear it in his voice and see it in his face that he feels like the things he does to provide for her are not enough because he is stuck in a state of living paycheck to paycheck and sometimes even day to day. I love my cousin and baby cousin, Ella, and to be afforded the opportunity to turn his luck around would be the greatest gift I could ever give to them both. He is not the kind to take a hand-out, but I know him and his daughter need it.

  55. My mom has been a single mother and worked hard to support myself and my brother.hen we were grown,she finally got married again. My mother has been there for us in our adult life as well. My kids were abused after my divorce and i put their father in prison in 2008. Again,my mom was there for my kids and I. During this time, my mom has battled cancer and her husband has had a series of mini strokes. She had to retire early as a social worker to be his constant care giver. That dramatically decreased their income. I would love to be on the show and win money for my mom to give back what she has given me all my 41 years.

  56. Ok lets start at the begining .Me my 4 older brothers and little sister have been struggling our entire life. At first we could buy almost anyrhing but when my father,and mother both lost their jobs we went over 200000 dollars in debt and lost our home my father then became a driver so we could stay in a hotel I had only been 12 understood everything . I stayed happy when we went to stay with my moms grandmother out great grandmother. She had oly a 2 bedroom hoiuse and her 55 year old son lived with her so we slept on the floor . My mother now has a job at acar rental place and my father takes his check and pays off his debt. We still stay with my greatgrandmother til this day thats why since I am 12 me and my eldest brother

  57. I remember when I was a little girl in church one day, I noticed my father put a rather generous sum into the Church donation basket. I asked my father “why do you give so much money to the church?” He responded, because God has continued to bless me with so much more. My father is one of the most giving and selfless men I have ever known. He raised me, my brother, and my mother’s nephew who came from a broken home, all while putting us all through college, including my brother’s most recent school of Los Angeles Film School. My father is now struggling desperately to repay over $500,000 in student loans and bills that aren’t his and he never complains. He is still supporting his kids and nephew because of how up and down the economy has been with us being able to get steady work. He’s a patriarch and the “go-to” person in the family as both friends and family have always come to him in their time of need because he always manages to have just enough to give. I just recently got married and the wedding was deemed by friends and family as “the wedding of the year” due to the extravagance of it all. A close friend of the family actually let it slip out that my father had to borrow money and jump through hoops to make this wedding the wedding of my dreams. In the midst of all of that, he’s still paying my brother, cousin, and my student loans off, my car note off, my brother’s car note, my cousin’s bills, and another family member’s car payments that they never paid back to him. He manages to do this all the while a die-hard member of his local church that he has been serving faithfully and a leader of the church since he was a young child including serving for the church Soup Kitchen to prepare meals for the homeless every Friday (he never misses a Friday no matter how tired he is); he is also the President of his prestigious fraternal non-profit organization and was nominated as President to reign during their 100 year celebration. I remember one family reunion, my cousin who was 10 years old at the time jumped into the hotel pool to take a swim, all the kids were swimming in that pool that day. Not one of us noticed that she hadn’t come back up out of the water. My father happened to be standing by the pool in his brand new 3-piece suit and tie and noticed that she was actually drowning. With no thought, he jumped into the water, fully clothed to save her. Til this day, they keep in contact and she always tells him how she owes her life to him; coincidentally, they both share the same birthdays. He is well-loved by his community and has made his own way through hard work and giving without asking for anything in return. If I could walk in anyone’s shoes, it would be my father, because his heart beats constant kindness, and he’s been an inspiration to many in his community.

  58. I Believe that i should be on the show for my Mother Because she has been the there for me from day one of my life and continues to be there no matter what. This letter explaines it all. I purchased this boots size fourteen. I hope they fit ur feet. I have not come across a bills jersey that i can afford( smiley face) lately i have been thinking about who do i have who i can depend on to take care of me if i was in need of being cared for on a dailey basis i know that you dont have alot of finances to take care of me. I have planned for such an emergency But the question is ” WHAT IF “. My mom wrote me that letter and i placed it in my Bible with the one question she asked always on my mind “WHAT IF ” I LOVE Her with all my HEART and She is stronger then anyone i know Living and Beating Cancer 2 years ago and MY Mother Gwendolyn Meadows Deserves This Oppurtunity if i could give it to her. Thank You Patrick Meadows

  59. I would love to be able to give something back to my mom. She is 3 years cancer free after having stage 4 non-hodgekins lynphoma. She is always thinking of others and never herself. She works for a company that she goes into other peoples homes and takes care of them, when she could have used the help herself. I have done the best I can throughout the years to help her but I now have my own family to care for and am currently unemployed myself. She lives in a very small apartment in a low income apartment complex and struggles from day to day and month to month just to get by. Please ABC my mom deserves this.

  60. My mom has done so much for people. She has took people in when she did not have any where to sleep herself.her sister had been sleeping with our step dad for 11 years while they was together for 14 and she still took her back.. i had 3 kids by the age 17and she took them in so i think she deserve the world..i love her so much and we are loseing the house right now so please help us…..

  61. This is for my mother, Joanie. She’s the strongest person I know and quite the inspiration. After surviving breast cancer twice, and a lung transplant, my mother’s cup is ALWAYS half full. After 35 years in her house she gave it up to live a little. Her medication cost, and expenses were getting out of control and she decided it was time to sell her house before she was left with nothing. My mother is the best grandma to my kids, the most amazing and selfless friend, and a very kind person who hasn’t had the best luck in life. She deserves everything!

  62. I have a good friend named Joel Reichgeld. We met at work, cleaning offices and bathrooms.She had a small house she was struggling to keep up with the payments. In the end she lost her home, she moved into big apt. complex that was rent controlled and for people 55 and older. She started cleaning the apts. of some of the tennants then branched out to private homes and apt. outside of the place she was living.That’s what she does in the morning after she takes her 10 yr. old grand-daughter to school. She also has a job cleaning at night. She picks up her grand-daught from school and takes her to the sitter so she can go to work.Joel also takes the elderly women from her complex to the food pantry once a week.She is always doing for others I would like to do for her and win money for her.She was always there for me when I needed someone to hear me cry and let me grieve.Thank you Joel for being there when my son died.Joel is one incredable woman, I know she deserves the money,it would make her whole life a better place for her grand Children and Joel.I would like to see her get a make over, she looks older than she is I would just love it if Joel could get this gift of money to help here change her life for the better. Mrs. Karen A. Huven, Appleton

  63. Long story short, both my father and my sister had MS. I would love to give my eighty- seven year old mother the best Christmas and new years ever – She was a Saint and donate any winnings to MS.

  64. The person that I feel deserves to be recognized on the show is my mother. She has worked in factories for over30 years, and I feel that she is long over due for a break in her life. She just recently had By Pass surgery and rotator cuff surgery but can not go on disability because of her need to have an income while waiting on her disability. Despite all of this she continues to work in factories to support herself, because it is kind of hard to find jobs that will hire her at her age and with limited qualifications in other areas besides factory work. After my father died my mother also moved in with me because my brother and I did not want her to be alone. She had been married for over 30 years and I knew that this would be a big change for her. I would love for her to be debt free and have a home of her own, (SHE SO DESERVES IT!) All she talks about is what she would do if she had a home of her own to raise her Grandchildren in. I hope that all of her dreams are able to be filled if considered for the show. I thank you for your time and I hope that a representative calls us soon.

  65. My father is 69 years old. I had a work injury 2 years ago and had to borrow money from my father to support myself and my daughter. The amount I owe him now is over $10k. He also helped me pay for my paralegal school by driving extra routes as a Commercial truck driver. Everytime I try to repay him some money he says I don’t owe him anything. He has troubled cataracs and arthiritis. He has depleted all off his savings. He deserves this money to get off the truck and take care of his health and my mother. He never complains about a thing and always considers himself as being blessed. I must contributed to this for them.

  66. Hello, my name is Jennifer and I would like to help my daufhter, Ashley who is 19 years old. She is an amazing young woman who has endured some very difficult times in her life. Seven years ago she was taken from me because of domestic violence. I was the victim and her father was the perpatratior, she witnessed a lot of violence and abuse and despite everything she has witnessed and gone through herself she has worked very hard to overcome many obsticles. She lives close to me know and works full time as a cna at the vetrans hospital taking care of the men and women who have fought for our country. She is also a full time college student with great grades. I am so very proud of all the hard work she has done in her life I am not in a position financally to help her pay for school but it would mean so much to me to be able to appear on this show and win some money for her to pay for school and get her a new car that she so deserves, she is amazing and inspires me every day to be the best person I can be. Thank you very much for the chance to mabye be on your show and give the best start in life that all parents dream they can give their children again thank you Jennifer Wallace

  67. I would like to participate in You Deserve It because I want to give something back to my mother. She has done everything in her power to take care of me and my brothers. She is a single mother of three kids. There has been times in my life were she has held three jobs just to maintain a house. Everyday she worries about how she will support our family. As of January of 2011, my mother was hurt on the job. They still do not know what happened but since then she has barely been able to use her arms. She hasn’t worked since the day of the accident and everyday I hear her cry because she feels like an inadequate mother. She was searched and searched for help to pay for bills and food. She is finally scheduled for her surgery but a year without work and three kids is a lot more than anyone can handle. Our father hasn’t help and she has been the mother and father we have needed our whole live. It is now Christmas time and when I say she cries more than five times a day, I am not joking. She has pawned all of my deceased grandmas jewelry to pay bills. Not being able to afford to pay on those pawns she lost everything she had from my grandma. Her heart is broken and I just want to mend her broken heart. I want to be able to provide my mom with the help she needs. I want her to know that I am thankful and BLESSED to have a mother like her. That she could take care of three kids, go through so much and still stay strong for us she deserves more than I could ever give her. If I was able to go on this show it would make such a difference in our lives and especially hers. Thank you!!!!

  68. I would love to come on the show and help my husband. He came to the united states when he was 17 yrs old. He is now 32 and has not seen his mom since the day he left, over 15 yrs ago. we have tried to save money so he can go visit. There have just been so many set backs, he was a stone mason and because of the economy, he was laid off. We have been struggling to just pay our bills. We have four children that have never seen there grandparents. MY husbands sister passed away, and he couldn’t go to the funeral. He struggles withthat every day. His mom is very sick now and he is worried that she will pass away before he is able to see her again. He is an amazing father and works so hard for his family. He deserves to see his mom before she passes away, to be reunited with all his loved ones is what I would like to be able to give to him. I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more than him. Thankyou for reading my message. Please help me, help my husband.

  69. I want to play formy mother Beverly Wurmb (pronounced worm). My mother gave up her life to raise not only me and my 2 full brothers Todd and Lance but also my fathers children from his first marriage and no notjusy 1 or 2 but 8, Larry, Lani, Lisa, LeeAnn, Tinker, Blair, Blaine and Lola. We also have a sister Bobbi which is the only one that lived with her mother. My mother did every thing she was the bread winner and was the parent who was always there for us all!!! She loved all of us equally. My father was ill and an alcoholic so he was really not there for most of the stuff in our lives and then he died when I was ih the 6th grade. Some of my siblings decided that they would move inwith their mother when we had to move. One day my sister told me what inappropriate things her step father was doing to her and told me notto tell. I did not listen, Itold my mother and she went straight to the school and pulled her out and made sure that he never hurt her again. Her mother on the other hand stayed with the man. These days only two of my siblings even think of my mom that is Blair and Blaine. My brother Larry was close with my mom but he ended his life because of some thingsin his life he just could not deal with this was a very sad time for our family. Any way none ofmy siblings (fathers children) even give a thought of calling her on her birthday or mothers day. She gave her life to them and us and she deserves something in return. She is living pay check to pay check since she had to retire early with heart trouble and now at 75 years young I think she is the most loving person in the world and deserves it!!! you need to bring your show to PITTSBURGH PA so I can win it for her.

  70. I want to play for my mother. My mother not only brought up her own three children me and my two brothers but she also raised my fathers other children from his first wife. Not just 1 or 2 no that wasn’t enough for my dad. There were 8 of his children that she raised and loved. My father was not a healthy man and was an alcoholic so my mother was left to do much of everything on her own. My father died when I was in the 6th grade and then my mother had us on her own. Some of his kids when my mother had to move us from our home left her to go to there rel mothers home. These days there are only 2 of them that even acknowledge her at all. My mother even took one of my sisters back when I told of her step fathers in appropriateness and made sure that he never touched her again. My mother was the one who cared not hers. I feel that she gave up her life for these kids and me and my brothers and she deserves a reward. She ended up having to retire early do to heart problems and is living pay check to pay check and it is not right. I want to give back what she gave up for us. I love my mom and this is the leastI could do for her. Of course I do not live in LA, I live near Pittsburgh PA and I would love if you could bring your show on the road for people like her!!!!!!

  71. Hi, Thanks you for the opportunity to recommend my friend Stephanie and her husband Chris Pope. They are a selfless couple who continue to give back to their community despite their own personal hardships. I became acquainted with Stephanie while working at a local hospital. I was a foster parent and she became the guardian of a foster child I had named Jeremy. After 2 years she learned that Jeremy had a sister, Mercy who was in another foster home with an elderly foster parent who was not able to adequately take care of her. Stephanie didn’t hesitate to take on the additional responsibility of fostering Mercy. She later became her guardian as well. Stephanie became ill and needed surgery. While she was recovering, Chris Pope, a fellow church member visited her daily and saw the same special quality that endeared her to me and her other friends. The two became close. After she was released from the hospital they dated, became engaged, and later married. During the course of their marriage when things were going well, external circumstances have made for a rocky ride. Stephanie became ill again during a trip to the mid west for a family member’s funeral, and Chris was told she needed a transplant or she would die within 24 hours. Needless to say she missed the funeral due to this. She was fortunate enough to receive the transplant. Although they purchased a house to raise the children, the financial stress brought on by Stephanie’s illness required that they sell and move out. Since then they have been renting and Chris who is in the construction field, has had intermittent employment due to the decline in the economy. Chris who is back in school to become better qualified for a new career. Stephanie still volunteers at a local food bank helping those who are not much less fortunate. Also when she feels well enough, assists a friend by caring for his ailing wife. This last year has been particularly difficult for this family as they lost Jeremy after being reunited with his biological mother, he committed suicide. She is now working through her grief to help others who have lost a child to suicide. They have a small piece of land in the mid west and although I would miss her, I would so like to see them be able to have their own home on that land and live in peace in a place surrounded by family. Their faith has carried them this far and I have never heard them complain once. I would like to be able to help them get a little bit further down the road of life.

  72. My heart is in so much pain. I ache and am crying inside constantly over the situation my mother is in but, she is a survivor. I was raised by a wonderful single mother who has given her whole self to her children. About 17 years ago my mother married an abuser and we lived in fear for 6 years. She divorced and we went into hiding for 2 years living from shelter to shelter. I have two younger sisters and a teenage brother. We are all doing the best we can now mentally and emotionally. Mom has tried everything to come back financially but has never been able to rise above. She is living in my sisters house currently because she couldn’t afford rent at her apartment. I wish she could afford to buy a home. I have fought tooth and nail to protect my mother and I have given everything I am to try and help my family. I own and operate a cleaning service and I volunteer full time as a Bible teacher to try to help people find answers in life. If I could get on this show and finally be able to help my mother and my younger brother in a way that would relieve the financial weight that has been crushing her for years it would change my painful tears to joyful cries. Please choose me, please.

  73. hello my name is Joseph Ovalle and my mom Cynthia recently know as Cynthia Martinez deserves it. she deserves it because when i was born my father was and still is not around he abandoned me and my mom as i grew up i wanted to see him so much that my mom would have her friend call the house phone a pretend it was him. she cried every night because i would bug her so much. she deserves it because she has not only been the BEST MOTHER in the world but she has also been the BEST FATHER in the world even with all her medical conditions including bipolar-ism and depression. later on she had another child my brother ramon and when he was about 9 he was unknowingly diagnosed with epilepsy which put all of us back a step and again we were short on bills because of all the days she had to miss for her son that was sick in the hospital and kept having seizures.later on She got married on Christmas eve of 2010 to Anthony Martinez who is a good and caring man and now we are currently living in a house with 9 people and even though we all love each other very much it is hard to get around because we are always short on money for the bills. my mom deserves more than that and i would do anything in the world for her so PLEASE i beg of you help me help her get back up on her feet so we could all walk together

  74. My mother is a single parent of four who was forced to divorce her abusive husband when my three siblings and I were very young. Without any financial support from my father, my mom went back to work to provide for her family and has never stopped. She has sacrificed everything for us four kids and has never complained about it. My mom is the MOST giving person I know and does ANYTHING for ANYONE who needs help. My mother has continued to take care of her adult children and family members, especially in the past 2.5 years. I almost lost my life when my colon ruptured and my mom took vacation time (and then FMLA) to nurse me back to health. Just recently, my aunt had to have a hip replacement and my mom is using her vacation time to take care of her. These are only two examples of how incredibly selfless my mom is, always has been, and always will be. I have prayed for the day that I might be able to repay my mom for all she’s done for EVERYONE, however on a teacher’s salary, I have never been able to do so. It would truly be an HONOR to be able to win money for this OUTSTANDING hero and say to her “YOU DESERVE IT!”

  75. I know everyone is applying to win money for their Mother for many reasons. I am a two time Iraqi Freedom veteran. I love to help people period. My Mother is always helping everyone other then herself in which whom I learned from. She starts her day at 4 a.m. going to my Grandparents to change my grandfather and make sure my Grandmother and Grandfather have their pills for the day. Then she goes to my sisters to watch their two year old until my sister gets home from work because she works midnights and her husband has to leave for work in the morning. Then she goes to work taking care of the elderly all day. On her lunch she returns to my Grandparents to feed them then back to work. After work she picks up my other sister’s kids from school while she and her husband are at work gets them where they need to go then back to the Grandparents to bath and make sure they have dinner and what not. By the time she gets home it is 9 p.m. She is always taking care of other people and their families. She also has my 30 year old step sister who lives at home with her with two kids who she also helps out with. Then to bed and to start all over. She is always worried about everyone and is aging by the minute. I would love to win a little money for her to maybe go on a vacation or help out with my Grandparents who are in their mid eighties and technically should be in a nursing home but my Mother will not have it as long as she is able to walk. It would be nice to be able to give her something in return!

  76. I believe my father deserves this because he has always suppored myself and two brothers through everything. He is a very hard working person and does anything for anyone he has such a big heart. He needs a knee replacement and has no insurence and is in pain everyday but still works even when he had insurence to have to procedure done he couldbt take off enough time to do so. I would lovel to do this for my father to thabk him for everything he has done for myself and my two brothera and also my 3 year old son. Without him i dont know where id be. Where im from things like this dont happeb to anyone. If i was given this chance i kbow i could take care of any worry my father had.

  77. I’m submitting this application in order to try and get on your show You Deserve It because my father has been behind on child support for years now and has always put his children before himself. He has four children and his littest, who’s 4th birthday is today, is moving to Florida in a week. We recently lost the court battle of trying to keep her here and while we were at court my dad’s fiance, who is carrying his next child, left him. He came home to nobody. He’s struggeling to get by and needs this more than anything. If I were to be awarded the right to get to be on the show every bit of the money awarded to me would go to him. So please take all of these recent difficult events into consideration when deciding who will be placed on your show. Thank you.

  78. we need at least about about $70,000-$100,000.she really wants to pay her mortgage off and me and her have planned on opening a scrub uniform shop in Orlando, would help her because she could get her divorce and be able to make it without moving out of her house into a 1 bedroom because shedidnt cheat on him and she dosent deserve that after all she has been through and all she has done for him.she sat by his mother bed in the hospital making sure the nurses took care of her.he came after about a week and she died that same day after she saw him.but again thats why my mother deserves it! .And also with me running the bussiness i will have employment!:-) Thank you so much for reading and concidering changing her life.

  79. My mother has been going through alot lately,from having stomach problems,and going under a scope before and worried about her husband thats in the army that was stationed in wisconson that has been commiting adultry for 3 years with another women where he was stationed,bought her a engagement ring took her to meet his family in alabama,his family lied and told the mistress him and my mother where divorced and and told the mistress that has two kids they were getting married at the begining of next year.then he somehow got a fake divorce dicree and showed it to the army and lied to them saying him and my mother have been divorced since 2007 a couple months ago i picked up the housephone,it was a private number,a lady saying she was the other women and hung up.shes always sad and crying lately even though she never lets me see her like today when i came home,she had been crying,my mother is a really good women and she didnt deserve that.he is a major income for her household so for her to divorce him she needs this money.I admit even though ive made some mistakes in my life as well when i was a teen,I would never do anything to directly hurt my mother,he is a very much a adult that knew better and the consiquences of his actions.he has been physical me in the past and when i found out about his mistress being that my mother asked me to he came all the way to NC to have a physical confrentation with me.He dosent deserve her,and this money will change her life so that she doesnt have to depend on him.

  80. I don’t know if you could play for three deserving kids… At least they will always be kids in my eyes. There mom passed away when the youngest was 6 wks the other two being 12 and nine at moms time of death and there father was incarcerated at that time also. I think that all three of these childrens life could be improved by me winning on this thing I do know is that all three of these beautiful children DESERVE IT and I would love to play for them!!!!

  81. Hi there I would be playing the game for my mom…. she is 67 years old and has had such a tough life. Mary Ellen (my mom) was born a premature and nothing has been easy since BUT she has never lost faith of gone off course. She is my HERO… She has been in TWO major car accidents broke her face and her chest when she went thru the windshield after a drunk driver hit her car. She has had many many surgeries I lost count she had to go on disability @ 10 years ago do to degenerative bone and spine again still has faith.. Now 5 years ago she was diagnosed with with breast cancer they did one surgery and did not get it all so had to go back in (story of her life nothing is right the first time) all was well but they tried a new radiation treatment and burnt her the doctor would not admit so the tried many ways to heal with the hyperbaric chamber, had it debreaded daily,then finally had to remove her breast, 2 ribs and burnt her lungs and heart…But after all her doctors and hospital stays she is BROKE and is in the process of going bankrupt HOWEVER it it is killing her she has sooo much pride but her social security check is very low because she stayed home with us kids and did not work much…..ANYWAY if someone needs this it is my hero my mom…and I JUST LOVE playing games almost as much as I love this would be a perfect match…. thanks Colleen Caron

  82. I would like to play for my mother in law. Last March she opened up her home for my husband and me. A month after we moved in my daughter was born. My husband and I had to declare bankruptcy because we couldn’t afford all our bills. We had to move out of our apartment since there wasn’t enough room for all of us. With a baby due in April and our apartment lease up in June, we were in a very tight spot. I have Duane’s syndrome which is an eye condition that makes it unsafe for me to drive. My mother in law has done so much to help us and other members of her family. I’ve heard her say that she would like someone to take care of her for a change instead of her shouldering the family’s burdens. That is why I want to give back to her.

  83. My mom go to work cook and clean she really has no personal life and she is a nurse her day consist of helping others when I come home she is so tired , I never really get a chance to talk to her or to enjoy my mom I wish I could show that she does deserve it..p.s. she won’t allow me to buy her any birthday or christmas gifts

  84. I would love to be on this show to try and win a better life for my dad. He has worked his whole life to make sure my sister and I were taken care of, and I just want to have the opportunity to tell him thank you and to tell him how blessed I am that he is my dad. My dad has not always had the easiest life, but he always made sure we were okay, and we couldn’t ask for more. I love my dad, and this would change his life, and it would mean the world to me.

  85. My mother is in need of money, Her and my dad are going though a devorice right now, and she has a job working as a bartender and having to pay a big house payment and to pay for my brothers school and cant afford to take care of herself. my dad doesnt want to help all that much, and i know she deserves it alot to help get on her feet and to be able to get out of debt and to be able to enjoy her life all over again, i love helping her out but its starting to hurt me by helping her. i think this would be the best way to get it for her and to help her out even more. i love my mom with all my heart and i would love to see her happy again with no worries.

  86. I have a longtime friend, after a divorce with 5 grown children has lost almost everything. She was homeless until her mother passed away. She was able to get help to purchase her mother’s home because her daughter helped her. She no longer can make holiday dinners for the family, unless a friend helps out. She does not have a car, nor money. Therefore I would like to be able to help her, by
    joining your show and hopefully winning to help her. Thank you for your consideration. Valerie Guijt

  87. I am submitting this app to You Deserve It for my mom in 1996 her and my father divorced they lost everything. My mom went from having a house,cars,vacations etc to having nothing. She had to sell all her stuff that she worked years for to get money and take care of myself and my sister. She took the litlle that she had and moved us into an apartment she gave me and my sister the master bedroom and her bed so that we could have room to sleep and she took the smaller room and a twin bed! She worked three jobs and put herself through school just so she could support us! She would get off one job just to go to another. Since we have grown up and married she has had to move from place to place renting rooms from people and taking very little stuff with her. She is such a giving peson with a giving heart she does everything she can and gives whatever she has now to her grandkids she is constantly doing for everybody else and not herself. She still continues to work two jobs and has gone through to illness that have put her out of work. She continues to work when she gets better. I would love to see her back to living a life where she isn’t working her body to the bones I wish I could help her on my own because she does deserve it! Since I can’t I would love to go on the show to help her!

  88. I was saying it would mean the world to me. To be able to for once help them in there time of need. I want her to feel beautiful again. Because what that dr did to her as ruined he self esteem. That’s a lot when she is the one who made my family strong.

  89. My mother deserves it. She’s been without a job for the past six or more years due to the surgery that a doctor did on her face. it’s more than just vanity its depression sadness it’s unhappiness. and if I can get the money to help her fix this problem and also maybe pay some of her and my dad’s bill so they won’t be so stressed out stressed after all they’ve done for me and my son and my brother my two sisters don’t mean the world to me and a lot of you Bordano

  90. i believe i should be considered for the ABC -You Deserve it because i believe God sent me to this site to help a boyfriend in need because he deserves a blessing so that he will not lose his home soon if a blessing dont come through. His whole entire family living with him will be homeless without a place to go including myself also because we all depend on him for housing so please make this come true for all of us. He has an outstanding debt of $62,000.00 dollars which he owes on his condo and dont want to repossess it if he doesn’t pay the debt soon.

  91. I would like to submitted my grandfather. He is a veteran, and served for our country durring Vietnam. I’d love to surprise him, it would mean the world to me. He always goes out of his way for everyone else. He’s had 3 open heart surguries, and has recovered well from them! I’m thankful and blessed to have a grandfather like him.

  92. Thank you for reading my application. I am writing you so that I can try to help my husband of 19 years. He is a very hard working man. He works for our church and has many duties. We have 3 teenage daughters. I work as a daycare provider in our home. The economy has dropped and I am having a hard time finding children to take care. My husband sometimes works 14 to 15 hours a day. We are in debt and I am trying to help him. He is a great husband, father and son. Please consider my application.

  93. Life is wonderful gift. I am very lucky I have a wonderful Mom who is also my best friend! She is a very kind and caring person with a smile that lights up any room and always makes my day! She has always put others first and has provided me with life long examples of how to reach out to others to make their lives more fulfilling. When I saw the commercial for “You Deserve It” I decided to pursue the opportunity to be on your show because nothing would make me happier than to be able to help my Mom financially. Being a contestant would equate winning the lottery and would allow her some much needed relief from her obligations. My Mom worked full time in merchanding until the age of 71…she made shopping an event and fun! She gave it her all every day and was excellent at her job! She’s been retired for 8 years and still has customers recognize her around town. Since retiring she’s had a series of health issues which have been compounded with financial problems to create a huge amount of stress! To further complicate our lives I was laid off from my position and like so many am currently job hunting. Through all of our tribulations we support each other and wake up every day feeling hopeful about the future. We believe God has a plan and it’s up to us to do the best we can every day. Laughter is good medicine, but we still have to pay our bills and be able to live. Maybe I’m a dreamer, but I am envisioning my Mom’s face while writing my entry…YOUR Program would be my gift to my beautiful Mom! I hope you’ll allow me this opportunity. Sincerely, Margaret Osborn, proud daughter of Pat!

  94. I feel my husband DESERVES it because he is an amazing husband and father. He took over his grandfathers vending business after he passed away and feels like he has to succeed to keep his grandfathers name alive. He also works another full time job to support me and our kids. He has a lot of stress but always faces life with a smile!!! He inspires me everday! I would love to be able to ease his stress just a little and give even a piece back of what he has given me.

  95. Who: My Father, Kenneth Hoots

    What: The problem…the beast…Cancer (Undergoing major surgeries, chemo and radiation)

    Financial Loss: Medical bills, loss of work due to medical treatments

    When: ASAP

    Why: Because he deserves it! Are you kidding? (Did I mention that he is a retired Naval Officer, 32 years of service, mutiple deployments to Iraq/Iran, now works for Stennis Space Center.) 9 months of pain, surgery, chemo and radiation. I want to provide him and his wife with funds to not only cover their medical expenses and loss of income, but to go on a vacation of the dreams!

    Dad: YOU DESERVE IT!!! You are a hero to our country, a hero to all those who suffer and fight cancer, and a hero to your 5 girls and 5 grandsons!

  96. I am so excited to watch your new game show “You Deserve It” on Monday November 21st. I would love to be on your show.I have been married for 28 1/2 years and I would love to give back to my husband for all the years of sacrifice he has made for his family. We have six children. His mine and ours. He worked out of state for most of our childrens lives. Not by choice, but out of necessity to provide for such a large family. He missed most of their childhood. He is a commerical contractor. Which is very hard work. He now has deteriorating disc in is lower back caused from lifting. He was supposed to have surgery on his back several years ago. He didn’t for 2 reasons, they only game have a 50/50 chance that the surgery would help his back. The second reason was because with 6 children and our monthly bills, we would have lost our home. He would have been off work for 6 to 8 weeks for recovery. He has arthristis in most of his joint caused by Lupus. He still work five days a week. He still works in construction but the ecomomy isn’t very good, so theres not much work in our area. We have had to use all of our savings to pay our bills. When he comes home in the evenings after working, he can hardly stand up straight. He is in so much pain. It is very heartbreaking to see him this way. I truly would love to be a part of your new game show and to give my husband a little bit of security. He is such a caring, giving, loving man. Our children and I have truly been blessed. Thank you, Cindy Howard

  97. I am writing for my mother..I will give you a little history, then what she is going trough now. In Jan of 1994 our house burned to the ground and took my dad and 6 year olf brother with it. My parents were still together after 21 years and happy. After losing everything (a soulmate and a child) you would think she would have lost it. She changed , nothing has been the same. she did get a house 6 months after , but could not afford the upkeep on $9 dollars an hour. Since then my mother has had 4 heart attacks and 2 stokes, losing her hair due to meds , congestive heart failure, diabetes, bad thyroid, high blood pressure..basically a mess, recently due to the heart attack and stroke in june my mom moved in with me..she is disabled, but doesn’t qualify for medicare or medicade, we applied 2 years ago and fought it, but surprise the government lost her stuff in the shuffle, I want to surprise her with this…it would literally give her something to hope for that good things due happen to good people, I want to see her smile again and have possible a little less to worry about ,somwthing positiv. If you need to check on my story it was in Bradley Illinois, jan 15 1994, My name was April Stua and my mom Is Bonnie Stua, …Thanks for reading :)

  98. I would be doing this for my mother who I think has been through the worse thing I think any mother could go through. In july of 2005 my brother a United States Marine came home from he second tour in Iraq to find out that he had cancer. This was the worst thing that could happen to our family. My mother did what she could to help him and his family with their bills and to take him to places and do things with him that he would never get to do. In doing this she put herself in so much debt but to her it was worth it to see him happy. In March 2006 my brother passed away she went through major depression and has been trying to play catch up on the bills ever since. She has filed bankrupcy trying all she can to make things better. Now all she has is me and my 2 sisters and I would love the opportunity to be on this game to win her some money so that maybe things could be a little easier for her. She is also my hero in the sense that she saved my life I was in an abusive marriage for 8 1/’2 yrs. Like any mother she was scared that I was going to be killed she helped me to get out to make a better life for me and my children. She is a Hero in my eyes and I think that she deserves the best.

  99. I am very pleased to submit my application and play to win money for my mother. Her and my step father have worked so hard their whole lives to keep a roof and food on the table for their six children. She is always forgetting about herself to help and give to others. My step father a couple years ago had an anuerysm burst inside his head and was not supposed to survive. For weeks we sat at the hospital while we hoped he would survive through surgery and recovery. he was not supposed to live and yet my mother stayed by his side for weeks til he was finally able to come home. since she did not go to work we were unable to pay some bills and if not for the little bit of help from our small town we would not have been able to eat. I was in highschool and almost failed that year to help. My step father still has two in his head and many other health problems. My mother at this time is also going through some health problems and work is literally killing her. I want to help her pay off her mortgage so she can once again enjoy life. So she can pay the other bills and not have to worry about losing her house. When i got pregnant and needed her help she did not say anything but yes. I did not have to help out when i couldnt afford it. She opened her heart to my boyfriend, my baby, and myself without a second thought. My mother really needs this, and so do I, so my lttle girl can grow up having a grandmother. I am doing this to give my mother what she deserves for once in her life.

  100. My mother has worked all of her life to support me. I was diagnosed last year with Chiari Malformation and pseudotumor. Prior to this I was an RN in a Director position. I am no longer able to work and use to supplement my mother’s income with mine, as she is raising my two children. I had bought her a van and was paying payments on it but had to sale it when I came off of work. She is such a great grandmother and I don’t know where my children or myself would be without her. She was injured in a bus accident 10 years ago and is unable to hold a full time job d/t her injuries. The only thing they can do for her is surgery and she isn’t ready for that d/t the possibility of being paralyzed. So, not only would this be for my mother, but my two children too.

  101. I come from a family on independent women who have had really no choice but to try and survive for the sake of family. Due to recent circumstances the leading memebers of the family are all out of jobs. My mom has worked two and sometimes three jobs to provide for three kids, after my father past we were on our own since the age of two. After being with her current jobs both for over 10 years each, one decided to call and say we no longer have any work for you or other employees, the other suggested just looking for another job. This hard working loving individual has now been out of a job for 5 months, stuggling to pay her bills and stressing everyday. I love her with everything if there is anything I can do for her i certainly will, this show would be a great opportunity for me to try and pay her back for everything over the years that she has done.

  102. Hi my name is Katie and I would like to be on your program to win money for my mother, Theresa. Three years ago on January 20th she lost her husband of 14 years. I am the youngest out of her three children and i’m still in high school. since my step dad has passed my mother has had a hard time paying her bills. She lost her house which forced us to have to live with my sister. while being there my mom had gotten really depressed and I took care of her for about a year. That was a hard year for me because taking care of her for so long really didn’t give me the chance to grieve. After all of that i went into a really bad depression and got committed to the hospital. When i got out of the hospital it left my mom with a lot of bills and i’m still in therapy which is still costing her a lot. We then moved out of my sisters house into our own apartment but she wasn’t able to pay her outstanding electric bill and we then moved in with my grandparents. When we moved back in with my grandparents i ended up going back to the hospital for a little while. My mom had to barrow over a thousand dollars from her friend to get it turned back on and she is still paying her back. The apartment we moved into she wasn’t able to afford and we got kicked out of there. When we got kicked out i stayed with a friend for the summer in Wisconsin. My mom stayed at my cousins house for a few weeks till they moved, and then she moved in with my dad and step mom. she also had a car she had to let go of because she couldn’t afford it and had to ride the bus to and from work. We now Live in a one bedroom apartment and she sleeps on the couch and she did get another car but she is still having a difficult time paying all the house bills and all of my medical bills along with a car payment now. I would like you to please consider her for this because she is doing the best she can for me and she is trying to pay for my senior year all by herself and father doesn’t help her with any of my bills. He does pay child support which isn’t really enough. This would help her out so much, it would help us out so much she is doing the best she can but is still having a hard to, please just consider my mother I love her with all of my heart and I hate seeing her go through all of this.

  103. i think my grandmother deserves because she has worked her whole life, she is a sweet, caring women and she lives in an old apartment building. she works every single day of her life and never takes a break to support my daughter and everyone else of our family. She doesn’t speak any word of english She has never taking time to do something for herself and i would really really be happy if you would do this for her!!!!

  104. My grandmother deserves it because she has worked her whole life starting from when she was 9 in Colombia. she doesn’t speak any sort of english. but please i beg you, please help my grandmother, it would mean the world to her if you did this!!!!!!!

  105. Hi, My name is Debby Meyers and I would like to be on your program to win money for my best friend, Valentina. We have been friends for about 18 years and our sons are like brothers. Valentina’s husband passed away about 13 years ago, from cancer, when her son Austin was 5 years old. She has struggled to make ends meet and raise her son for the past several year. Money has always been a juggling act from month to month. She has always put Austins needs first and always seems to worry about how the bills will be paid. Austin is in his first year of college, another large expense, and she is trying to meet his needs and also look into a future on her own. It is her time to focus on herself and what life might hold for her. Not having to worry about finances or college fees would be a true gift for her, I would love to make that happen. When Valentina’s husband passed away he left her with very little liquid income, most of what he left her was under-developed land. She was what I call, Land rich- Money poor. Most properties needed to be improved before they could be sold, which cost money. She used some of her liquid assets to do this and was poised to sell some of the properties when the bottom fell out of the market. She has not been able to sell any of the land, except for one piece to a land trust, and is now running out of liquid cash to pay the taxes.The money from the one piece she did sell went to pay for her sons education. Without some financial help she is in jeopardy of loosing everything.

    Valentina is an amazing woman with an incredibly entrepreneurial spirit. She has found creative ways to make ends meet and support herself and her son over these past several year. In the time I have know her she has turned her home into a B&B, started painting and actually managed to sell several of her paintings, developed properties and raised an amazing young man.

    With her son away in college she is looking for a new direction in her life, one that will enrich her and help her pay the bills. There is a cooking school in California she would like to attend if she could find the financial means to do so. I would love to be able to provide her with the money to do this.

    Please consider my request to be on your show very seriously. I believe Valentina is an inspirational person and would show people watching your show that following your dreams may be a bumpy road but with some help along the way it is very possible.

  106. If I were on the show “You Deserve It,” I would give all of the proceeds to my mom. My mom was a hard working school teacher and my dad worked as a train conductor. When I was in fourth grade she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and was forced to retire at an early age. It killed her knowing that she could not continue to provide for our family. When I was in tenth grade my dad died suddenly within two days, later finding out that he had undetected colin cancer. My dad was three months away from getting his retirement when he died and the railroad would not give our family any benefits after his death. With my mom not being able to work, things at our house drastically changed once again. With me turning eighteen we lost more money from the government each month. I am currently attending a private Christain college and I have two younger brothers wanting to attend college when they graduate. Things have been really stressful for my mom and I really want this opportuity to help provide for her future, especially since she has to have so much medicine for her disease. I also want for my younger brothers to be able to have the opportunities to get a great education so they can prosper in their lives.

  107. My mother is my best friend. She is a mother of five and has always put all her kids before anything else. She had my oldest sister when she was 19 and married very young. She worked so hard and after having my second oldest sister and my brother the struggle got to her and she became and alcoholic. She lost herself. But thankfully she fought for her kids and recovered. After meeting my dad she had me and my younger sister. My parents struggled. My mom would go into work, stay all night and then work the entire next day. We lived in a 2 bedroom log cabin with my mom dad and all five kids. It was hard. Finally my dad worked hard and opened his own computer store. Things got better. We got a nice 4 bedroom house .. Things were good. My mom always tried to give us the lives she wanted us to have. Put us in private school, tried to give us the best education. But still remembered to teach us the value of a dollar. Unfortunately within the kast 3 years, the economy has gotten so bad. My dads store is falling apart. My mom is back to working multiple jobs. She’s so depressed and still trying to give her kids everything she has left. It hurts me to see her this way. It hurts me to see my father this way. I’m only 20 years old and living on my own. If I had money I would give it to them faster than a person can blink. This is my only hope. My parents are the greatest people I know. They deserve the world. They deserve to be happy. They’re not getting to live their lives. Instead they’re constabtly worrying. They deserve this money. They’ve given us everything they have. I just want to give them something in return.

  108. I would like to play for my sister. She and her husband are two of the most selfless people I know. She is raising a special needs son, as well as taking care of her mother-in-law a lot, which has cost her a lot of money and time from work. Their insurance premiums are astronomical, my brother-in-law brings home about half of what he actually earns. They are deeply in debt, yet somehow they always find a way to give to others. I would love the chance to give something back to them. Thank you for your consideration.

  109. I think I should be considered for the show You Deserve It because both of my parents are 64 years old, and have struggled their entire lives. My mother is going through bankruptcy and struggling to keep a roof over her families head. Her son (my brother) is severely handicapped to where he cannot work or function at a normal
    level and he keeps falling and hurting himself. She helps so many people and never thinks of herself. My dad has B cell lymphoma and is in remission, but now has skin cancer. He is STILL working to support his family, going on to work out of town even though he is so much older and sick. My parents have not been on a vacation in 10 years because they feel they cannot afford and feel they would be irresponsible. Because dad had to retire because of cancer he drew from social security and now my parents have to pay all of that back because he forced himself to go back to work, and have to pay back taxes. My parents may even loose their home. They believe they will never be able to retire. I cry every time I think about it. My mother never buys anything for herself, only for other people. No Christmas, birthday, anniversary presents, nothing. She has struggled her whole life. Th only time my parents have ever taken off of work that I have known of was when my dad was discovered to have stage 4 non-hodgkins lymphoma. They are the hardest working people I have ever met. My handicapped brother was hit by a car when he was five years old and has taken care of him ever since. She even takes care of me still and I am 23 years old. Now my mother’s sister has moved in with us because of her hardships, and my mom doesn’t even blink an eye, she just welcomes her in, even though my aunt has no job. Sometimes I see my mom cry, though she thinks no one knows. My mom has emphysema and COPD, and she will not go to the doctor because she is afraid of what they will tell her, and she feels she can’t waste money on it. People ask her how she does it, how she goes on and she just says she has to do it for her family. She is in such terrible health, and she doesn’t know how she can go on working as a waitress at the Cracker Barrel, but she prays that she can go on. Please help me to help her, it’s time for me to take care of her, so maybe just for a little while she can be at peace. Thank you.

  110. My best friend has been a teacher for over 15 years. But this is not why I want to do this for her. She has been the band seamstress for her son, the last minute t-shirt maker for her schools cheerleaders, a counselor to everyone at camp, the ultimate school mom to all her kids throughout her career, the therapist, the “can you help me” go to friend, sister, mother, daughter, co-worker and she never once asks for anything in return. If there was a medal for “best all around giving and warm heart person”, it would be her. She helps so many but not herself. She has taken on so much over the years yet she can’t seem to catch up. Both her and her husband work, their oldest son just finished college and they took on a part of his loans to pay each month as well as saving for their next in line to go to college. My friend would be happy with anything given to her. I simply want her to be able to pay some of her bills so that she is able to worry less about how she and her husband will support their family in these desperate times. As a teacher in California, we all know that today you have a job but tomorrow morning you could be facing a pink slip and a trip to the unemployment line. By being able to help pay down her bills, there would be less stress on her and she would be able to enjoy the time she has as apposed to struggling to make ends meet. Please consider me for the ABC-You Deserve It Audition so that I can help my friend. Thank you.

  111. I would love very much to help out my cousin Judy Clark. She is a angel. She has always helped everyone out. At this time she is working a full time job but her and her sister Debbie is taking care of their 88 year old father who has dimension. I am unemployed but going to college and she has allowed me and my son to live with her until we can get on our feet. She has a 15 year old son that she has trouble with. She is such a god send. Her sister Debbie is also unemployed because of an illness. She deserves this more than anyone I have ever known. Judy has helped out so many people in her life that have taken advantage of her but it has not stopped her from helping others. I don’t know what else I can say about her except “She deserves it.”

  112. I want to he on the show for my mom. She is a 52 year old single mother. My sister and i both have our own families. I live with my mom with my wife and our newborn girl and 2 year old girl. My sister lives with her husband and her 3 kids in Georgia. My mom has been working since she was an adolescent and came to this country for a better life after she had my sister and I. Since then she has worked non-stop to support her family, and by family I lean my sister and I and her siblings and their children. My mom is the kind of person who will give someone in need her lunch, the money in her pocket, and the shirt of her back

  113. My mother has always been so important in our family. She is now 71 and has worked everyday to keep the family going. It has been especially hard for her for the last 12 years. She is a Realtor and has been helping to provide for my family of two boys and their father due to health issues we have had. We have lived with my father (whom has health issues of his own and is retired) for several years. I see my mom, unable to enjoy her life and finally relax or maybe buy herself some new clothes and she never complains at all. For the first time ever, I have seen a new game show that completely warms my heart to think I could help her. I love her so much that it brings tears to my heart to think of such a wonderful person as she is. Thank you for your time.

  114. I would like to submit this for my mother who has always worked so hard. My parents divorced when I was nine and while my dad has had a comfortable life, my mom has stuggled I’ve seen her through two more failed marriages and striving to make ends meet. She never complains but I know deep down she’s hurting. I want to be a blessing for her.

  115. I would give the money to partner so he can pay for his education and also my sister that has been in employed for 3 years

  116. Hello.. I am nominating my father! He is a wonderful, life changing man. He using everything he has to help struggling recovering addicts.. anything to honor God! He is an amazing man.. he’s never owned a new vehicle in his life! He lost our child Hood home a few years ago! He loves everyone and recently opened a non profit organization for the needy! The Alaniz house,kingdom kitchens and Alison kingdom klothing ..he earns no income from the organization! Please. Take a second and consider. MY DAD! HE IS THE MOST SELFLESS PERSON I KNOW! I LOVE HIM!

  117. My father is battling brain cancer and lung cancer. We found out in May of this year. It is inoperable. He was the person who made the money for the family and now that he is disabled, it isn’t easy on my family. We can barely keep up with the house payments, and the medical bills are outstanding. I had to quit college softball to work more and support my family. It is definitely the hardest thing i’ve ever had to go through. My family means everything to me and i would love to give everything i can to help them. It is hard enough as a college student, working, and helping save my fathers life.

  118. My dad is my #1 inspiration in my life and he does anything and everything for anyone in his life. My father has been through so much in his life that I feel like he has given up hope and its my goal to show him that good things can happen to good people as long as you stay possitive.
    When my dad was 15 he lost his mother, not long after that he lost one of his brothers to aids and due to all the stress in his life his other brother shot himself. My father doesnt really talk about his losses but I can tell it still hurts him everyday. My dad had 3 kids and had done everything he can to support his family no matter what, if he is vomiting he would still go to work everyday to put food on the table, he is the most inspirational person I have ever met and is the hardest worker I know. If I had an opportunity to win money for my dad and I know it would be his dream to own a house, rite now he lives with one of his friends and he always has the worst luck and lives paycheck to paycheck and its time to help him dig out of this hole he is in.

  119. I would like to tell you about my mother.
    She has worked at her job for 47 years and has had two operations on her knees.
    She can’t stand up for a long time and has difficulty walking and keeping her balance.She gets sharp pains and it kills me that there isn’t anything I can do about it.I would love to be on the show because she always wanted a house with a nice backyard she can sit at and she always wanted to go to Paris or London
    and I would love to give her these things that she wanted because she suffered so much because of me and when I think about all the things I regret this is the only way I could make it up to her.And if I was picked then that would be a blessing in it’s self

  120. My mom is the number one person who “Deserves” this! She is a single mother of 6 (two sets of twins). When i got pregnant at a young age she was there with out question to support us. My mother refinanced her house and gave up her 401K to keep my sister out of jail. She has health problems and still gets up everyday and puts her children and grandchildren before helself! Shes a teacher of almost 20 years and is almost ready to retire but cant because her retirement fund is gone! She also wants to fix up her house and get a condo because she cant keep up with all the responsibitlies of a house but cant afford it! She never complains but often tears up worrying about the bills month to month I cant recall the last time shes done something nice for herself!

  121. WOULD YOU GIVE UP YOUR RETIREMENT TO HELP A CONVICTED FELON? WOULD IT CHANGE YOUR MIND IF IT WAS YOUR DAUGHTER? My mom, a single mother of six did. People who go through horrific things in life are often overlooked because people don’t want to talk about the “bad” things. People want to hear things that make them feel good. My story is filled with great difficulty that takes a turn and leads to humble new beginnings.I would like to share with you my families story of perservence. Please contact me if you would like more information.

  122. To be honest I’m not sure what to exactly say. I know that my mother “deserves it” with what she has been through over the years, and with what she is going through now. She is a mother of three, a very sweet woman, and one of the best friends I could ever have because she is a friend first and mother second. I’m not going to lie, and I’m not going to make our life seem more horible than it is even though in my opinion it isnt a great one at the momment. About two years ago she had a new replacement and a surgery to remove cartilage from the other. Since then she has had many infections in her knee that had had the replacement and it never seems to heal fully. This had made it very difficult for her to walk more than a few minutes. Lately now though she has found to have COPD, which means she is now on oxygen almost 24/7. And Now she has been having seizures every day, leaving her confused and spaced out. Like the saying the lights are on but no body is home… Which now has taken her only means of she’s lost her only indapendence she has, keeping her stuck at home in bed. With the medical bills, and with her disability being cut we can barely afford the house we live in. She is loosing a battle with sanity, and she is tired of fighting the pain she goes through every day. It pains me to watch her practically wither away from the strss of all the bills, the stress of having practically no food in the house, and the stress of her own inability to be indapendant. I want to help my mother anyway I can because she deserves to not have to worry and she deserves not to hurt anymore. If I can be on You Deserve It it would give me a chance to help my mother and try to fidn a way to make her well againand to see her happy again. I cant see her hurt any more. Thank you for the oppertunity to be on this program, even if I do not make it thank you for the chance and god bless.

  123. My mother has lived a hard life. Taken from her mother at age 3 and raised by a stepmother who was a cruel alcoholic. She married early to get away from home, but the man she married was more in love with his hunting and fishing activities and left her alone, even when she had scarlet fever. He was an alcoholic who treated her very badly. She spent her life taking care of other people. Even now at age 78 she helps to care for her 2 younger brothers, who have disabilities. She is my hero and I adore her, but in her whole life, nothing has been just for her. Contractors that I hired to remodel her home, cheated us and it is unfinished and unsafe and there is no money to get it fixed. She still gives all she has to help others instead of herself. I love her dearly and don’t know how many years we have left together, but one time in her life, I would like everything to be for her.

  124. I would be playing for my sister Kathy and her family. Her son was born with Microcephaly and M.S. He has no use of his motor skills and cannot speak. My sister and her husband have to care for him 24/7, but her husband Guy works full time at a printing press so she can’t work and be available to care for her son. A few hours a day, little Guy goes to a special school for therapy…during that time…my sister cleans houses to earn extra money for his treatments and medical bills. Also, her husband’s brotha passed away, leaving his 1 year old son behind. Despite all the work it took to care for their son, and all the money it costs for his care, they chose to adopt Mason legally making him their second son. She never complains about her situation, rather, she looks at it as a blessing to have two beautiful children. She always puts everyone before her, and rarely, if ever, does anything for herself. They currently live in a two story home that is not equipped for a disabled child. He is now 12 years old and growing. They have to carry him upstairs to bed every night, and back down in the morning. My sister can barely lift him now and as he grows, she will no longer be able to. Money to upgrade their home to accommodate his disability, and allow him to get expensive treatments that help his condition would help their family tremendously. I cannot this of a more deserving person. And if I were able to help make her life just a little easier, would be so unbelievably rewarding to me. Thank you for so much for taking the time to read this request for an audition!

  125. I feel i need to be on this show because i have a mother who has never quit on me. She has worked three jobs since the day i was born to make sure that i had everything i needed and to make sure i was able to attend a great college to become a nurse. My mother lost her father last year to lung cancer, and she was there for my grandmother with all her needs. My freshman year of college, two years ago, my step father was in a major car accident, which racked up hospital bills from two different hospitals, and the following may i was in a car accident myself so our car insurance rose alot too. My mom has worked her life away to make sure those things didn’t effect our family, and on top of that she pays as much money towards my schooling as she can. She is a fighter and i’d love to be able to see her enjoy life instead or work her life away. Please help me make my mothers dream come true, help her be able to breath easier, and show her she is worthy of a life filled with more than work. She deserves it. Thank you so much!

  126. My daughter is 26 yrs of age. She lost her dad suddenly while I was with him on our boat coming back from a fishing trip. He had a massive heart attack and fell in Lake Erie. I was able to retrieve him but he hit his head on the boat when falling in he was very weak. As blood from his head colored the water I screamed for help but no one was around. His last words to me was “I have no energy”. He then went into a massive heart attack while he was in the water and took his last breath. That day changed my 2 children’s lives forever. Of course because I was at the scene and couldn’t save him, etc… my depression, guilt and overwhelming grief overpowered me and I could not be there for her emotional her senior year when she needed me most after losing her father. My daughter’s dream was always to go to Vanderbilt Medical School but because of finances she became a dietitian. It seems we have had one set back after another which I would go into more detail if you are interested and touched by our story. My daughter has now been accepted into Vanderbilt. I would love to have the opportunity to help her get out of debt and support her in ways I could not have done when she lost her dad. Please consider her dream to help other by becoming a nurse practioner at the school she has dreamed of going to since she was in high school. I want to show her we are still a family and God will not fail us. Thank you for your consideration.

  127. When people decide to write on these walls they need to have a better reason for why they deserve it, everyone goes through hard times in life and thats normal but if your going to apply for something that involves changing someones life, it needs to be a perfect or pretty close to perfect reason. like if you won you need to donate to charity or help the poor and homeless. donating your time and money to the less unfortunate ones is a gift from god. CANCER OR DISABILITY, now that is a part of someones life that you can not cure but you can try to help them enjoy what they have left and collect memories for many years of enjoyment.
    Im just saying you need to think very clearly about what you want to do and how far you will go for it..

    Good Luck to all!!!

  128. I would like to be on “you deserve it” for the opportunity for my wife of 20 yrs to win money that she does DESERVE. I was diagnosed with brain cancer & underwent surgery to remove a tumor in 2004. My wife was a stay at home wife but was suddenly thrust into the role of “provider”. She instantly had to take it upon herself to mow the lawn, maintain vehicles, check oil, etc. She has had so much thrown at her in an instant and never has complained. I can’t even start to explain all that she has overcome, handled and continues to deal with daily in this short story. I hope someone from the show contavts myself immediately because this is a show made just for her. When you hear the entire story anyone would say ” YOU DESERVE IT ” to my loving wife of 20 years.

  129. I would love the opportunity to be on You Deserve It because my cousin really does deserve it! She is an amazing woman who has been engaged for about 7 years and now has three amazing sons! She & her fiancé would love to tie the knot but so many things have come first. They would just go to the court house to tie the knot but they both dream of a big wedding where all their family can celebrate with them. After her second son she decided to become a cop. She was training & getting all set when she was only a month away from getting things rollin she found out she was pregnant again. She is an amazing woman though because she was just like this is ok, I will just put off this dream until my 3rd son is born. Her dreams are always pushed aside whether it’s her kids or her sending money to her Dad who is in jail. The most amazing thing about her is that she never complains!! She would rather make others happy over herself. I want the chance to help her out especially since her fiancé just lost his job & she has been out of work for at least 5 years. She is an amazing mom, fiancé, sister, cousin! If I did this for her it could help her get her life on track & insure that her boys will be taken care of!

  130. when i met my husband seven years ago, I had two sons from my previous marriage who are now 29 yrs and 19 yrs old. We didn’t plan to have a child of our ownd together at the age of 46 yrs old. My son is five yrs. old now and he is in kinder. I am 51 yrs old now. My husband who’s name is Andrew has been a good father and step-father. He is a hard working man who has always provided for our home. One year ago, we tried to do a loan modification through Bank of America which we were denied. He took all his 401K out which he didn’t have much to try to catch up to the house payment. We finally got up this last month because they kept adding fees for any service that was use for paperwork. Then my 29 son lost his car and was in debt so Andrew decided to walk to work or ride a bike because he gave his truck to my son to go back and forth to work. It’s a 87 mazda ugly looking pick up. My 19 yrs son is attending Allan Hancock college which Andrew is paying tuition. Every year at tax time, Andrew comments about he wants to buy him self a nice looking and good running truck but something always comes up financially. I feel so bad for my husband because he doesn’t care if he doesn’t have a penny to his name as long as everyone is happy and we have a roof over our heads. He gets teased at work because he works so hard as a truck driver but he has no vehicle and i know it hurts him because comments are made about my sons being step-sons. its very seldom that anyone hears about a step-father bend over backwards for his step-sons. He came into my family with no problems but inherit problems. Thank you

  131. My mother is the most amazing woman I have ever met. There are 4 children in our family,and my mother worked 3 jobs to support us while going to school. My biological father was an abusive and unkind man. After a long and brutal divorce, she, and us, moved in with my grandparents for a few years until she met the man I called my dad. She’s been a special education teacher for 18 years. It takes a large amount of patience and dedication to deal with the highly handicapped kids and situations she faces daily. She goes in to work at 530 or 6am every day and does not return home until after dark. She is also currently back in school to get her Masters degree. Getting this degree wont increase her pay, she just loves to learn and wants to be the best teacher she can possibly be. Eight years ago when she met my dad things began to look up. Sadly in December, her father, my grandpa, passed away. A short 6 months later my dad suddenly passed as well. And currently, her only aunt is in the hospital. As if that isn’t enough, she recently had to undergo a surgery for a detached retina, which left untreated, could cause her to go blind. While recovering, she is not supposed to sneeze, cough, cry, or be under any stress. With all of the bills piling up daily, she is constantly in tears making her recovery time longer. The doctor’s have also told her she needs to remain out of work for 6 to 8 weeks and can not do any manual labor what-so-ever for the rest of her life. This is increasingly difficult considering my mom isn’t one to sit around. Even if there is ABSOLUTELY nothing to do around our house, she’ll call her mother and drive to her house to help her with anything she needs. With all of these things happening, she is struggling to pay her bills, including the mortgage, which means she may lose her house now as well. My mother is the first person to help anyone financially, or otherwise and i truly believe that this is her time to be repaid. She’s done more for me than i could ever express in words and the only way for me to help her is by participating in You Deserve It.

  132. I think I should be considered for the ABC – You Deserve It audition because I would like to change my dads life around for the better. He was born into a poor family with three older brothers, he only had his mother to support them and she only had a job as a waitress. He ended up having to drop out of school to try to help support his family. When I was three years old my parents had gotten a divorce, later on in that year my dad was involved in a horrible motorcycle accident, so bad he was even announced dead on a local radio station. He had been hit by a van/truck, he was hit so hard his helmet and boots both “popped” off, which was strapped and tied. He went to court for his accident for thirteen years! In hops of justice and peace, the accident caused him so much pain physically and mentally, he now has to use pain medication everyday, he literally has screws holding his body together in his hip/leg area. He lives day by day in pain due to this, still with no money. He’s trapped in an area he wishes to leave, to leave the memories of his past and start a new life. In some ways his only way of escape is the Ford Bronco he is re-building from the ground up. He has the chassis, transmission, and engine already in place. He is getting closer and closer day by day on completing this, he is a very strong man both physically and mentally, he wakes up everyday and finds something that needs to be done and does it to his full potential, he is one of the most hard working and determined people I have and probably will ever meet in my life. He always will help someone who is incapable of doing something, he is a very handy man. He cuts logs of wood all year long for the winter to burn in a furnace to keep his house worm so he doesn’t have to spend as much money on heating. With all this said, even when I go to visit him he works tremendously hard only to make a few hundred dollars that will only last a week or two, but he will work even harder just so we can spend some father son time together. I really have been looking for a way to change my dads life for the better, he is definitely someone I will always respect and look up to. He deserves a second chance, in his eyes me and his Bronco are all he has left – seeing as both his parents died within the same week due to lung cancer from smoking.


  133. The one that deserves this more than anything is my mother Erin. She has been through so much in life. She has raised 5 kids by herself and it was a struggle. She was in a abusive relationship with my father who i have no contact with. He would beat her and all of us kids were there to witness it. She was in collage and trying so hard to take care of herself but then got pregnant with me and had a minimum wage job and no car tried to raise me the best that she could. Then two years later she had my sisters and brothers.My sister kristie who is 21 has 2 kids who are 2 and 3 and my mom takes care of them also with her minimum wage jobs and its hard. She is now working 2 jobs to support the family. she is married but currently seperated. She is taking care of my little sister brooke who is 11 and my brother joshua who is 15. Joshua is special needs and needs alot of care. My mom makes hardly any money and she cant buy the kids stuff that they deserve as growing teens. She has a car that hardly runs and cant afford to fix it or buy another car. She crys every night and i fell so bad for her because i cant help her finically because i am broke myself. My mom gives to everyone and helps out everyone and she really deserves this more than anyone so please help or family??

  134. I deserve to participate in the auditions because I am trying to help my family get back on their feet. I am disabled, and is willing to do what I need to do to help them out. My mom is a hard working lady who faces a variety of hardships including paying bills. I would like to help the best I can. My dad’s house recently burnt down in a fire and is currently being repaired. I would really like to participate in this audition.

  135. I am writing for my mom who has done everything and had to sell our fourwheelers, boats & cars just to have money to live. My dad passed away 6 years ago she has been through hell and back. She was diagnosed with a immune disease 3 years ago. She just had to have surgery on her hand she cant do anything without being in pain shes could die from this and is on shots every two weeks now to help her immune system along with multiple perscriptions and vitamins. I lost my job, crashed my car and lost my apt because I cant afford it she has done everything to help me and get me along with my boyfriend who cant get a job. Bailed me out of jail for something I never did. She has bent over backwards surving on ramen noodles to help make my life along with my 4 sibling and boyfriends life better. She really deserves it and it would help with our medical bills for her disease and try and find a cure to slow the process down so she can be normal again.

  136. I would play for my 21 year old brother who was a stand out college football player.. but after transferring school mid season he lost his schlorship as well as got into debt because he end up having to pay his previous school thousands of dollars before he could step on the feild. Which ended up making him give up his dream of making it to the NFL because of his finacial situation. Now he works two jobs and working hard to try to pay off what he owes. I see that’s its killing him and just want to win the money so he can achieve his childhood dream

  137. I am nominating my friend, art. He has spent his entire adult life taking care of his mother, brother, and niece and nephew. His since of duty to his family has left him with no time or money to pursue his creative talents. He supported his bother through college. After his mother’s disvorse, she moved in with him. He cared for her after she had a stroke. Then he laid off, his father past, then his mother, he got laid off again. He is now supporting his niece through college. Never once did I hear him complained. He is also a truly great friend which makes him a great person.

  138. i am writing for my mother who is now disabled and is really having a hard time. my mother was a new york city peace officer who was injured and unable to continue working. my brother and sister was not doing well in NY so she decided to move to give them a better life. Due to her injuries, as well as other medical problems it makes it difficult for her to work so my husband and i as well as our 2 children had to move into her home to help her with her bills as well as help my younger brother and sister whom lives with her as well. Our house is falling apart which kills my mother because she worked so hard to get it and this is the only thing that she really has besides her children and grandchildren and it is very important to her. My mother has been a provider for her family her whole life, she has always done good for others. shes fed the hungry and homeless and never asked for anything in return. this opportunity will not only help her but it will help us as well. it will allow us to get back on our own and begin our life as a newly married couple without having to wondering if my family is going to become homeless or if they are living in a house full of mole and asbestos. i pray that you see how much she “deserves it” as much as i know she does.

  139. Well my boyfriend of 7 years has worked so hard to support me and my 3 kids..he is an amazing man but can not get Ahead. He has family that doesn’t help and I’ve had to leave my family in another state because my ex-husband has made many threats against me and my children.he is such an amazing person but is in need of this to take stress off so he can enjoy some of the joys of life…he needs this so bad please

  140. I’m a mean green Momma machine who’s super stoked on life! you want me on “you deserve it” I’m up for the challenge and am ready to attack it! I love it!
    Ok, I also need to get real here,my brothers step dad schemed him and took my brothers property which was his only income. He still hasn’t recovered financially or emotionally. he now lives in Pamona with his grandparents on their couch and is just stuck on life. I can only imagine how he’s going to feel when I win him the money that comes from this show.
    So yyyyeeeah! You know you want me to be on your show. People of America would be like “what? this girl is legit!” Thanks for reading. :) -Amber

  141. Hello, :) My name is Tatiana, And I am pleased to submit my application to be a part of the show because my best friend was robbed and do not have anything anymore. She is completly upset and in huge depression for over 2 years now, and her boyfriend left her, so nothing could be worse….I would love to turn her life around for better if I were able to and I hope, I hope :))) I will be very happy to do it ! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. i think my father deserve it he a sweet and understanding person he go out his way to help people he has a 1 bed room home and anybody is welcome to come stay there he would give you last he will help you out and will not ask for anything in return he his a very understanding person that love everybody he will do waht ever it take to get you on your feet he deserve and i want to be able to give it to him

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