ABC – Take the Money and Run

Take the money and run Castings
Take the Money and run- ABC
Take the money and run Castings
Take the Money and run- ABC

ABC has always been known for it’s wonderfully awesome programming and there has recently been an offer for new talent to be apart of the fun. ABC’s “Take the Money and Run” has just began their auditions to find the best two person teams for the show! Of course we want you to have the best chance possible to get on the show, so what will the casting directors be looking for when they are reviewing the teams submitted to them? Lucky for you, you came to the right spot to find out the details!

Teams should be…

  • Energetic!  (Do you have the endurance to go the distance?)
  • Confident! (You gotta believe in yourself if you are gonna make the cut!)
  • Competitive! (Love to win? Hate to lose?)

Filming will take place for one amazing week for this Reality TV / Game Show! Teams will be playing for the chance to take home $100,000!  Teams can be any combination of two, family, friends, team-mates and anything else! So don’t be afraid & apply today! Please keep checking back for more information on castings dates and times and leave us a comment.

Fill out the submission form below to get more auditions.

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  1. Hi my name is Bria,Im super competitive!!!.It gets under my skin to loose.I love to win it makes me feel good.I am a very energetic person and I am ready for this challenge because my family needs it.I think you should pick me for the show .Il do my job perfectly.My partner will be Kanani Williams..

  2. I KNOW me and my best friend will be the best team on this show! Why??because we’re funny, great team work, determined, and just great to look at. That’s why there’s no question you should pick US.

  3. You will never get the money if I get my hands on it I would hide it better then a dead rat in the wall you won’t know where to look and you can’t get anything out of me haha because the way I grew up is never say a word no matter what no one but me will end up with this cash

  4. We are a fit Armenian Couple Engaged to get married on Sept 1st 2013, we desperately need the money to get married!
    Hello, my name is Antranik (Anto) Markarian, age range 25-35.
    I’m born and raised in Los Angeles CA, Armenian, Look a bit Russian. Currently Living in Glendora CA
    Short light brown-blond hair & Changing (Solar) currently forest green eyes.
    Height: 5’11
    Weight: 215 pounds, Rough, Rugged, bulky athletic build, Hairy- easily can grow hair. Hair grows very fast.
    Experience in front of the camera, speaking and non-speaking roles, Worked on True stories of the ER
    Graduated from John Casablancas School for acting and modeling in Beverly Hills CA
    Languages: English, Armenian, Some Arabic, Spanish & Turkish
    Special skills: Fitness, Boxing, Close Quarter Combat,
    Weapons: Knives-Sticks-Sword-Kerambit. Fencing.
    I am reliable, professional and very disciplined and I’d love to do a supporting role for The the Money and Run.
    I’m really looking forward to audition for you in Los Angeles CA.
    Please feel free to contact me.
    Thank you.
    Antranik (Anto) Markarian
    Resume available upon request

    Her name is Anush Anasabian
    She’s 5’8
    Athletic and slim,
    Energitic and Excited with a friendly smile

    We both should be on the show because at this point we will do anything for the money, once its in our hands, we will take the money and run… Try and keep up if your camera’s can.

  5. My mother and I would have a blast on the show and know we would find the briefcase and not be intimated by any of the negotiators. Once the briefcase is hidden, it would never be found and forget about trying to get any information out of us.

    If you think differently, let us show you otherwise!

  6. My name is Steve. My friend and I are master interrogation instructors for the US Gov. Lets see how good you hold up to your own!

  7. My husband and I could hide the money, and outlast any law enforcement person you can pick. Bring it on!

  8. I’m 23 and my younger brother is 20. We both work for wal-mart and have worked together at many things in life. If we won this money as statement to my last comment me and my brother would start our own community center in our home town and try to expand to many towns as we grew larger so we can create more jobs during economic crisis we are in.

  9. Wow same old stories with sob stories. Yeah the economy is bad we all struggle but apparently you all are doing good enough to have resources to get to a computer. Simply by these comments you waste the time of the producers just simply say I’m greedy,and that’s why I want the money. Yea I want the money just as bad as the next and yes i’ve studied ways to win. Me and my brother are braniacs when we work together and nothing can break that from us.

  10. My fiancee and I are really intrested in being on the show, we love being competitive and outgoing, a really easy way to make some quick money, as well giving your detectives a run for there money. We are parents to two boys who is just as us. Im a front desk clerk and he is an painter as well as upcoming musician, so choose us, we are a great team and believe that team work makes the dream work ;)

  11. I am 26 and I live with my mom, sister, her son, and my brother due to my mom losing her home 2 years ago. I am a very energetic person and I am ready for this challenge because my family deserves better.

  12. Hi my name is marjenta maxwell. I’m sure my sister and I can win. I’m a simple female who love sports and my sister erved in the u.s. army for 4 years. So she practices with me and exercises everyday. Were both seeking an opportunity to be on the show. Our dadwas diagnosed with lung cancer which then spread to his brain. Hs had surgery a last month but he has so many bills and so much things that we need help paying for. We would give back to the community and churches.

  13. Hi my name is Anita Michelle Phillips and my co-worker and friend Lynol Ford are 2 of millions of people who watch your show. We are 2 of those crazy, go for broke people with the attitudes your looking for. Well give you a run for the money and win. Were clever, street smart and have business smarts. We work in housekeeping at one of the largest, most susesful hospitals in CA. We see so much working in the hospital and I would love to take time off to volunteer. We will be the LAST team standing and WINNING the $$$$$ YEA BABY!!!!!

    We are the RIGHT woman and man with the willingness to win. We are strong willed, and determined with great sense of humors and beatiful personalities. We bring fun to any place we are. Bring it on were READY!!!!! See you soon.

  14. being from a small town in central texas of only 360 ppl, we don’t have the oppurtunity to do anything. Work is hard to find and this would be a great oppurtunity to help not only myself and family, but our small tight knit community. I know that my best friend of 25 years and I could without a doubt walk away with the money, and i would love nothing more than the oppurtunity to prove that to everyone.

  15. I should be in the Take the Money and Run show because I love going to the extreme and I am a risk taker and I love acting.

  16. Me and my sister, Ashley, would be an amazing team for this show! I am a 19 year old full time college student and am majoring in Criminal Justice. I think I would be very good at this show and so would Ashley, She is 26 years old and she works in an ER. We would be very entertaining to watch and we were easily be able to win this money. Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. I am a mother of 3 who struggles to take care of my daughters. I recently gave birth to my youngest on 11/17/11 and barely survived my pregnancy. By going on this show the money will help me to provide for my daughters. I know there are a lot of other people who probably deserve the chance but i know i deserve it even more. Please allow me to hide the $100,000 so that i can win it and never have to worry about my kids futures again!!!

  18. *Struts into the room* ABC look no further SHE, yes ME! I have arrived along with my partner in crime Latonya N. aka L Boogie. We are both single mothers, and best friends from Dallas, Texas! Since Texas is now being put on the map for reality shows why not pick us? We are extremely competitive, very energetic, and I am overly confident sorry some are just born with it *striking a pose* and I am a great liar! lol did I really just say that smh@myself . L-Boogie and I are going to Take the Money & Run!!!! I have watched enough CSI, Criminal Minds, Snapped, I Almost Got Away with It, and all other criminal shows to know what NOT to do if I was to ever commit a crime. LOL! Unfortunately, due to a guilty conscience I would never do any of those in REAL life, but I will hide $100,000 on a game show and win. If you don’t believe me, try me!!!

  19. My fiancee & I would definitely Take The Money & Run! We are both 25 years old and full of energy. My fiancee spent 6 years of his life in prison so I know he would OUTSMART the interrogators. & I’ve worked inside of a prison so I’m pretty good at holding my own as well. If we had the opportunity I know that the $100,000 would be ours! & what a vocation we would go on!! College fund for our 2 beautiful kids and of course we would give back to charity! We are the Team to Beat!! Somebody should be calling me ASAP!! This show needs us

  20. Hey abc! Me and my fiancé would be the perfect contestants for your show we have 5 boys, I have 2 boys and he has 3 boys, we’ve been together for 3 years and we would use the money to buy a house! If u give us this chance, consider it game over cause no other contestants have a chance against us!

  21. My husband and I represent two aspects in life-logic and creativity! With our dynamic dual, we are sure to keep people on their feet, ready to watch, and then ready to play. In my sweet midwestern voice, YALL JUST AINT READY TO RUMBLE!

  22. Are you shizzing me!!! This is right up our alley. I am a baseball coach in Salem, Utah. Me and my assistant coach Clay Cushing would whip some butt on this show. We are competitive, funny, sarcastic, athletic (him a little more than me), good looking, (him a little more than me), attention grabbing, tough, smart, witty, you name it. Give us chance, email me. Both photos on facebook to see just how good looking we are!!

  23. HELLO ABC!!! My name is melissa walker- I Love watching take the money and run so much I had to find out how to apply! I know my best friend Kayla and I would be the perfect duo to crack up audiences/ defeat the goal/ and keep everyone entertained. We are a duo that everyone wants to hang out with because we crack everyone and each other up! We even got most inseparable in college- now out of college we are struggling to find jobs so we don’t have to live with our parents! Please let us so everyone a good time WAHOOO choose us!!!!

  24. We love attention, We love a fun challenge, and most of all We love money! The other Take the Money and Run contestants wouldn’t know what hit em’. I’m young, pretty, and smart and that I’m sure would place doubt that I have no shot at winning. I can play the shy, innocent, nieve role really good as well, which would make it even better. Jonathan is devious. He can befriend and talk to anybody and convince them that he’s the man you want to roll with. He’s a problem solver and is always thinking about something. We both love to be the life of the party and we sometimes OFTEN clash, but hey, that’s the fun irony of our relationship. Not convinced yet? Money is our motive and money is the game. The money is on our mind and it’s all MINE!…I mean OURS. Kisses*

  25. hello my name is Joseph Ovalle and i would like to be a part of the game show because i think i will make it i am very competitive and i will do great in a game show. i would b a great theme for you guys a teen group that goes against the cops that trys to win. a group that commits to gettin the money that is very energetic and is smart at times. so please consider me to be your candidate please i gave u an idea angain my name is Joseph Ovalle and my email is and i will respond to the email

  26. Hey my name is Ronnie. the reason I should be chosen for this show is because I meet all the qualifications Im very energetic and competitive. I always have confidence in myself even if there is a chance Im gonna lose I still have confidence hat im gonna win. Me and my mom would be the best competitors for this game! I would love to be on this show its always fun to enjoy yourself!

  27. I believe that I would be an awesome candidate for you guys to consider because I really think outside the box. I am use to hiding a lot of stuff in my house from my sisters and parents. I would always think of the most unusual spot. I also love the challenge of some one trying to get something out of me. Just like my teachers, your experts will probably fail.:)

  28. If your looking for the right team you have found us . Me and partner
    Work. Very well together and the combination of a master in social service
    And a hairstylist well you can’t go wrong . We are high energy fluent in Spanish and english and clever to win the show over .
    Sincerely Carlos Rodriguez.


  30. We are the dynamic duo… married almost 25 years.. coming up in Feb 2012. We have conquered so many obstacles in our years we say nothing could come between us. We have raised our autistic mentally disabled 19 year old daughter and her 17y/o gifted sister. We have had lots of stress and managed to come out the other side, stronger than ever. We are fun lovers, music lovers, and people lovers. And we are SMART, FUNNY, ANIMATED, CREATIVE AND AVAILABLE TO PLAY. PLEASE CHOOSE US FOR OUR 25TH ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION. We are the ones people want to see.

  31. Hellooooo,
    My name is Coral,and I live in St.Pete, Fla. 27, a mother of three young children. Very outgoing, determined, spontaneous, unique individual who is ALWAYS in it to WIN it ALLLL….As I sit back and watch some of the other games shows and see other woman struggle with some of the obstacles giving to them, I question their strength and determination??? I know I’m very strong minded and well motivated. Keeping my eyes on the prize I WILL TAKE THE MONEY AND RUNNNNNNNNNNN !!! LOL

  32. I live in Stoneham, MA
    My name is Felice, everyone calls me Fe or Felix. I am Italian maried with two kids. My best friend is Frank and he is also Italian 33 maried and has 3 kids. Together nothing gets in our way. We can have a good time anywhere while doing nothing. We can use the money for our kids future. Putting us on the show will be entertaining and interesting.


    So call us

  33. My name is Stephanie and I’m a 24 year old black female of Haitian descent. People who know me generally describe me as crazy as shit (but in a good way, of course), loud, very opinionated, bourgeouis, intelligent, and an overall good time. I love to enjoy myself and don’t take life too seriously. You can usually find me partying with my friends, shopping, partying, exercising my road rage (lol), partying, showing off my ASSets, and did I mention partying? :-) I’m a college graduate with no damn idea of what I ultimately want to do with my life, so in the meantime, why not just do whatever the hell I want, how I want, when I want? :-) My lovely bff who would be doing this, shares multiple similarities as me, the only difference is she is the more subtle, calm, and laid back one; whereas, I am the energetic, loud and crazier one. No offense, these other teams would have nothing on us if chosen, we have the brains, beauty, body, and CONFIDENCE, we do NOT lose at anything, so why not start now ;-)

    Soooo, it’d be in your best interests to CAST US!! No, seriously. ;-)

  34. i like to think out side the box and make people think. when i hide something no one can fine it till i tell them. i want to help out my family if i get the chance to play the game and win. i like to make cops think hard and i am really wondering what it would be like to confuse a cop.

  35. My sister & I are amazing for this show! Both 24 year old go-getters we stop at nothing to Win!! Model student & beauty queen we’ve taken life’s lemons & made lemonade. My sister Conselola is an amazing mother Model student & my inspiration. Together we are a forced to be reckoned with, always counted on & never counted out! No matter how far we’re pushed we always rise to the top. We not only want to win but we need to win! Real southern bells with a twist Choose Us!

  36. I know we belong on this show because for 100,000 dollars we would go to the extream to bring that money home. I’m talking losing limbs people. Momma and daddy need a new car. Lol….I would rather come home beat to death than to not come home without that money. As a matter of fact its already mine!!!! Call me!!! Lol..

  37. I think me and my mother would be a great team for your show. I am a substitute teacher for my whole county and i meet a lot of people in this job and my mother is a stay at home mom. I think your audience would enjoy watching us because we are both fun people and will be a lot of fun come interogation time with your detectives. we are extremely competitive and determined that we will be the ones walking away with that case of money. I’m also ADD so i tend to be a bit random with my thoughts and my mom is more the serious type so our conversations can be a bit interesting, espeacially if we have a goal were trying to reach together. Many people who are around us, we find, spend a lot of time just laughing at us because they think we are a trip at times. so please let us be on your show, because we will beat your detectives and make your audience laugh while we do so im sure!

  38. I just told a co-worker of mine about this show and he is as excited as I am at the chance to outwit some cops. We are paramedics and constantly see the ‘good’ side of police work and we are thrilled at the chance to experience the ‘bad’ side! My friend and I are an intense energy when combined and I know we could make for an interesting episode. I also have a 2 year old son and my mom, who is on a fixed income has been helping me out too much and I’d like to pay her back and maybe take her on a trip that she wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. We look forward at the chance at this adventure, but most of all trying to out smart the cops, although we think we already are ;)

  39. I love the game hide & seek, and this is similar to that. i love competing & having fun. if i were to have the chance to be on this show, i would bring a friend that i work with, both of us are supervisers at an amusment park, physically fit, young & full of energy, and we joke around all the time making everyone around us crack up laughing… seeing us behind bars… i think thats funny.

  40. I should be considered because I am extreamely competitive. At staff mtgs when there is a prize on the line, oh u better believe I am going to get it. My personality is ggreat and my smarts aren’t to shabby either. I have always been the type of girl to work and play hard because eventually it will all work out. Not to mention who couldn’t use $100,000. Student loans and my 5yr. Old son are kicking my butt. This would be an amazing experience if given the chance. Hope to meet u all soon. Xo

  41. i know that i could be put in any city familar or not and not only win but help promote the show because people can relate to me i recently married i am 26 and in school trying to make it and just to be a good sport i would try to make it not so hard on the detectives but not so easy that they find it i just know i will win

  42. My fiance and I watch your show and we absolutely love it. The show is truely unique and interesting. We have a beautiful daughter named Abagail whom literally has her bithday right after mine, the very next day. The reason why we feel we would should be chosen is because we would do anything for anyone including our family. many times we have scraped to get by just to help someone in more need than us. We are selfless at all costs and yet we are competitive. We don’t like to lose especially my faince. He HATES to lose he feels like when he loses he must have made a huge mistake somewhere. Speaking of the money my mama helps us with our financial situation. A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with manic depressive disorder. This condition got me in great trouble with money i got myself into debt and bless my mother put a second morgage on her house to get me out but now I owe her great amount of money. My parents have never been on a really big trip which they greatly deserve because of me they are very tight on money. They always fear the worst can happen and they can’t pay for it. Like what if their house burned down how would they afford to repair it or worse how could they afford to move. I just really want to give my parents their life back. I know we have what it takes, we win that money no doubt! Please choose us!

  43. My wife and I are in our mid 60’s. We loved the show from the very first moment we watched because, it has nothing to do with buff bodies, idiotic competitive water sports, or grueling physical fetes. It is just plain down to earth fun and exhilarating. This reality show hit our hot spot! It is so unlike the rest of reality TV today. In all other shows it seems that you need to be phony, hurtful and deceptive. Take the Money and Run is about pure unadulterated fun with a great challenge and the desire to prevail. Old and paunchy can be successful too!!! Ha!! Ha!!

  44. The show is a lot of fun to watch….my husband has not seen it YET BUT when I described it to him he thought he could do it but I’ll probably mess him up : ) Well no hard feelings but I told him I have a co-worker that wants to go on the show too so if it’s ok with him….we’ll do it….. I like a challenge….I don’t like lies (i’m still working on how to deal with that ) ….OOH YEAH …i’m not sure about being locked up for 2 days…and probably not eating for that long ….but i’ll cross that bridge when i get there……Nothing ventured,nothing WON !!!

  45. I’ve watched every episode since the show first came out. I’m glued to my seat with enthusiasm and anticipation. I know I have what it takes to make the show a success.

  46. me and my best friend would be great for this show because i know we got this we will def win easy peace of cake we both are great and we have kids and need the money for them pick us and 100 percent ww can take on you all we are from a small town called maynardville tn we will win beat my own money on it…..

  47. i have life stories like everyone else this day and age i think alot of people have alot going on in there lives ,alot of sleepless nights wondering if you can pay your bills hoping just to make it day to day and its hard but i can think of one thing harder and that would be to have 100,000 put into my hands knowing how much that money could change the lives of everyone i take care of 3 young children and my mom and dad and then have someone take it from me i dont think so i know 100 percent i could play this life changing game and i could and would win this will probly be my one and only chance at this much money because i cant afford to play the lottery and i will not loose so if you want a good challenge me and my partner are the ones we hope your ready for some hide and seek!!!!!

  48. Hi im 14 and my sister is 15. ive been whaching this show ever since the pirmer. me and my older sister would just love the opertunity to do this, i know we could win. i would love to pay off my parents house they work so hard for us. i would also use it for a good collage for me and my sister in a few years. we will do anything it takes to win. we can think on our feet . this WILL be a episode you wouldnt want to miss. :D+=

  49. My brother and I are a FIERCE duo! I’m intelligent; he’s intelligent. I’m devious; he’s devious. I’m competitive; he’s competitive. I’m good looking; he’s…..well, that’s not relevant. Most importantly, we would be entertaining and that’s what television is all about. Pick us or forever be bored!

  50. I’m 22years old. I turn 23 in January I should be on the show because ima hustler like no other and ima huge fan of Abc _Take the money and run. And it’s a recession and I’m just tryna eat better. I’m in perfect shape and condition and i think I most definitely got what it takes to bring home the cake. I appreciate the opportunity.

  51. If chosen to compete, I would have to make a decision to have my daughter or my bestfriend as my partner. We live in a rural farming community in Central California (Los Banos) which would make a great episode with great backdrop scenery.

  52. My husband and I are very energetic, fun and I am a little competitive. I think we would be great entertainers for the viewing audience. Also, we have been trying to conceive for about 7 years now and I am not getting any younger. We would be able to use some of the money to adopt and to do in-vitro procedures.

  53. im a general contractor in orange ca and if you want someone with personality and smarts you should choose me and my buddy.
    i have a shady past and can deceive anyone and make the investigators and the policemen shake my hand after i win and ask me for advice on how to handle future contestants so the investagators and police can win more and look less foolish.
    it takes a person with skills learned in the streets to win on this show and i have those
    i am now a established general contractor in orange ca and look presentable for tv and will be a favorite for the duration of your show as the best that won on your game show.
    if you really want the contestant to have a chance at winning you should pick me but if your show is to showcase your investigators and police you should not pick me
    thank you
    wendell conner

  54. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 10 years. We are trying to save up for a wedding to start our lives as husband and wife. We are very down to earth and love to have fun. I have no doubt we could win and would love to prove it!

  55. My Boyfriend Don & I are a young couple in Lincoln RI. We have been together for just over 2 years and though we live happily, we live check to check. We are both hard workers and consider ourselves fun, outgoing and not to toot our own horns, but pretty darn smart. =) I know that if we were picked we would not only have a kick-ass, fool-proof plan, but we would absolutely walk away with the money! and god would it be awesome!!!!
    I work full time for my parents who are self -employed and spend so much time running their business, they haven’t been on a vacation together since I was a baby!! As much as Don & I would fully enjoy, spend and invest the $100,00 my first priority would be giving my parents their dream vacation. They have helped us so much that they would absolutely be the first to benefit from our win…

  56. I am a strong competitive person and this is a reality show I feel I can win, I am everything the show is looking for energetic, confident and competitive. I am also a out of work dad with four children, winning the show prize will really help my family and help my wife and I start up our own transportation business.

  57. I should be on there because i can win that money. I have 5 kids a wife and only work 2 days a week in the suckey economy. I pay support on 4 of my kids and only bring home 130 $ a week. I have a really hard time paying bills THAT WHY I NEED THE MONEY A NEED TO BE ON THE SHOW

  58. I would be wonderful at this I watch the show and get mad when the teams use stupid hiding place, I would 100% walk away with the money so if you would like to see how a great mind work give me a chance I’m very entertaining the investigators would not have a chance when it comes to breaking me bring it on …TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN…..!

  59. Hi, my name is Steve and I would love to be apart of this great reality show Take The Money and Run!!! I love to compete in all aspects of life.I am known as the Bud Man when I’m working because I make a living selling Bud family products. Away from the job I’m known as PaPa hanging out with my seven grandchildren. I love a good challenge and will not back down.
    My partner would be Ricky my older brother. Ricky is known in town as the Preacher. He is the Pastor of a local church in Pensacola Fl. I know him as the greatest man I have ever met. Ricky has walked the walk in the teaching ofJesus all his life.He judges no one and only want to help others.
    Preacher Man and Bud Man would create an amazing show that I think your TV audience would truly enjoy. Give us a chance and I belive that our show would be your highest ratings ever.
    So come on down to beautiful Pensacola Fl. with our outstanding white beaches. You can work and play at the same time.
    Thank you for your time – Steve Skaggs

  60. iv hade a tuph time tryin to get ahead in life… every time i get a step up it seams like some one wants to come along and nock my legs out from under me… im a compettetive person and i know that if given the chance ill make you work for your 100 gs… lol :)

  61. I am a father of three beautifull, smart little girls 5, 3 and 1. I am self employed in construction and usually have a rough time making through the winter months. I am currently waiting to save up enough money to buy the ring the girls mother deserves so I can propose to her. She deserves a fantastic wedding and I would love to be able to take this money and make all of her dreams come true. She stays at home and makes sure the girls are well taken care of, while I slave away in the brutal Colorado sun trying to make ends meet. While for the most part we are able to survive, She deserves to live better than I can currently provide. This cash could set the tone for the rest of our lives together. Besides, if Her and I can get through everythig that life has thrown at us thus far, this little game should be a walk in the park.

  62. My husband and I know our city in and out and almost everyone in it too. Hiding the case and getting friends to cover for us would be the easy part, the hard part would be to get those friends to flip on us. We are a young energetic couple with a new baby and tons of personality. We are competitive even at card games and the comedic value of our side conversations would be well worth it!

  63. My grandmother and I would like to participate in Take the Money and Run. My grandmother has a pacemaker is on a fixed income. I graduated high school this year and am trying to work my way through college while living with her to help with tasks she cannot complete. When we beat the detectives I would split the money with her and then give the majority of my share to my great grandmother who is struggling with cancer in her mouth. She has already had to had her jaw bone removed and the cancer still continues to come back. I would like to be able take care of her and her bills to make life a little less burdensome on her.

  64. Hi! My name is Kara. I’m 16 years old. I’m a singer/songwriter, actress, dancer, musician (I play guitar and piano), and gymnast. I won’t bother you with repeating lyrics to some sad song so that you’ll feel bad for me. I’ll just tell you what I can bring to the table- COMPETITIVE EDGE!!!! I am hard working, determined, deticated, motivated, and enthusiastic. I am confident in my potential. I know my strengths and my weaknesses, so I know how to play the game. I am trying to make it somewhere and I AM goint to get there! Thank you!

  65. My wife and I are perfect examples of love gone right the second time. We are young grandparents (47/52) who do everything we can for our grandchildren. We’re nice, sweet, inseparable and opposites. I’m a Quality Manager (analytical) and Lesa is in health care (personal), so we always see both sides of the coin. Lesa works out in the morning with a hula hoop, I take martial arts in the evening. She was raised on a farm in Florida, I was raised between the railroad tracks and the factories south of Detroit. Like magnets we were drawn together and have not been apart since we met. That is why my son-in-law says we would never make it. He said I would crack because I could not stand being away from Lesa for 48 hours. We are smart, sexy and adventurous. I know the crowd will root for us. Hiding the money is easy, for $100,000 I’m confident neither of us will crack under pressure.

  66. My name is Kevin Manns I am auditioning for this show because I am broke and I need the money. I know I could hide the money and nobody would ever find it. I could really use this money because I have a lot of bills to pay since my wife passed away. I also have a lot of bills due to my fathers death too. So thank you for listening to my story and I hope you choose me. It would help me out a lot, even if I didnt win the money….Hey at least I still would have a once in a lifetime chance to be on your show. Thanks kevin Manns.

  67. Were Good friends and co-workers besides being “partners in crime buddies” Were used to working as a team for the Boeing Co. No one could out wit or out smart us!!! You’ll never find the case:( Come see us in Seattle!

  68. my family is going through a hard time and i feel like im useless in helping them out. im in college right now in phoenix az im an athlete, actress and dance teacher. i have very high energy and believe i can handle this with ease. it would be a blessing on my family and me if i made it on the show and had a shot to fix lots of mine and my familys problems. so pick me and be sure ill give you a run for your money.

  69. We are fun, energetic, feisty, and EXTREMELY competitive! We will ROCK Denver with our AMAZING skills! We have four amazing kids, and would LOVE to secure their futures with the money…and hey who doesn’t want a great family vacation!! You won’t be sorry about giving us a chance!!

  70. hello, I’m a 49 Years old and i ve been a truck driver ovver 30 years ,im a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 4 . I’ve would lke to be picked because it’s a great game .i can use the money as eny one else pay my bills . I have 33 Year old son that would play the game with me. Please pick me it will be fun . Thank you from Pomona ,cailfornia

  71. Why us? Simply because I watch first 48 all day everyday and feel like I can pass any interrogation anyone gives me just because I learned the techniques the investigators use. And my girl watches CSI 24/7 so she swears. She smater than any criminal.. besides that we can use the money we are young and have a beautiful child we can compete for AND WILL WIN!! If given the shot, so in the words of a back up high school football player.. ” Put Me In Coach”

  72. I think my wife and I are the ones to choose. I am a soldier in the United States Army and just got back from a 9 month deployment from Afghanistan. We got married a week before I deployed and I think this would allow us to show how team work exist even when being seperated for long periods of time. My wife and I met 11 years ago at a wedding, where she caught the bouquet and I caught the garter. After being stationed hours away from each other we reunited and it was like no seperation had ever got in between us. After dating for 2 months we married. She has a 6 year old daughter and we are hoping over the next year to make our family larger. This money would allow us the help we need in allowing our family to grow. We are both very outgoing, atheletic and know how to have a good time. So Pick us you can’t go wrong!!! :)

  73. I am a single mom of two and every single day I stress about money. There is just not enough to go around and I cannot pay all my bills, each month I have to worry about what I’m not going to pay to get by. I have not been able to afford to buy even a simple house, which has always been a dream for my children and I. An even bigger wish would be that I don’t have to think and worry about money constantly. It would change my life and I would be so relieved. Also, my daughter and I LOVE your show!!! We think we can beat your detectives and find the perfect way to take the money and run!! Please consider us for your show. Thank you

  74. I just graduated college on December 18, 2010 and got married December 31, 2010! My husband has been in the military for a year and we have known each other since 7th grade! We are determined and willing to do anything to win the money! We didn’t have an actual wedding, we woke up and decided to go to the courthouse because we don’t have much money at all lol but we love each other ALOT!! We don’t have family to support us financially and everything we do, we make it happen on our own. We moved from Dallas, TX all the way to Savannah, GA. This money could help us get out of debt, pay off student loans and have the wedding we’ve always wanted to have. We love this show and would just love the chance to prove ourselves to EVERYONE!! We are both competitive and smart and know that we could win!

  75. I would be a great test for your officers and I would use the money to help pay for my daugthers college education. I would also send my 81 year old mother and 82 year old father on vacation. Setting things aside, “I will win because I am smater then your TV officers”. I would love to be apart of your show.

  76. i can set up a education fund for my son who is a 8 year old that has ADS,i also can make sure my 14 year old has college fund. so please pick me i will give you a run for your money.

  77. We may be children of Bonnie and Clyde, my wife with her face that dosen’t break a dish I quite convincingly believe my own lies and we have a beautiful family of three boys one twelve, one nine years old and the new acquisition of the family a six months old baby. We want them to be proud of us and one hundred thousand dollars fall in handy these days.
    Please pick us to be in your game!!!!!!
    THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  78. My name is Katie and I Am writing you about a DUO that will really PULL IN YOUR AUDIENCE and make for a UNIQUE Storyline. Its My Dad Steve & My Uncle Ricky. They are two out of three Brothers. Their parents Jim & Joyce Skaggs have been married for 61 years and decided to move to Pensacola Fl, with their Three Boys back in 1955 and Our Families have lived here ever since. Now, Let me fill you in on THE DUO THAT WILL BE LIKE NO OTHERS……
    My Uncle Ricky is the middle child and He is the HEAD PASTOR at Wendy Hill Baptist Church. He has been in this profession for over 20 years. He & His wife Mary have been married for 33 years and they have 3 Children together. He is a Man of God But also A Man with a pure heart with the most amazing ability to not judge others and to expect everyone as they are. Then there is My Dad Steve. He is the Baby of the Three Boys. He is known around this town as the “BUD MAN”!!! He has worked for Lewis Bear Company for over 28 years which is (BUDWEISER) The King Of Beers! He & My Mom Melanie were High School Sweethearts and have been married for 33 years. My Dad is a man who STANDS OUT because of His UNIQUE ways of making people laugh and feel comfortable even if they have just met Him. You Would NEVER Think That A “PASTOR” And A “BUD MAN” Would Team Up In Life. But Theses Two Brothers Are Two Of A Kind. Pensacola Fl, which is well known as The Worlds Most BEAUTIFUL BEACH & WHITEST SANDS With that in the background I fill this would make for one AMAZING SHOW.!!! SO PICK THE DUO OF PASTOR RICKY & “BUD MAN STEVE!!!!!

  79. Im a 15 year old kid in Los Angeles who is trying to save up money for college. I have good street smarts and I dont give up on anything I am determined to help my family in these bad times and my grandma is unemployed and determined to set herself up for the rest of her life I hope you will consider us to be on this awesome show

  80. Me and my wife nicole are the parents of 11 children and is financially challenged in every way. We live a simple life but we would love to spoil them a little by winning this challenge as well as get some much needed home repairs. I’m a cab driver and the ice cream man and my wife delivered pizzas. We know our home town inside an out. We can provide a next to impossible challenge for the police to find the case. Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

  81. my ex-husband and I are BEST friends. He, being raised in the streets from age 15, is totally street smart..having learned to utilize this to become the amazing man he is. I am educated and above average intelligence. We, having been together for 37 years, have learned from each other to become well rounded and able to handle situations with the tools we have shared. He is an amazing tracker, boxer and I’ve rarely seen him outwitted (only by me ! LOL!!) I see the big picture, see situations (stumbling blocks) ahead of time. It is quite tough to fool either of us and we have often had good laughs watching people be baffeled by circumstances that are so clear to us. We have life experience which allows me to trust that this would be a piece of cake for us, plus marking up one for the senior citizens that are wise enough to use that wisdom to accomplish things that our younger generation doesn’t even realize they don’t have yet !! LOL ! We are very giving and helpful citizens…when we see a need we do what we can to make it better..even for strangers, yet we dislike the “glory” for our actions and do much in an anomymous manner. That is our gift to us.We would love the opportunity to get back a little of what we have given over the years and what a fun way to do it…BRING IT ON !!!! (we do have and will provide upon request, many of the ways we have helped so many over the years..the things done from our hearts on a large scale can not always be kept private..thus documentation). Give us a shot..I assure you your production staff will not be disappointed. We are a great “odd” couple..but it works for us and will work super for your show too!! I repeat…BRING IT ON !!! WE WELCOME THE CHALLENGE !!

  82. My husband and I are poker players and excellent at deceiving. We look forward to winning the money to help our daughter with special needs and our favorite charity. We are sure that we can win this and make good TV. We fit the three descriptions to the tee!……energetic, confident, and very competitive.

  83. i believe i deserve the opportunity to beat “take the money and run” for their $100,000 because i am a young wife and mother of two who takes care of her younger brother and sister and disabled mother. i know I am going to win because not only does my husband and I have an amazing connection that makes us the perfect partners in crime but we are competitive and will not crack under pressure. we are fun and wild and we will make the show very entertaining and make the detectives work hard to even come close.. the money will definitely help us with our finances as well as help us fix our house that seems to be falling apart every time we fix something else. We really need this opportunity.

  84. The first time I saw your program I was very intrigued. I know I will be immense for your show, I am confident, strategic, everything your looking for. However, most importantly if my partner and I win this we will be donating to a charity of our choice. I think i’ve said more than enough hope to hear from you.

  85. I belive that Im the one for the show, because I can go the distance, have the confidents, and love to win, and still can be a sport if I lose. I would love to do this with my wife who would be the brains of this operation, and would not crack under presure, and let me comment that I would not crak either.

  86. My husband and I have been married for 4 years. We watch this show every week!! The one reason why we would like to have a chance at winning the money is to try and have a baby. The doctor said that my only chance of having a baby is to do
    in-vetro. If you don’t know much about that it usually cost somewhere between 15,000 to 25,000. I work at a high school and am currently in college working on my Bach. degree in Human Services. My goal is to help children that are being abused in any way. My husband is a plumber, and he enjoys his job very much. So like I said the whole reason we want a chance at winning the money is to try and start a family..

  87. i believe me and my fiance would be great contestants on your show. we have been going through some really hard times in the last few years and we could really use the winnings to get our lives in order. we lost our home and son in a fire and things just been all going wrong from there.we reside in akron,ohio 44305. we appreciate your consideration. we just need something to put the smiles back on our face and buy the lot where he is

  88. Because you ALL would waste your time and make us $100,000 richer, even through the simplicity of you interrogation tactics.

  89. Most of the individuals that have been on the show are good,but me and my wife will be the best ever to be on the show we are a loving couple who loves a good challenge….besides we cant be stop.

  90. My husband and I would love the opportunity to Take the Money and Run! We are the parents of 6 kids and would have a lot of use for the money!! We are very competitive and could beat the detectives any day of the week!! The money would do us good…I’ve had cancer twice in the last 10 years and have beat it both times…these detectives would be NO PROBLEM!!!

  91. The problem with this show is the contestants. I haven’t really seen anyone that has really any kind of street knowledge nor criminal knowledge. The detectives in this show are real and so are the interrogatos. So how about having some real contestants not people that don’t have a chance at winning this money.
    I know for a fact that I would win this show in fact I would be willing to put my own money on it. I’m 27 from Pittsburgh pa I could play by any rules. Please give some one like myself who actually needs this a real chance I promise to win. Pittsburgh police can’t touch me

  92. me and my wife have been together for 8 years and married for 3 we want to have a wedding and we also have raised 3boys our 16 year old could bennifet from this money for collage. and aside from every thing else i know we could hide the money and out smart the police so give us a chance and you will see

  93. I am just an average gal….BUT one that can hide a huge semi-truck and you will still never find it. I think 15 steps ahead…always have and always will. My best friend and I should be picked because simply with our attitude, sassiness, and grande sense of humor…we will keep everyone guessing….as to where the breifcase could actually be…..hmmmmmm

  94. I’m commenting again to also let you know that we are from Pittsburg Kansas. I’m 21 years old and I’m going to school and Pittsburg State University where i plan to graduate with a degree in biology and a major in spanish. My older brother, and parter, is turning 27 on september 7th. He recently graduated from Pittsburg State and is living at his on his own. We both have been very close for all of our lives. We both were watching the show this past week and can’t get our minds off of it! “take the money and run” is the perfect game show for us because it requires not only brains, but every attribute you posess. Which is why we feel we can hide the money with confedence and conquer the difficult and cunning questioning from the interrogaters. So please give us, mid west brothers, a chance ABC!

  95. My brother and I are the perfect couple for this show! We both have been deeply invoved in competitive sports from karate, mma, football, track and many different others so there is no question that we would give everything we have to win this challenge! . Not only that, we both are very outgoing individuals. We have both done public speaking and particpated in plays and musicals so we both would not have any problems in dealing with people…HOPE YOU MAKE A GOOD CHOICE, WE WOULD SURLY MAKE AN EXCITING EPISODE TOGETHER!!!

  96. It’s time yall brought the show to Texas. I know I have what it takes to beat your cops and win all the cash. I believe in winning and competive is my middle name, so bring it on.

  97. Me and my fiancée would be perfect for the show we work really well together( sometimes lol) we have 4 kids and 2 grandkids between us and would like to save for their education..and maybe a vacation cause teens suck most the time lol but I know we could do this……

  98. I live in Dallas Texas which would be a great spot for a show.My long time friend and I would love the chance to entertain America and Take the Money and Run.When we are Together you never know whats going to happen.We both have great sense of humor,very competitive,we both are very different and If your going to crack anyone it will be my friend she tends to start running her mouth when she should just be quiet. She would not agree with me though but its true.I think I could keep her check and that we have the same goal to win the money for our families.Thank you Debra Hynes

  99. I should be on the show because I know I can win. I also could use the money. I will do whatever it takes to last on the show to win that money. I am very energetic and capable of out thinking everyone.

  100. All I do is win win win no matter what! Got money on my mind I cant ever get enough! Every time I step up in your building all the detectives say WHAT?! WHERE SHE HIDE IT WHERE SHE HIDE IT?! Left, right up down?! Cause all i do is WIN WIN WIN and if you pick me youre gonna see that i did itttttt DID IT DID ITTT….obviously im quirky, fun and entertaining therefore you should pick me and my teammate who is also my sister!…in law.

  101. Me and my sister would BEAT YOUR LAME DETECTIVES ANYDAY OF THE WEEK! I record all the new epidodes because I enjoy watching game shows and seeing people squirm with competition. Also I pride myself on the fact that i can keep myself occupied in my own mind for 48 hour in your prison cells. Pick us, we will dominate and entertain all the while. not to mention if you came to NH ive lived all over and could find a hiding spot in my own backyard you wouldnt even find. and if you made me go somewhere else, well im open to the challenge. Bam!

  102. We are fearless, full of energy and focused. As a team we are unstoppable and driven. Our main goal is to win at any cost. If we are considered the “underdogs” or people doubt us and tell us we can’t do something, we will do everything possible to prove them wrong. Basically we want to have fun but nothing will get in our way.

  103. I believe my daughter and I would not only be fully capable of winning the $100,000.00, but we would also be an excruciating challenge to the interrogators!

  104. I KNOW I can win this game!!!!! Love the show, I will give these detectives a run for their money!!!! PICK ME!!! I have absolutely no doubt that I will walk away with $100,000!!!!!!

  105. I think my best friend and I would be great for this show! We are silly, fun and very entertaining! Watching me run is amusing in itself…we would totally win!

  106. Because I know I would win. Its to easy and looks like a lot fun. My partner and I would be able to outsmart the detectives no problem. We are both hard headed and love a challenge.

  107. Even though we don’t live in Miami we are there all the time because we have a car club and we know everyone in the area so hiding the money would not be a problem, we will take your money trust us !!!

  108. My husband and I would be great candidates for your show because we are both energetic and love to succeed at everything we do. We need this money to get us out of debt and be able to live worry free once again. We have 2 children in College and another at home enough said there so pick us cause we will take the money and run… you lose

  109. I beleve my partner and I should be chosen
    because we are fun people and we know
    that we could handle the pressure of the
    Interrogators. ” I want $100,000 dollars !!!!”

  110. With the economy the way it is, we live paycheck to paycheck. We could use this money to get ahead and be able to start a savings for our children’s futures. I am CONFIDENT that my partner and I can win it!!! We are VERY competitive and in it to win it!!!! We hate to lose…the hiding possibilities are endless and there is NOOOO way that case would be found if we hid it. Bring it on detectived, you won’t beat us!

  111. I I would love the chance to appear on “Take The Money and Run”, for a chance to pay off some bills seriously over due, because of an injury,i’ve been off for a considerable amount of time and now that i’m near total recovery, this would be opportunity to get my wife & I financially solid again, after depleting all of the savings we had originally set aside. I would also love to be able to sow into my son’s career in digital recording & film making to help him achieve his dreams. Thank you for considering me to participate.

  112. Hi I’m from Newark N.J. yeah Newark my husfriend husband/ boyfriend of 13 years would love to get on this show because we are sure we would win!! And it would change our lives and the life of our 3 year old daughter.we are a well oiled machine. Please select us and I can guarantee the viewers will be entertained and fully involved in the show. In Newark all there is to know is crime and law so let us at those detectives.this money will change our lives for the BETTER.

  113. I will win the money!!! I’d love to have the chance because after seeing why others have lost $100,000 to the police I know my son and I could take the money home with us. We both work well under pressure so the interviews would be the fun part.

  114. I work from home making reservations for a car company and it’s not all that’s its cracked up to be. I would really want to use some of the money to buy my mom a car. She hasn’t had her own car in 4 years. My girlfriend works part time at a bar and would like to take classes but can’t afford it. The money we do make goes straight to bill. We also would love to take a real vacation somewhere with a beach and NO relatives just once! (sorry mom)

    We would love the oppertunity to run you around St. Louis area. We are young and ready to Take the Money and RUN!!!!!

  115. I think i should be considered for the show because i could really use the money. Im a single mother to my 5yr and 2yr old daughters. I also think i should be considered for the show because my bestfriend and i think we could “take the money and run!!!” We both are very competitive and love challenges. She is a really good thinker under pressure and i think we both would have a good chance of winning! Did i say we could really use the money! Lol. We’ve worked at McDonalds for 9 years. Its really not cutting it ha ha. My bestfriend could really use the money to help support her family and make one of her own! Please consider me and my BFF to be apart of your show. Thank you ABC

  116. My son and I can beat the detectives at they’re own game. It seems the people on so far do not seem to be able to think outside the box. you have to be strong willed ,and a little bit cut throat.

  117. My daughter and I would love the opportunity to be on this show. We would for sure win the money. The fun would start with the interrogators! The hide would be easy! We would work together as a team and would love to be considered!

  118. We are 2 cute, cleaver, fun, likable girls… Don’t let that fool you though, with $100,000.00 on the line; we will be very, very sneaky. We are both in our 20’s, we work together, and $100,000.00 is just what we need to get our lives started. Plus, we would be a blast for your audience to watch. We can definately win this, so Please PICK US!!!!!!!!!

  119. Hello, I have an identical twin brother ( blonde hair, blue eyed) and we are extremely competitive and energetic. We are both very intelligent and work great together as an efficient team. We cant be beat! If we get the opportunity to be on the show we will use any winnings towards education. Thank you.

  120. We are 2 witty, cute, cleaver, fun, likable girls. We both are in our 20’s, we work together, and $100,000.00 is just what we need to get our lives started. Plus, we would be a blast for your audience to watch. PICK US!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. First off i will win hands down. Me and my partner will have this show on there heels those detectives won’t know what hit’em. All i will say is we will see sad an discusted faces. :)

  122. Okay!!!! Last post… Do not hesitate on that call back.. This is the show you do not want to miss…….. YOU WILL BE SORRY!!!!

  123. My husband & I are a GREAT team!!! We have had every one of our vows tested in our 9 years of marriage, & what doesn’t break you makes you!!! We are the strongest couple because we truly appreciate For richer or for poorer,(Which is our current situation), In sickness & in health,( Remission for 2 years:-)…), For better or for worse, to love & to cherish…We have a bond that will keep us together until death do we part…I love my family please help make our lives just a little bit easier!!!

  124. My fiancé and I love this show we would be the perfect criminals, this show need. Most of the contestants you guys cast suck, we will give your detectives a run for that money!!!!! They will have to step their game up!

  125. My wife and I should be picked for this TV show because we both have 10 years in the US military. I have 8 years experience in SERE. Search, Evade, Rescue, and Escape. I’m sure the two detectives are great, but I’m afraid they’re not good enough. This would be so much fun for everyone, even the detectives.cops!!!!

  126. Last night was the first opportunity to watch this show, I absolutely loved it!
    I am an extremely stubborn person that is very tenacious and competitive.
    Both my husband and I are “go-getters” and am very active.
    With the money, we would do 3 things. First, pay off many bills that we’ve racked up. Second, help our son out with the purchase of a vehicle, Lastly, Both, my husband and I have volunteered on the National Ski Patrol Team up at Snow Valley for numerous years. Because ski patrol is a non-profit organization, we don’t get much money. Our Patrol room, where we take care of patients throughout the ski season, needs a lot of work. As patrollers, we don’t even like to spend much time in the room, I can only imagine what a patient and their family thinks.
    If we are chosen to participate, we would remodel the patrol room that patrollers would be proud of, and patients would feel comfortable in.

  127. My partner and I are energetic, positive, out going women. We love a great challenge, I would love to challenge the Rockford Il Detective Department. We are the right team for your show.

  128. I should be considered because I’m 16 and not many 16 year olds can say they’ve been on a game show like this I also think it would be fun to outwit the detectives with my dad to show them how great a father and daughter duo can work together. I know we would be able to hide the money in a wise spot and win the 100,000!

  129. why is it that the men either cry or tell them where the money is lmao leave it to the men , not .
    . Las vegas Nv baby is the place to hide it we can do thins and I bet you the money back we can well half of it lol

  130. why is it that the men either cry or tell them where the money is lmao leave it to the men , not . They need 2 women like me and my partner who are hard as nails when it comes to telling someone something they want to know .. I love a good challange and I know We can hide this money even I would forget where it is . Las vegas Nv baby is the place to hide it

  131. Hi, Im Jeff Smith from Ohio, Im a team leader in a steel plant. Im one of those smart people who never loose, I have the whole hour planned out by the minute.. Theres 3 different senerios that I could use and still win.. I could tell them the truth through the entire episode and still win… Come and check my pulse!! I watch these episodes and laugh wondering how these people aren’t walking away with $100,000… Plus, I have 3 great kids that I’d love to not worry about money for college and a wife who is in nursing school. I’d like to be able to get out of this rental as well… My wife and I are very mentally tough. I’ve coached high school wrestling for 9 years, i’d like to show those kids how to buckle down and become someone their not to be able to win.. Plus im a great actor, and lier. My wife grew up back woods on a farm, now she studies, takes care of the kidos, and trains for maratons.. Were Ready for your challange!! Question is…. are you ready to pay us!!!

  132. I think I should be considered because i’m slick, and because there is no way that I could be caught. Plus I need some money to get myself situated. My partner is my sister and together I know we could bring home this $100,000!

  133. ABC should consider me to be on take the money and run, because not only will i win but it will be a show like you never seen befor.After the death of my father in march of 2011 due to cancer. Seeing the dive that he had fightting the disease for six years it has made me look at life in a whole new way.I to will fight for what ever comes my way and not give up.Over all i know i will give the detectives a run for the money that thay will never find,so i fill ABC sould realy consider me. Thanks and i can’t wait to get this chance of a life time.

  134. ABC should consider me to be on take the money and run, because not only will i win but it will be a show like you never seen befor.After the death of my father in march of 2011 due to cancer. Seeing the dive that he had fightting the disease for six years it has made me look at life in a whole new way.I to will fight for what ever comes my way and not give up.So over all i know i will give the detectives a run for the money that thay will never find, and with thats being said i fill ABC sould realy consider me. Thanks.

  135. ABC should consider me to be on take the money and run, because not only will i win be it will be a show like you never seen befor.After the death of my father in march of 2011 due to cancer. Seeing the dive that he had fightting the disease for six years it has made me look at life in a whole new way.I to will fight for what ever comes my way and not give up.So over all i know i will give the detectives a run for the money that thay will never find, and with thats being said i fill ABC sould realy consider me. Thanks.

  136. Because I know where I am going to hide it.And there is no way you or anybody but me and who ever else I tell would find the money.Plus I have watched your show every week and yall could not break me.So why don’t you give me a chance to show you how right I am.

  137. I think that my brother in law and I should be considered for ABC’s Take the Money and Run because my brother in law and I have the positive mental attitude and fortitude needed to win this show. Please consider us for the 2012 year if the auditions for 2011 have been filled. Thank you

  138. Me and my sister is very energetic and competitive. We will not lose. We will be taking home the hundred thousand and rubing it in the detictives nose. My sister is a foster parent with 11 kids the money will be of good use. I would like to wish the detictives luck because the will need it.

  139. i should be considered for this show cuz am the best talant you will ever get. i hav 3kids am jobless my husband is jobless, and i hav 2 sisters going to college that am paying their fee i need money for that. so i wil not let anyone take this chance from me. plus i hav 30 relative in africa to take care of..

  140. I have watched every episode so far with my roommate and we CONFIDENT that we can keep the $100k. My roommate and I are both recent graduates of Ohio University (Yes, the recently voted #1 party school in the nation!!, glad to see our hard work paid off). We both exemplify the saying “work hard, party hard”. We received very good grades while having the time of our lives at OU. We have relocated to Columbus, Ohio are excited about this opportunity. If you are trying to find contestants that will not go the distance so you can keep the $100,000, I would recommend not email-ing me, because if we get the briefcase, it’s ours for good!


  141. My husband and I should be considered for the show because we could really use the money! My husband got laid off a couple of years ago and I have been trying to support us and our two young children all by myself. We are both very intelligent and would love to have a chance to use our personalities and intelligence to make a great episode for viewers to enjoy:)

  142. My boyfriend and I think we can outwit the law and win the money. Pleae allow us the opportunity to show you what we are made of!

  143. I’m a super competitive team player and I love game shows. I’m very confident in myself and believe I have the ability to manipulate the detectives to be able to win “Take the money and run.” I would be the athletic one and my teammate the strategic one and with that combo there’s no way we’re going to lose!

  144. I am extremely competitive, very tenacious, and work hard to outwit my opponents in everything I do. I believe that I the skills and the ability to keep my cool and hide the case, throw the detectives off my trail and keep the money. No doubt.

  145. Im a single mom of 2 im wanted my own house for my kids… living with my mom n i want 2 be on my own but its a little hard 2 do it by myself..

  146. I would be great for Take the Money and Run because I have a bubbly personality and I am very energetic! I am silly and have a great sense of humor. I love to try new things and I am extremely competitive.

  147. I’m a full time student and mother of two i have a great sense of humor and just an all around great person i would love to come on the show so that i could show america how its suppose to be done and just a new experiencee that i could tell my children about.

  148. Hey ! Well first and for most my name is Raquel Gonzalez 43 Year old Mother of five and doesn’t look a day old ! lol. My husband is Luis Gonzalez who is 48 and still look young ! We been playing the lotto for years with no luck but never lose hope even though it kills me since I don’t like to lose at all . We trying to make it big and 100,000 sounds like a whole lot when you grew up with nothing but clothes on your back so we’ll do anything to trick you guys no not finding this suitcase :p. I’m in school for criminal justice so I know a lot about the law and my husband is a bus driver for a head start and knows plenty on getting around places. You should choose us because we’re not only a couple but a team who loves to do go places and explore new events. We strong, energize and last but not least we love money! We have enough confidence to make others feel like they can’t beat us! And when it comes to overconfidence you meet your match! Don’t miss out on having the best NYC Couple on your show you won’t regret your decision once you meet us :] Have a bless day !

  149. I should be on the show because, it would give me the oppotunity to prove to my family that I’m not the one that would crack under pressure, me and my family watch the show every week and there has never been a time when they’ve not said if I get on this show I would never take you, you would crack for a pedicure or facial and they would totally trip you up. I need to prove to them that they are wrong , and I’m so competitive I make everything I competition I’m Always 10 steps ahead of everyone else . I plotted all of our teenage sneek outs down to the t and they have no faith in me wow…..PLEASE let me show this box of mixed nuts I can be a pretty no no no gorgeous DIVA crime lord

  150. My friend and Efua argue all of the time (religion, politics, sports, UNC basketball vs PSU football) but really enjoy hanging out. We are both doctoral students at the University of Pittsburgh and want to win the money so we can create a fund to help out graduate students with families who are struggling financially (expensive or no health care and difficult housing choices).

  151. We love you guys!!! My husband and I would be a team. He is a retired Air Force Office of Special Investigations (Special Agent). While we always cheer for the police officers on your show – this time it would be cop against cop. We love the show! It is going to be a hit. We would represent the Nana’s and the Papa’s and retired cops and all the baby boomers! Would love to have a shot at auditioning for the show. We love you all! Go ABC!!! The best of the best. We are both in great shape and can handle anything that comes our way. Thanks and have a wonderful day!

  152. My son and I are very competitive. We both hate to lose and will do whatever it takes to win. Currently working 2 jobs in Michigan to support a family of 6. I am certain we would suceed and bring quite a few laughs as well.

  153. My mom deserves to be on Take the Money and Run more than anyone else on this planet. Not a lot of moms could even imagine living the life my mom lives. My dad died of cancer when i was 7 years old, leaving my mom all alone to raise three kids, with one of them having a double dosage of special needs, autism and down syndrome. My mom is one of the most selfless, compassionate and amazing women you will ever meet and allowing her to be on Take the Money and Run will be the opportunity of a lifetime for us all. With that being said I would love to be my moms partner, I’m not sure how old you have to be, I currently am 17 (18 in July 2012) if you need someone older my sister is 19, she’s not as with it as I am but she will do if needed. Please consider us you won’t regret it!

    Courtney Clark
    loving daughter and friend to all

  154. Hello, i feel i would be a great candidate for this new and amazing show because i have the motivation take me to the finish line. My family would benefit greatly when i win the money. My parents are retired and i would love to give them this extra financial help so they can really relax. My sisters could use the help as well. My son wouldn’t have to worry about his education because that is at the top of my list even though he is only 5yrs old but time flies. Helping them would help me because I’m very grateful for all they have done for me so i want to be able to give back as much as possible. Family is important because without them i don’t know where i would be.

  155. Both my wife and I are energetic and have a winning attitudes and neither of us likes to lose. I think we would make a great team to be on “Take the Money and Run”

  156. im very energetic, hyper and i don’t think the interrogators will be able to crack me. very fun cool guy here

  157. My wife and I are complete opposites, Iam in the navy she is a stay at home mom. She is very articulate and Iam very easy going. We would make a great team, we are active and social, very, very competitve, we cant stand to lose! Plus we have 3 kids and could use the money for sure!!!

  158. I would love to play on the game show, “Take the Money and Run,” becuase I know I can get away with the perfect crime. From watching previous shows and seeing all their mistakes, I know I can get through it and get away with it! No one will break and I will go above and beyond to make it to the end. I deserve to win to help support my family of 4 and make our dream come true of finally owning our own home. Please consider me auditioning for your show!

  159. i should be considered for the audition because im energetic competitive and could really use the money i love to win and hate to lose and im up for the challenge

  160. I’ve always love playing games since i was a little girl. I enjoy the butterfly feeling that I get in my stomach during games.
    I love the show “Take the money and run”. I am energertic, i am a long distance jogger. 4 days a week.
    I am confident. I am a registered nurse and a supervisor for a 99 bed unit. Caring and talking to my patients, family members and doctor keeps me sharp. I love what i do so i do a lot of studying to build that confident.
    I love to win, winning is like having a goal and you acomplished it. Why should i lose if i have all my i doted? hehe
    Thank you.Please consider me. Abibatu Bangura

  161. I think that me, and my mom would be great on the show because we are a great team, and I know that my mom can outwit anyone! she is great at stuff like this. but more importantly, the mony would be a big help for my mom since she trys so hard to care for my two brothers on a limites budget. hope to get picked!!! :o)

  162. My best friend and I are huge Take the Money and Run fans!!! Being that we are both former United States Marines, we believe we would be perfect contestents for this game. We believe that we easily beat the shows experts and “Take the Money and Run!”

  163. Because I think I can win! I am one of the most competitive people you’ll meet, which would make me an excellent contestant. I also quick thinking, and level headed. I should be able to outsmart the detectives. My partner is my 42 year old brother-in-law, a retired airforce sargent, who is also very competitive and is fast paced.

  164. Most of the individuals on the show so far are weak. I cannot believe they give in and provide information to find the case! People are vulnerable. I am competivitve and have common sense!

  165. I think that I am a very cleaver person, very stuborn, not the easiest person to crack underpressure. Would love to be able to have money in my hands that I didn’t really have to do something illegal to get. Being able to out smart the police would be a great challenge for me. The plus side it to help my family in the time of need. Thank you and I hope to have this change.

  166. You can try and take me, you can try and break me, but you will never make me
    Tell you where my money case is stored! Ask me all you can, try to ask my man With our answers you will be bored. Your detectives will not break us..questions will not shake us! Determination is the key… Little liars we will be.. When it’s all over your detectives will leave mad… 48 hours they had! We’ll walk away with the case and a big ass smile on our face!!!

  167. First and foremost, I can really use the money and Ive never had the opportunity to win $100,000. I believe that, if given a chance, the partner that I will choose, will make it a great show, and will surely be fully energetic. Thank you

  168. I NEEEEEED to be on this TV show take the money and run so I can show all these other contestants who have FAILED how to do it. I guarantee if I get picked to be on this show, me and my partner will get away with the “perfect crime”. So ABC you might as well cut the check, you can make it out to Justin Lewis cause if I get picked I’m taking the moneyyyyy!!

  169. For the first time, I saw an episode of Take the Money and Run and I think that my boyfriend and I would do very well in this game. By no means am I saying that we are smarter than the cops, but I can definitely say that we can come up with some wild things! Neither one of us likes losing, til this day we still argue about who won the game of Around the World (basketball game) on our first date 4 years ago. This game seems like it would certainly be fun to compete and EXTREMELY fun to win!

  170. My family is the most licenous people in the world. My daughter is mentally unstable but the funniest person I know. We are half way between the smartest people in the world and the most dishonest people. I always thought that with my advance degree that I should open a brothel and become a madam.

  171. I always love a challenge and If i were too win this money i would be be able to help my mom. She is disabled and the doctors don’t know why, so i would be able to get better care for her and help her more.

  172. I cant believe this show! It cant be real. My wife and I could do this no problem! Please give us a chance. We could really use the money. Prove us wrong! I could live in a dirty porta potty for 48 hours for that much money!

  173. I’m energetic, non stop, self motivated. Honest to a fault but also very deceptive at the same time. I feel like I could hide it no problem and 48 hours in a cell would not phase me. Your interrogators would not break me! 100% guaranteed.

  174. We can use the money and I know that I can out smart them and have them running around in circles and “WIN’ the “MONEY”.And they won’t be able to intimidate me.

  175. I’m awesome and I’m 100% sure I would be able to hide the case where no one could find it. I’m not competitive, I’m just really, really good at what I do.

  176. My son and I are big fans of the show!! We currently run a youth non-profit organization in Las Vegas- and the money could really help out!! We are competitive, nice, good people and my son is extremely handsome- he would look good on TV and probably bring you big ratings from the all the girls:)

  177. we see the game played and we feel extremely confident that we can challenge and outwit your detectives… we would give u a run for your money…. it would make for good tv too, my sons dad and i had a relationship for 8 years and we work well together in the craziest most entertaining ways… usually bickering and sarcasm are involved… even tho we didnt last, we both love our son to death and would love the opportunity to play the game… we have nothing to lose, and everything to gain… thank you…

  178. Nobody can ever tell when I’m lying or telling the truth. I could commit the crime and never leave any evidence. I want to prove that you can commit the perfect crime. I have two children and a wife and the money would help to buy a decent home for our children instead of a mobile home which is falling apart by the day. I just want to be able to provide for my children the way a father would.

  179. I have medical bills & I would love to buy a house. I’m a tomboy. I may have never been in jail, I’ve never even steped inside a jail, but I asure you I am very street smart & I would not crack like the guy on Ur last eppisode. I challenge U to tke me on !!!! ;-p


  181. I am a single Mother of three, one boy 19, and two girls,15, and 12. I have raised my kids with God, all by myself for the last 7 years. I have paid the bills but unfortunately we have not had money for anything extra. Everything seems to be breaking down on us,the windows,the doors, the cooler,the kitchen and cars, the garage, and last but not least the lawn mowers. My son and I want a chance to win the money to just make it through. With this money we can pay the bills and fix all that has been worn down all these years. My children desperately need a decent place to live, with their own rooms. My son and I desperately need good cars that work, between the two of us we are lucky to have one good My daughter needs a car by next year she has the opportunity to attend college courses as a sophmore but the school busses do not run, so I have to get her transportation and her drivers lisence by august of next year. All I want is for my kids to have a second chance,to get ahead in life and have what they deserve, a decent home and cars, a place to live that we are not embarrassed of. I wont have to worry anymore about if we are going to make it to the next destination in the cars. or do I have enough money to pay the bills? My son has become the man of our house he does everything for his sisters,countiously sacrificing for them. He takes care of them as if they were his own children and he has done a great job leading and teaching them to become wounderful active citizens, in the community. So much we have to do and so little time and money to do it with. Well enough of why we want the money! Neither one of us have been in jail or interrigated before so this will be a whole new exprience. My son is the fun one, he is the light of our home and will make everyone laugh I’m sure, of course I am the more seroius one, talk about two opposites!! I still dont think you can break us we are so close no one can come between us or this money. This is our last hope to get even with the life that has been dealt to us. We are not afraid!! Who is the more determined two detectives with more money than we’ve seen our whole lives? Or us the ones determined to get a second chance!

  182. I would give the detectives a run for the money and not sing like a bird, you obviously didnt have a Marine That knows how to handle interrogation, nor did the team have a clue how to lead the detectives off the path. I understand, it is all about finding people that will not win, so the police look favorable. But bring that weak stuff to The Akron Ohio area. i will give you a great show and challenge the boys in blue.

  183. My name is Danielle. I am 11 years old, and I go to St. James School in Denver, Colorado. My dad and I would make the ultimate team for Take The Money and Run. I’m faster than you, smarter than you, and I know lots of neighborhoods in Denver where we could hide that bag and you losers would never find it. My dad spent 21 years in the Army, and he knows all kinds of devious things. We can give you the most epic bag hiding adventure ever!
    good luck suckers,
    Dani Overbey

  184. I think that it would be a great experience for me to make some money. Me and my childern always dreamed on getting a house. This would be a exciting , thilling, spark that I would remember forever. Beside that I think that I can give a run for your money.

  185. Why SHOULD WE be considered?? Opportunities like this dont come by every day. It’s like taking candy from a baby. We’ll be good for the ratings. We’ll be EXCITING and SUSPENSEFUL. There is NO DOUBT in my mind my partner and I CAN pull it off. My ex-boyfriend is the son of a former police chief and I have been analyizing people’s minds as a counselor for years. We HAVE the skills. If anyone can do, WE CAN! Drop us off ANYWHERE, we’ll hide the money where it won’t be found. I can’t tell you more than that. The plan is already in motion…trust no one. We will not to be too egotitistical or embarrass the detectives too badly – just enough – as we execute our plans and run away with 100,000! No fear of interrogation. BRING IT ON!!! WE ARE A TEAM THAT CANT BE BEAT!
    …YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! If your show is already booked, cast a new one! You DO NOT want to miss US.
    THANK YOU AND HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jenn and Art

  186. I would be perfect for Take the Money and Run because my mind can run through the variables of what the investigators are thinking at a rate I have not seen so far on the show. I know I would win the money because I can see both sides of the equation. I can also predict the effect every decision I would make and what in turn the interrogators game plan would be. The detectives and interrogators would be playing my game not theirs. I would be willing to play in any city even one that I have no specific knowledge of. My mind and manipulation techniques would put the police team to their ultimate test garanteed. ABC, if you want to lose some cash and give your viewers a good ride I’m just a phone call away. Thanks for the oppurtunity to apply.

  187. Well like ever one i have a story, in my case im a mother of four children and with child as we speak. Life is no cake walk and daily i’m thinking of how i can make all my dreams come true. We live in a ruff area and i want so bad to move away from here, i’m on disability so money is very limited. I believe the children deserve so much so providing the best life for them is my goal.If i had the opportunity to win this kind of money…all i can say is o my GOD. So give me a chance i promise I will walk away with 100,000 no doubt, i’m determind, confident, and driven.

  188. I am a hard working 20 year old barely paying bills trying to give my two sons a good live in this bad economy. I am up for any challenge put in front of me more so when I can insure a safe and bright future for my little ones. I think me and my girl friend will bring a new dynamic vision on the younger generation. As we are very smart, responsible and cunning for being in our early 20s. I believe we would make a great team against any law enforcement team in Cleveland Ohio. We are both ready prove to you at ABC that it can be done!

  189. Me and my fiance watch this show all the time. we are basically obsessed! :) we know we would be perfect for this show because we both are very, very determined and very competitive. We work great together and make a great team. Its true: “great minds think alike.” We are engaged and we not only want to win the $100,000 but we need to win it. It would help us start our new lives together, we could get married and buy a house (since we are paying for everything ourselves) I come from a large family of 11. I am one of 9 kids, and just graduated from college (that i had to pay for myself) having a large family is awesome, but once you hit a certain age you’re basically on your own (financially)
    -The other reason i think we should be chosen to be on this show is because my fiance and i, have a huge soft spot for animals, i have 3 pit bulls who are my babies. They have such a bad reputation but what people do not understand is that these dogs are the most loyal and loving of any dog out there. I have been helping rescue and save these dogs from all over, who are in high kill shelters and are on death row, to pull them from the shelters and find them forever homes to give them a second chance at life. Im a huge advocate of this breed and try to change peoples perceptions of them because its not the dogs fault its bad owners who make bad dogs!!! I had rescued my male from GA who was in a high kill shelter who was supposed to be put down 2 days after i pulled him. i got him transferred up North to me, and he is the happiest/friendliest dog ever! My dream is to buy a house with tons of land so i can foster dogs and find them forever homes. This money would help me accomplish my life long dream!!!! & i would NOT let anyone take that money from us, we deserve this!!!
    CHOOSE US, CHOOSE US, CHOOSE US!!!!!!! =) =) =) =)

  190. I am a very personable person. I’m a manager in one of the biggest companies in the world. I’m a great leader and believe you are only as good as your team. This being such a great quality, especially for a show such as this. I believe me and my best friend would make for a compelling show full of laughter, intensity, and compassion. Both of us are in our late 20’s and believe we will put on an amazing show for all. We are the right choice.

  191. I should be considered for the show because I can truly use the money to 1st buy a house & 2nd pay for my daughter college. I will also show America that I am a WINNER

  192. I love the show! Me and my mom definitely make a great team and we know we have the smarts and abilities to win the money!!

  193. Im a single mom of 2 great sons I had a traumatic and tough up bringing who just want to give my boys security I work a very stressful job as a police dispatcher that endures long 12 hour shifts and love to have this money for financial security so I can devote more to my family.

  194. I should be considered number one I’m a fan of channel 6. I could really use the money I’m a single parent of 5. I was laid of from my job as a teachers aid. I now collect unemployment and in the process of finding a job. I just has a interview 8/ 14/2011 it went well so hopefully I get it.

  195. Because my wife and I will win the money and you guys would have no chance at all! We are a team that can’t be beat!

    Hmmmmmm…………maybe you should pick these guys……hint hint hint!

  196. We are a couple who has been together for about 4 years. We have 4 daughters – 2 in college & 2 in Elementary School. Bryan moved from Oregon to Pennsylvania 3 years ago & has not had any luck in finding stable income. We think we would ROCK @ hiding money that nobody could find since we so desperately need to keep it for ourselves & our children. We currently live near Harrisburg, PA (The State Capitol).

  197. I trully believe that I can commit the perfect crime on your tv show with my partner, loosing is not an option, I’m way to smart to loose.

  198. i want this for my daughter she the best shes 22 just bought her own house and is a single mom id love to pay all her stuff pff so she had no worries.

  199. I know Chicago’s highest points and deepest depths. In Chicago, I can find anything that is available and most of what’s not available to any body. If I needed to hide anything in Chicago, nobody would ever be able to find it. I think I have the will to deal with anything when I have a goal in mind.

  200. Im a 29 year old stay @ home mother. I have been sick with lupus since I was 19 yeyears old. We relie on my husbands income alone. We barely scrape by every month. We only have 1 truck, and my husband has to take it to work everyday, so I cant make it to my drs when I need to. This could be a huge help. Thank you, valerie

  201. I never had a opportunity at anything in life. I just want one shot atleast if u choose me atleast I had that chance of lifetime finally

  202. Ok, I think you ought to have an African American team (nothing racial or personal) So having said that my wife Mary and I are perfect. Also were sure you will have the highest rating with us. Rest assure my wife hates to loose. Give us a chance we can handle any city…………

  203. My dad and I would be very entertaining to watch because we have unique personalities and would take it seriously. I’m good at weaving psychological webs of deceit and thinking like a criminal and my dad has an interesting sense of humor as well as a lot of common sense.

  204. well me and my daughter kayla goffman have had a really crapy life and if we could win this i could pay off her new home so her and my granddaughter would be ok its not really for me its for my my kids

  205. My wife and I should be considered for this show because we would demonstrate how to be a real team. We have traveled the world together, we are motivated and we love to have fun. We would kick some butt! Let us prove it!

  206. My husband has done two 6 month sessions with the Navy Seals Pre B.U.D.S and I’m active in the sport of parkour. We’re both surfers and are in good physical shape. There is nothing that we can’t do when we put our minds to it. We are very enthusiastic, outgoing and full of energy. We would love to have the opportunity to hide the case and win one hundred thousand dollars. Do you have what it takes to find it or will we beat you at your own game?

  207. You should pick me because im smart, energetic, successful, and can beat you at your own game. I may be 24 years young but I got what it takes.

  208. I know I could hide the money sucessfully for 48hours and not fall victim to the interrogation tactics. The show needs to come to Texas and let me show everyone how to Take the Money and Run — I would be the first to succeed without a doubt!

  209. I love the feeling of being caught in such a enforced time to see how true our enforcment really is and totest the law enforment agains what they are against

  210. I should be on the show because I have the drive and the energy to win in this competition. I am a motivated person and I am up for a challange.

  211. My husband and i are very confident that we can outwit everyone, we are a team and you wont break us. Give us a try you wont be disappointed

  212. I want to be on Take the Money and Run with my brother. We’re very competitive and hate to lose. I think that with our combined cunning and intelligence, we would outsmart everyone and win the money. I am a recent college graduate, struggling to find a job with my degree. I’ve decided to go back to school to get a teaching license. My brother works in a restaurant and aspires to one day go to culinary school. $50,000 each would be life changing money for us, and would help both of us achieve our goals.

  213. I think it will be a pretty exciting experiment to have the opportunity to take $100,000 And hide it just for 48 hrs and it can be all yours without having to do hard time in jail. my family and I can really use the money to help pay bill and to further my singing career

  214. My fiance and I would like to try to stump the detectives and win the money.. We both have been divorced with kids. We are struggling to pay bills and both of us are fighting our ex’s for custody of our children which puts us even more in the hole for the things we need. Lawyers are expensive. We would love to be able to pay for our lawyers and have the time with our children that is needed. Plus we want to get married but are unable to save money to have the wedding due to all the money we are shelling out for lawyers. Please choose us

  215. YOUR BEST show ever. Picture this its Cops verse Cop and his wife. My wife and I against the locals. The Kansas City or Independence Police Dept. Lets see if there are good enough Detectives that can crack a fellow Police Officer, that knows there moves and thinking it would have to be a real challenge for your Detectives the hosts and the ones trying to find the case to take it from us. Plus it would be good for you all to come to the midwest where you have a large viewing crowd. Hope to hear from you all soon
    Stephen King 816 588 5693

  216. 100k would give my boys the college education that they deserve. We live in a very affluent neighborhood and we cant compete with the colleges their friends are attending or the cars they receive. I would love to just see my sons smile knowing that they dont have to be ashamed because they only could afford a community college

  217. I would love to go on Take the Money and Run because I am getting married if September and the money could come in handy as I begin my new life.

  218. I believe that it would be exciting and challenging in particapating on this show. I believe being a Iraq war veteran and retired from the military would make this enjoyable and exciting if given the chance. Great and exciting show. Love watching it…wouldn’t miss a show. Thanks for another enjoyable program.
    Mike Schramke

  219. Devious and challenging – Thats what YOUR team will calll Linda and me. We are the perfect pair with a game plan to WIN. That’s what we do WIN! We are ready to be challenged by the best and REFUSE to fail. So we are ready, willing and able to challenge your team. BRING IT ON!

  220. i have the endurance to go the distance , i Believe in myself & believe im going to make the cut ! & Im GOING TOO HIDE THAT MONEY

  221. Please!! The people that have been selected so far are pathetic teams. There is no way on earth that any combination of any 4 police/investigators that ABC could come up with could out smart, coerce, trick, threaten, “befriend” etc. etc. me and my son. We are THE incredible rock solid team!

  222. I am clever and sneaky, I know I will hide it where no one can find it. Plus I could really use the money so that I can finish my college education and get a better job so I can support my 3 boys.

  223. I am very competitive. I hate to lose, especially when I know I can win or get away with something. Heehee. I was a single parent to my only child for 18 years and I was not able to save any money. My daughter is 19 and in the navy. She is in the navy because I had no money for her to stay home and go to college.
    Please select this navy mom and give me a chance to show you how bad I want to win!!!! I would be extremely excited to be on Take The Money and Run. Thanks :)

  224. I will be a great canidate for the show because I’m a real person, very confident, creative and fun. Full of energy and ambitious!

  225. I’ll be a great contestant because I’m very energetic and funny. Ambitious, creative, and the world loves a new face that makes laugh and entertaining!

  226. Hello ABC! You should considered me for your show Take the Money and Run. I am very competitive and have to win, even if the odds are stacked against me I still make my competitor’s believe they will lose. I would also like to opportunity to prove to my boyfriend that I am not all talk, and that I will be walking away with the money. The only way I will lose the money is if my boyfriend gives it up. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Amanda Aulwurm

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