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charlie's angels
Charlie's Angels
charlie's angels
Charlie’s Angels

The brand new remake of the 1970’s Charlie’s Angels action/adventure drama premieres tomorrow @ 8PM. The three young, gorgeous women working for Charlie Townsend, who will be enlisting the dynamic trio to solve crimes in style. ABC has picked up the series and veteran TV director Marcos Siega directed the pilot episode. The series has already been picked up in Canada, Australia, the Armed Forces Network & New Zealand.

the show stars Rachel Taylor, Annie Llonzeh & Nadine Velazquez as the new 3 sexy angels along with Ramon Rodriguez, a hacker & a friend to the angels, ready to help them anyway he can.

Casting directors are looking for extras, supporting roles and photo doubles for the remaining two episodes for the premiere series. For the extras chosen in the show only a handful will get the opportunity to have a speaking role in the film and a quick spot on camera. The show is currently seeking men and women of all ethnicity’s and all ages. It will help to present yourself in a fashionable manner. Be sure to include a recent photo with submissions.

Check back often for more information about castings times and locations and leave us a comment.

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  1. Heyy, I’m Sarah. I love Charlie’s Angels! I own all the movies. Me and my sister always pick someone to act like for the day. But now i dnt want to be picking someone to act like anymore. I want someone to pick me and act like me when im on Charlie’s Angels. I love to act. I sing, I dance. I do all sprots too. And i want to act. I never Disappiont. So Let Me have a try at it. No regrets. I promise:)

  2. Hello, I am TC and I have studied several martial arts since 1990 starting with Bruce Lee’s style (Jeet Kune Do), Boxing, and Kenpo. I have taught classes to kids age 2 to 12, Men and women. I have also studied, taught gymanastics, swordfighting, and stage combat. I would love to be included in your project and feel it would be a big break for me and my stunt training academy, Filmfighters.

  3. Hello,
    My name is Sabrina, I believe i should be considered for the Charlie’s Angels Audition firstly, I was born to act!, I have the ability and training, to become a character and master everything about them, how they would think, their facial expressions,their personality on a whole. I am outgoing, attractive,down to earth with a very great Sense of humor.Coming from the UK would definitely add some british funk to the set, would love to be considered, thank you.

  4. i am a fresh faced yet experience actress and model. I am a hard worker and you can count on me to get it done right!

  5. I have dedicated myself to the study of Martial Arts most of my life. I have studied Wushu Kung Fu in HongKong with my Shaolin Master. I study many different weapons and hold four gold medals and two silver for the State of Georgia. I am only 12, but already teach classes as I am now a black belt. I won my first fight last Feb. I am the real Karate Kid!

  6. My name is Ricky Ryan Santa Maria and I think i could be an extra because i am super outgoing and i am good looking if you need a bad guy or someone that needs to be kill well then let me be the target haha. i have been on a commerical and i have had a couple of tv interviews. I have also been in a few plays/musicals in high school. Also i have a great voice i have been taking drama and choir since i was 12 and now that i am 18 almost 19 i am ready to shine. i am also very funny i can make almost anyone laugh so let me know if you need someone to beat up/kill thanks. oh and ps. i am 18 hispanic but i look like a white kid bc i am half mexican and 1/4 british and 1/4 german . and i am 5ft 7in and 176 pounds.

  7. Santee, Ca area. I would watch the old movie of Charlie’s Angels & loved it. I use to be a blond now have brown hair. I’m 26 short petite women but I can fit whatever part needed. but would be great in movies & tv shows. Acting I really want to do so please consider me. Email audition info Thank U

  8. I’m an 18 year old girl who loves action and intensity. I am outgoing, class clown, and believe i can go far in this industry. I am very easy to get along with and have high standards on acting, so I’m not just a wannabe! I do a lot of dance so if there are any fight scenes, i can EASILY pick up the choreography to it and I’m in great shape, too!

  9. Im A 12 year old Boy And I Am Very Funny And I Wont Have A Ride To Get There Thats Why Im Hoping Youll Give Me One

  10. I am nineteen years old and currently a student at the University of Missouri-Columbia. I am a active young woman and a second-degree black belt in tae kwon do. I stopped practicing since I have been at school but with a little training and practice, I can be in top shape for a role in Charlie’s Angels.

  11. I am from Chicago been in LA for one year to bring a different vibe to the game. I’m very out going and love pressure. I gave up an eight year career in banking to pursue this industry because out pumps blood in my heart. This is my future, and I would like to share a little of it with you guys.

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