Thesis Film Casting Women in Supporting Role



This role is for a supporting role in a senior thesis film for a major university.


This movie will be an independently funded project focusing on a dramatic and emotional plot.  The film is about a struggling violinist that eventually lands an audition with a popular quartet.  But when one of the members of the quartet goes missing, everything changes for the main character.

Independent films, while they may not be highly funded or well-known initially, they can take off and make an impact in the box office and across the world.  The movie, ‘Boyhood’, is an indie movie that took off in the box office and grew to be internationally known.  On top of that, it was nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture.  No matter how small the budget, a movie can be inspirational and make an impact on people with the help of a good production team, writers, actors, and directors.  Casting directors for this indie movie need you to play a supporting character in what will surely be a fantastic film.

Looking For

Supporting Role


Age: 50 – 75

Ethnicity: Any

About the character: An energetic older women that is very talkative and lively.  She loves gossip and knows everything about everyone.


Shooting Dates: Feb 20th – 21st, Feb 28th, and March 5th – 6th.

Where: New Haven, CT

Transportation, meals, and credits provided.

This is a great opportunity to be apart of something with a lot of  potential.  Casting directors are looking for great personalities that will be willing to put in hard work to make something special. Together with these talented students you can create a project that has potential to inspire anyone who watches.