Ellen DeGeneres and NBC Dating Series Casting Call for Show Host

First Dates
First Dates
First Dates

Ellen DeGeneres and NBC Dating Series Casting Call for Show Host

The Hit UK Show First Dates is an experimental show that follows the experience of Daters meeting their potential internet partners from the internet for the very first time. The show literally explores the amazing wonders of a first date.

Executive Producer Ellen DeGeneres has teamed up with NBC to bring this smash hit dating series to the US.

Casting Details

Casting Director Marissa Ross has released a casting call for the Maître D’ of the  sow who will serve as host to series welcoming daters into his restaurant. He will serve as the orchestrator and conductor of the evening as well as the all-around expert on the LOVE. The show is seeking a REAL LIFE tall and handsome gentleman who works in FINE DINING in the Chicago area.

To be considered as the Maître D’ for “First Dates,”  please read the casting description provided below:

NBC and executive producer Ellen DeGeneres are bringing the UK’s smash hit First Dates to the US, a groundbreaking series that will explore all of the simple wonder of a first date.

The Maître D’ is the host of the series that welcomes the daters into his restaurant The orchestrator and conductor of the evening and an expert on love. We are looking for REAL LIFE tall and handsome gentlemen that work in FINE DINING here in Chicago!

If you are interested please email a picture and short description of yourself/and your fine dining experience ASAP to JennMRcasting@gmail.com


  1. My name is Oshla Drake,
    i am a female.
    hair color is Brown.
    native american.
    age 20
    born feb 3,1995
    height 5’1
    weight currently 118

    i modeled for the reservation, i did acting in high school, i learn quickly. very quick at my hands and feet.
    very committed, and honest. i will give it my all.

  2. I need help mtv . To create a show where young adults are depress or suicidal . I’m a 24 yr old single mom who has been living solo since 17 and want to learn how life is more than being depress and tears . Me and my mother are off and on okay and my father wants nothing to do with me .. I would like to show the world what young adults go thru and there needs to be a change .. I want to be happy and I’m fighting everyday for that happiness .. I watch teen moms and it’s like that but a little different ..I have nobody so please help

  3. Hi,
    I am a comedian with a social media audience of more than 100,000 followers. I am the lady that created the “frozen” video which has over 41 million views. I am the perfect person for this role. I am “Aunt Boo” your new host and internationally known social media star!

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