Casting Teens for a Lead Role in a Featured Movie


Casting directors are currently looking for a young Canadian male actor. This casting call can serve as a great opportunity for teens that have their interest inclined towards acting. This could be your golden chance of featuring in a movie, as a lead character. There are auditions planned in Vancouver, BC, for the lead role of the male character named “Sean”, to be cast in a featured movie named “First Light”.

About the Movie

The movie will be directed by Jason Stone of “This is the End (2013)” and “The Calling (2014)” fame. Oldfellows pictures will be producing this creative endeavor, which is all set to start soon. The movie will be shot in Vancouver, BC, and there are many scenes in the movie, in which the director aims to explore the beauty of this diverse ethnic city.

Plot of the Movie

The storyline of the movie revolves around Sean Terrell, who is friends with Alex Lainey, another crucial character from the movie. In the movie, Sean Terrell is seen providing refuge to his friend Alex Lainey, who begins to develop some supernatural and extraordinary powers, post her encounter with a UFO.

About the Role

Sean Terrell, who is merely 16 years old, is seen burdened with more responsibilities than an average teenager of his age. His mom’s absence transferred the responsibility of his younger brother and his feeble grandmother onto him.

Sean also still has feelings for his ex-girlfriend Alex, but they are not on the same page anymore as she has moved on after their break-up. However, their supernatural encounter with the UFO brings these two together yet again. This roller coaster of epic adventure takes a turn towards some serious challenges, when Alex’s supernatural powers get stronger with every passing day.

Now, Alex, with all her extraordinary powers, has turned into existential threat for Sean. Throughout this journey, Sean is seen regaining his innocence, which he lost in the reconciliation of the past.

Specifications for the role of “Sean”:

  • Aged between 16-23
  • Canadian Background
  • Actors from any ethnic background can apply
  • Canadian Work Permit is a must

How to Apply

If you think you are perfect fit for the role, then upload your audition video on our site and we will get back to you. It is a paid role, with the location of the audition being Vancouver, BC. Please go through the details and schedule an audition by July 5, 2016.

Note: To be considered for the role, make sure you have a Canadian work permit. It would be better if you are located in Vancouver or nearby.

  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, jpeg, Max. file size: 2 MB.


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    Just wondering if there will be auditions for Alex Lainey? I’m really interested in playing her!

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