Hugh Laurie’s New Show ‘Chance’ Casting Now



Hugh Laurie New Show

The casting directors in Bay Area are currently looking for new cast members for the upcoming Hugh Laurie (House) series, “Chance”. The first season of the show is filming in San Francisco and background actors are needed.

The drama features Diana Farr and Hugh Laurie. The first season will have 20 episodes. The entire series is said to be a psychological thriller and is made by Kem Nunn. According to Deadline, the show is based on a novel about the Bay area forensic detective that gets sucked into a dangerous and violent world of mental illness, police corruption, and mistaken identity. The show is set to release in October.

The show is about joy, fear, love, and passion, and exploring what it really is like to be human, he further added on how in the first minute and a half of the show viewers will realize that this could be any of them.

Details about the Role

The show is looking for Bay Area locals, both men and women at least 18 years of age, for one day of paid work as an extra.

The roles range from people with cars, pedestrians, cafe patrons, bar patrons, baristas, businessmen, hipsters, policemen, and hospital staff. There will be a constant need through September for background actors, especially the people who have unique looks and real experiences. Almost all background actors will be photo approved by the director of the series.

Availability for 27th of July 2016

For this episode the show requires pedestrians and people with cars. Clean cut types will be required to portray police officers and detectives, and the people who are willing to portray gritty characters roles like prostitutes and the homeless. Please do not submit if you are not available for the shoot date. Applicants must be free the entire day of the shoot.

To Submit

  • In the subject line mention your name, date of availability, age, city of residence, and cell number.
  • Your union status.
  • Suit measurements for men, height, weight, and dress measurements for women.
  • Mention what kind of vehicle you own.
  • If you have bar-tending, server, or barista experience mention it.
  • Are a real life professional of the roles mentioned, tell us about it.
  • Have a well behaved dog, mention the breed and temperament and attach a picture.
  • Mention if you are willing to play a gritty character.