Casting Call for Speaking Roles in Anthony Mackie’s ‘WETLANDS’


Performance Type: Principal roles/Filming

Payment: Paid

Location: South Jersey

Date: Before April 11

Required: Men and women of different ages and specialties

Email/Company Website:

‘The Captain America’ star Anthony Mackie is one of the Hollywood’s most adored and demanded actors. He has now brought you an opportunity to work with Hollywood’s best actors on fun-filled sets. If you are interested in working beside your favorite actors and playing important roles in the upcoming movie, ‘WETLANDS’ then read this casting notice carefully.

The casting directors behind a mega Hollywood production are now looking for people with heart-throbbing voice to cast as voice backs of the principal roles in upcoming feature film, ‘Wetlands’.

About Wetlands

Emanuele Della Valle has written and directed the dark romantic thriller, ‘Wetlands’. Anthony Mackie, who is popular not only for ‘Captain America’, is equally loved in the Avengers.  He will play a principal role in this movie.

The writer and director has entitled the story as ‘a noir of redemption’. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is playing the character of Babel Johnson, who is also known as Babs. Babel and his ex-wife gave a troubled life to their daughter. After their separation, Babel realizes the need of winning back the respect of their daughter. For this, he moved to Atlanta with his new partner Sheehan and wife Kate. His wife Kate is a , a local anchor woman. Sheehan is working with Babs and is a loud Irish detective. Meanwhile, his ex-wife is living with her new love. She is a punk surfer girl working as a drug dealer.

Details and Requirements

The shooting for ‘Wetlands’ is expected to begin in the early April. The directors and producers of the movie have hired Heery-Loftus Casting for selecting the cast and voices of principal roles in the movie.


This is a SAGAFTRA project. Therefore, it would be great if you would send your email profiles along with your SAGAFTRA IDs. The shooting location is South Jersey shore area. Exact shooting location will be revealed to the selected candidates. All the applicants must be willing to work as the locals of South Jersey. The shooting will begin on April 11, 2016.

  • Shooting Location: South Jersey Shore Area
  • Beginning Date of the Shoots: April 11

Requirements for Extras and Surfers

The casting directors are looking for men and women of all ethnicities to play different roles in the movie. The directors are looking for people from 25 to 65 years of age. The directors have specified that they are looking for actors who can work as LOCAL HIRES for Cape May and Wildwood areas of South Jersey.

  • Required Gender: Men and women
  • Required Ethnicity: Any ethnicity
  • Required Age: 25-65
  • Specialty: SAG-AFTRA

If you find yourself fit for the principal roles in the movie then send the following attachments and requirements to Please mention the subject as EXTRAS or SURFERS in the subject line of your email profiles.

  • Please attach at least three recent photos including one headshot, one shoulder-up and one full-frame photo. The photos should be captured in bright light.
  • Name
  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Email
  • Immediate contact information
  • Current city and state of location (Please mention your location in South Jersey)
  • SAG-AFTRA ID number

The directors are also looking for people with experience in surfing. Please mention your experience in surfing in the emails and attach a picture of you surfing. Kindly also mention any specific experience in the email profile.

Requirements for Exotic Dancers

The casting directors of Heery-Loftus Casting are looking for exotic dancers to work in the film. The directors are looking for women from the age of 21 to 30 years. The candidates should be comfortable playing partial-nudity in the movie. These are paid positions and SAG-AFTRA or Non-Union actors will be selected for these roles.

  • Required Gender: Women
  • Required ethnicity: Any ethnicity
  • Required Age: 21-30 years
  • Specialty: SAG-AFTRA or Non-Union
  • Special Instructions: Should be comfortable playing partial nudity

If you find yourself suitable for this role then please send the following requirements to

Please enter Exotic Dancers in the subject line.

Please attach at least three recent photos. The photos should include one headshot, one medium length and one full frame photo. Please make sure to capture the photos in bright light. It would be great if you can send an extra photo of you dancing.

  • Name
  • Age
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Email address
  • Immediate contact number
  • Current city and state of residence (Please specify your current area of residence in South Jersey)
  • Sizes including waist, shoulder, sleeve, neck, dress, cup, and shoe

The casting directors are looking for the local people only. Please do not apply if you are non SAG-AFTRA, not a local of South Jersey, or if you do not fit the requirements.