Apple Casting for an Original TV Series

apple now casting for tv series


The company behind the world famous iPhone is planning to launch their own television series!  Apple is creating a new and unique TV series about apps and the impact they have on our world.  Apple has opened up a public casting for the unscripted series.  The series will be called, Planet of the Apps.

The show is being produced by the company that produced shows like, The Biggest Loser and MasterChef Junior. It is unknown what exactly the show will be about, but it can be speculated that it will be a series about the culture and processes that app creators go through.  There really hasn’t been a show that brings you inside the life of an app creator, so Apple is on the right track in terms of creating an innovative show.

The producers of the show have stated that the program will be more than a reality show.  It is about how creating an app can make or break someone’s career.  This will most likely be a competition-type show.  Filming for the show is set to start later this year and into 2018.  The first season will most likely air in mid to late 2018.

Open casting calls for Apple’s show will be taking place all over the country, but the first open call will take place in San Francisco.  Here are the requirements to be a participant:

18 Years or older

Interested in developing/have developed previously

Familiar with macOS, iOs, tvOS, or watchOS apps

Online applications will also be accepted

Last day for submission is August 26th

Groundbreaking ideas

This is a great opportunity for you to get your ideas out to the public and a chance to work with industry professionals that will give you all the tools you need to be successful!

“Planet of the Apps will give app creators the chance to break through and share their ideas with the world” – Ben Silverman (creator) stated.